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  1. 1. www.3starcs.com
  2. 2. 3 STAR CONSULTING SERVICES is a recruitment and placement company that provides manpower to its clients of every size and industry. We provide the best talents manpower to the companies. Our commitment to our clients and also our candidates that we ensure best services which are customize to suit convenience of our clients requirement and synchronizes them with the data of job applicant to ensure appropriate selection and long term winning strategies for the business resulting into exponential growth for both clients as well as candidates. www.3starcs.com
  3. 3. www.3starcs.com Information received from customers and candidates will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Honesty and transparency and caring is fundamental to our relationship with our customers and candidates. Assignments are handled with utmost care and on best effort basis to attract the best talent for our customers. Reference Checks will be carried out diligently without prejudice.
  4. 4. www.3starcs.com Proven track record based on reputation for performance, flexibility and consistently “Doing The Right Thing For Clients”.  Transparency & Trust in operations for clients and Associates.  Deliver RIGHTMATCH candidates through our 5P 'S approach. Competent, Result Driven & Committed team of professionals with domain expertise. Comprehensive geographic Presence with consistent performance. Focused attention to individual Clients and their processes, delivering real business impact & value for money.
  5. 5. www.3starcs.com 3STAR CONSULTING SERVICES is currently associated with various industries for staffing. The relationship we share with clients is highly valuable to 3STAR CONSULTING SERVICES. For more industries to know visit our website. Retail Shipping & marine services Pharmacy industries Education I.T Sector BPO Travels & Tourism sector Hotel Industries Beauty and Fashion Industries
  6. 6. “4” candidates in Retail Sector “4” candidates in Shipping and Marine Industry Specification: 3 recruited as retail sales executive 1 recruited as store manager Specification:1 recruited as Crew Manager 1 recruited as Marketing Associate Manager 1 recruited as Marketing executive 1 recruited as Working Partner (Business development) “1” Travels and Tourism Industry Specification: 1 recruited as Administration executive cum receptionist www.3starcs.com
  7. 7. “1” Manufacturing Sector Specification: 1 recruited as Sr. Sales Engineer “5” International BPO (UK based company) Specification: 5 recruited as Brand developer (customer service) “1” Machinery Industry Specification: 1 recruited as Sr. Accounts Associate / Executive “1” Pharmacy Industry Specification: 1 recruited as Regional Manager “1” Health & Wellness sector Specification: 1 recruited as Business development executive www.3starcs.com
  8. 8. www.3starcs.com STEP A Understanding the client Organization and its requirement STEP B Mapping position specific competencies STEP C Search target plan STEP D Industry/Company – Mapping STEP E Sourcing of profiles, mapping of positions, key result area
  9. 9. www.3starcs.com STEP H Interviews STEP I Reference check STEP J Post Recruitment Follow up STEP F Short listing STEP G Evaluation
  10. 10. www.3starcs.comFiltration Test Telephonic Interview Group Discussion PPT Round Personal Interview
  11. 11. www.3starcs.com EMAIL ID: star3sonsultingservices@gmail.co m Contact us : +91-7666306222 / 9730964604 ​ If you find us skillful enough which will satisfy your manpower requirement kindly contact us to get the best talents for your organization
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