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3D Slash - Candy Dispenser - How to run a 3d printing workshop for 8-12+ kids ?

  1. How to run a 3D modeling and 3D printing workshop for 8-12+ ? The Candy Dispenser 1 Inspired by the fantastic creation of corben33
  2. Workshop for 8-12
  3. 8-12 workshop: browse, remix, print ! 3 Objectives : Learn how to import a design from the internet, Customize an object to make it your own, How to : Import a really cool object and customize some of its parts to make it even cooler, Scenario : Discover existing platforms where you can download 3D files, Import a candy dispenser from this platform and customize the top and the axis’ plugs, Pre-requisite: an introduction workshop on 3D printing and modeling with 3D Slash, Note: -In order to make the workshop more playful, we strongly recommend you to print a demonstration dispenser (files are provided further in this presentation).
  4. Get inspired browsing the web, and remix designs 4 Browse existing platforms1 Download and visualize a candy dispenser2 Print core parts of the candy dispenser and customize the top and axis’s plugs 3
  5. Sequence steps in a progressive way during 1h30’ 10 min’ – Introduction Objectives of the workshop, Steps to build a unique dispenser, 20 min’ – Browse models on Youmagine or Thingiverse Let kids download and import files on 3D Slash, Guide them to the candy dispenser files and ask kids to download the virgin plugs of the dispenser, 45 min’ – Make custom plugs for the dispenser Show kids how to bring a picture in 3D Slash from the internet, give them several examples (cf further slides), Teach them how to crop pictures in a clean way using the chisel, small cubes, and selection ruler ; then print their parts, 15 min’ – Test the candy dispenser ! (It is adapted for Smarties and Skittles) 5
  6. Make your own dispenser plugs Use this files to make a custom axis plug: er=3,0,0,0 Important note : set the yellow ruler so that you don’t cut through all the part, You can repeat the same process with the top plug: er=3,0,0,0 Note : it is more appropriate to use 3D Slash downloadable version to edit these files because full features might be needed. 6 Open the above link Bring a picture Crop it with a very small chiselA B C
  7. Important notice regarding 3D printing It takes approximately 6 hours to print all parts of the candy dispenser. Consequently you will need to print a demonstration model BEFORE the workshop so that you can show it to the kids, The demonstration files to print are available at the following link: Click on the link and download the .STL file to print it on your printer ; OR print it online at, Note: if you can’t have access to a laser cutter to cut automatically the plexiglass (to enable kids to grab the candy when it is down the dispenser), make sure the plexiglass is shorter than the dispenser core part. If you have any questions or feedback feel free to contact us at: 7
  8. Example of pictures to make nice plugs 8
  9. Workshop for 12+
  10. 12+ workshop: improve, create your own things! 10 12+ kids can go further: Modeling of the entire candy dispenser, following dimensions wrote on a whiteboard, taking mechanical adjustments into account (ex : make the axis’ hole a little bit bigger than the plug axis’ diameter), Designing some improvements of the current model, Inventing new models of candy dispensers, Learning about Creative Commons licenses, and sharing the modified or invented dispensers with the appropriate licenses, …
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