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Show and Sell

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Image-based social media applications including Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine, are an exciting marketing trend for 2013. People naturally connect more quickly and on a deeper level with images than with text, making these platforms an excellent way for businesses to engage with their target audiences.

Want to learn more about how these trendy apps can be used to boost business? Executive Vice President Francis Skipper will teach attendees how they can to show, rather than tell, and integrate image-based social media into their content marketing strategy without exhausting resources. From creating a strategy to re-purposing existing content to share across multiple platforms, attendees will leave with an understanding of popular image-based social media platforms and a blueprint for using them to interact with their audience.

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Show and Sell

  1. 1. Show and Sell:Using Image-Based Social Mediato Connect with Your Audience
  2. 2. Francis SkipperExecutive Vice President617-259-1605francis@451marketing.comlinkedin.com/in/francisskipper@fskipwww.451Marketing.com
  3. 3. National Public Relations, SocialMedia, and Search Marketing AgencyFounded in 2004Headquartered in Boston andrepresenting Los Angeles, New York,San Diego, and Las VegasRecognized as a 2011, 2012, 2013an award recognizing the fastestgrowing private companiesheadquartered in MassachusettsAbout 451 Marketing
  4. 4. Our Team’s Experience
  5. 5. Agenda• Intro to Image-Based Social Media• An Overview of Pinterest, Instagramand Vine• Best Practices for Image-BasedSocial• Case Studies• Q & A
  6. 6. Blogging – roughly 1,000 wordsEvolution of Social Media PostsTwitter – 140 characters#charceuterie #yumInstagram – image and a fewwords
  7. 7. “Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhonethan any other camera”Why Image-Based?You’ve seen the iPhone TV ad:
  8. 8. Super-succinct way tocommunicate thoughts andemotions feelingsPeople love pictures, andthey really love sharingpictures of themselves,their families, pets, food,favorite clothing items,sunsets, and a host of otherrandom things.Why Image-Based?
  9. 9. 55% of mobile market inUS is smartphones -129.4 million peopleWhy Image-Based?(Via comScore)
  10. 10. Humans Are Visual>65%of people describethemselves asvisual learnersOur brains react more quickly and with more emotion to imageswhen compared to text
  11. 11. Why Image-Based?>65%of people describethemselves asvisual learners44% of respondents aremore likely to engagewith brands if they postphotos than any othertype of media
  12. 12. Why Image-Based?For Consumer BrandsA great way to showcase your products and corporate culture
  13. 13. Why Image-Based?For B2BA great way to put a personality and face behind your brand
  14. 14. Why Image-Based?Image-based social media is scalable and repeatable
  15. 15. • Pinterest has 48.7 millionUS users• The average Pinterest userspends 98 minutes permonth on the site• Women are 5 times morelikely to be on Pinterest Pinterest Receives 3rd MostHits/Week Among Social Media Sites
  16. 16. A platform for storing andsharing your brand’s imageswhich helps drive traffic toyour company website andeven converts to salesTwo Primary Goals• Increase Brand/ProductRecognition• Drive Traffic to Your SiteWhat is Pinterest?
  17. 17. What is a Pin?An image added to Pinterest.What is a Board?A collection of pins withsimilar theme
  18. 18. April of 2012, Instagram launched itsapp for Android. In less than oneday, more than 1 million downloadsLess than three years after its launch,Instagram had 100 million monthlyusers
  19. 19. What is Instagram?Photo editing app thatstarted on the iPhone allowsusers to generate their ownimages and enhance themdramatically through artisticfeaturesUses hashtags to categorizeimages and a “like” feature
  20. 20. Vine is a mobile application that letsusers capture a number of filmframes, which are looped into 6-second videos and shared on TwitterWhat is Vine?
  21. 21. • Six months after Vine wasreleased, it topped theApple Store free apps chart• Between Feb 9-10, 113,897Vine videos were shared –or 2,324 videos every hour
  22. 22. • Tumblr is a social platform forblogging, primarily used to shareimages and gifs• There are currently 102 millionTumblr blogs• The total number of Tumblr posts todate is 22.6 billion• In March, Tumblr had 29.2 uniquevisitors• Each user spent on average 154.1minutes on Tumblr in March 2013• 52% of visitors are male
  23. 23. Look Before You LeapMake sure image-basedapps support your existingsocial media strategy.Decide– what story doyou want to tell with yourimages?
  24. 24. Goals for Image-Based SocialEncourage customers to showcase how they use your productsCapture and share customer testimonialsPromote eventsShare how-to’s related to your product or industryPromote other content in an engaging wayDisplay productsDrive traffic to ecommerceShowcase corporate culture and givingDeliver a company announcementShare behind the scenes glimpse into operations
  25. 25. Setting the FoundationFill out profiles and brand platform
  26. 26. Add Links to Your SiteSetting the Foundation
  27. 27. • Visual Content You Already HavePictures of products, covers of yourpublication, images from your last event• Compelling Visual from Blog PostsTo link back to blog content• Infographics & Data VisualizationHighly pin-able and good place to linkWhat Images Should I Share?
  28. 28. Showcase Corporate Culture
  29. 29. Content for Different Audiences
  30. 30. Portable How-To Content
  31. 31. Host a Visually-Based Contest
  32. 32. Post Images on Multiple PlatformsGet the most mileage out of your images – but use best practices
  33. 33. Cross-Post With Brands
  34. 34. Create CTAs
  35. 35. Link for Conversion
  36. 36. DON’T Solely Self-PromotePin content from other related/complementaryusers & brandsDON’T Assume You Have Nothing to OfferConsumer & B2B brands find success on PinterestDON’T Post Low Quality/Shaky PostsMake each post worthwhileDon’ts
  37. 37. Case Study: Annie Selke CompaniesPinterest users prove to be big online spenders for luxuryinterior design purveyor Annie Selke Companies
  38. 38. Case Study: Annie Selke CompaniesGoalIncrease brand awareness and drive sales using social media.Approach451 Marketing launched exciting Pinterest campaign showcasing thebrands’ high quality and visually appealing products. 451 also helpedexecute “Pin to Win” promotions.ResultsIn the first year of the campaign:• 135 assisted conversions - 50% lastinteraction conversions• $39,019.32 in direct sales
  39. 39. • Decide on a strategy – what story do you want to tell with yourimages?• Add social sharing buttons to your website, so fans can easily spreadthe word• Find ways to involve fans: competitions, photos of them using yourproduct/service• Focus on your customers: what images do they find useful andentertaining?• Images don’t have to be professionally shot, but be thoughtfulTakeaways:
  40. 40. Questions?
  41. 41. Show and Sell:Using Image-Based Social Mediato Connect with Your Audience