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The Future of Media: Four Trends that are Actionable Today

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The Future of Media: Four Trends that are Actionable Today

  1. 1. The Future of Media: Four Trends that are Actionable Today LANCE NEUHAUSER, CEO, 4C
  2. 2. How did we get here?
  3. 3. 400M X mobile data traffic growth in 15 years Source: Cisco, 2016 Advances in bandwidth
  4. 4. 3 TRILLION+ # of HD movies that can be viewed online in the global cloud Source: Cisco, 2015 Increased storage capacity
  5. 5. 2X increase in laptop battery life over three years Source: Digital Trends, 2015 Extended battery power
  6. 6. $35M price of computer in 1975 with processing power of today’s mobile phone Source: Sequoia Capital, 2016 Exponential processing speed
  7. 7. Where are we now?
  8. 8. 53% of media is time-shifted Source: Hub Entertainment Research, 2015 No channel conflict, just channel choice
  9. 9. Must-see TV must be seen live 189M viewers expected to watch Super Bowl 50 Source: National Retail Federation, 2016
  10. 10. Attention is divided 87% of consumers use other devices while watching TV Source: Accenture, 2015
  11. 11. Blurred lines between content and advertising 350% increase in native advertising revenue over five years Source: Business Insider, 2015
  12. 12. Planning and activation in silos Buying and measuring in old currencies Uncoordinated messaging Manual execution So why is advertising still the same?
  13. 13. The future is here.
  14. 14. It’s moments.
  15. 15. It’s social.
  16. 16. It’s personal.
  17. 17. And it’s only getting headier.
  18. 18. It’ll be virtual.
  19. 19. It’ll be augmented.
  20. 20. It’ll be connected.
  21. 21. Four things you can do today.
  22. 22. Redefine your funnel.#1
  23. 23. Think about shared media experiences. #2
  24. 24. Combine analytics and activation.#3
  25. 25. Embrace technology automa and addressability. #4
  26. 26. How can 4C help?
  27. 27. Data science and media technology
  28. 28. Global scale for brands 4C is the only company in the world to harmonize data across: • Social Media • TV Ad/Program Occurrence • Set-top Box • Closed Captioning 1.5 Billion SOCIAL MEDIA USERS 1 Million TV ADS 250,000 INTEREST CATEGORIES 50,000 BRANDS 2,100+ CHANNELS IN 76 COUNTRIES 41 LANGUAGES 4C STAFF LOCATIONS TV MONITORING LOCATIONS
  29. 29. Cross-screen advertising and content analytics Social and TV advertising activation TV Synced Ads across search, social, display, video, mobile

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Intro: Thanks to the ANA. My name is Lance Neuhauser. I am the CEO of 4C. Focus on Cross-screen analytics and cross-screen activation. Not a commercial for 4C (though have 3 points on 4C at end of preso), we are merely speaking on something near and dear to our hearts…The Future of Media.
  • One of my favorite quotes…“May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, the foresight to know where you are going, and the insight to know when you’ve gone too far.” So when looking at the future of media we must start by asking how we got to where we are.
  • First, it’s been advances in bandwidth. Over the last 20 years we’ve gone from taking 3-7 days to download a movie, to being able to stream that same movie in HD, while internet access only increase by $15/mo. It’s about Access! 400 million X mobile traffic growth in 15 years. Astounding.
  • The next noteworthy tech accomplishment has been the advancement of storage capacity. Thumb drives in 2000…8Megs for $28. Now a terabyte for just $54. Bandwidth and storage became the foundation for the cloud. Now 3 Trillion Movies can be viewed in the global cloud.
  • The third advancement has been the extension of battery life. From bricks that lasted minutes to chips that last days. Just over last 3 years alone, we’ve seen a 2X in laptop battery.
  • Perhaps the most profound advancement impacting us today is in processing speed. Moore’s Law explains the phenomenon of doubling of processing power every 2 years. The continued improvements in processing speed has enabled modern interfaces that are now the standard on mobile phones…$35M worth of computing in 1975 is now available in the palms of our hands
  • So where are we now? All of us have devices that connect us any time and anywhere, but it means we are connected all the time, everywhere. For media specifically it means a great deal…
  • For media…we are in the Golden age of content. No time or location constraints, no channel conflict for consumers, just channel choice..…no longer are we tied to the living room at 7pm. We are on demand and on our schedule. Greater demand for content, means greater supply. Look at the Emmys now compared to a decade ago…netflix, amazon, AMC, etc. Choice and tech has moved us to a point where 53% of media is time-shifted.
  • However, connectivity has brought back some MUST SEE TV.
    We are all socially connected and have FOOF (fear of our feed) & FOMO. Some things are still viewed live and always will be such as sports, news, premieres, etc.
  • The power created by our tech advancement has allowed us to seamlessly move from device to device, but as marketers it means our competition for attention is no longer relegated just to the fridge and bathroom. Competition for attention is now with anything and everything accessible on our devices as 87% of consumers use other devices while watching TV.
  • Last major impact of tech on our world today…The line between content and advertising is getting finer.
    And as advertisers we can no longer think in terms of advertising. The word ADVERT, which according to merriam, literally means to turn the mind or attention. Our attention is already turning with our multitasking. We have to think about ‘converting’ someone with content that is appealing, not adverting someone away from something they are enjoying. Expect this trend to continue as we’ve seen already a 350% increase in native advertising revenue over the last 5 years.
  • But despite the tech advancements leading to media changes, advertising is still the same. Planning and activation is happening in silos. Buying and measuring is using old currencies. We have uncoordinated messaging and manual execution. 60 years ago TV programming began launching in the fall to give Car companies a place to showcase their new lines. And new lines come out because assembly lines were in based in farming towns, and assembly could happen until after the harverst. That system was setup 100 years ago. We are working off a 100 year old system! Time for change.
  • Another favorite quote…The Future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed. So, when we describe the future it will not feel entirely futuristic. It will feel somewhat familiar. However, it is our jobs as marketers to make the somewhat familiar, commonplace and comfortable for our companies and our customers.
  • The future…is moments. Big (live) moments. Must-see TV, sporting events, the news, extreme weather, social media, the holidays, political or cultural events remember FOMO - It’s happening
  • It’s social. Social and TV are mutual accelerants. We are about to publish research with Turner that shows 1 out of every 5 social engagements for brands is directly driven by television advertising. Premium TV content has nearly twice the impact of non-premium content on driving social brand engagement, with Sports and Live driving the highest engagement per impression performance.
  • It’s personal. We can and need to deliver true 1:1 messaging across screens through tactics like TV Synced Ads.
  • If we look even a bit further out there are a few things coming that don’t require too much activity now, but do require a change in thinking now.
  • Media will be virtual. Consumers will interact with each other and experience your brand in new ways, heck, new worlds. There will be a blending of online and real-world experiences.
  • It’ll be augmented. You must make sure you are discoverable thru all interfaces. your brand will be the way in which content is connected to intent.
  • It’ll be connected. All devices will be connected thru the Internet of Things. You’ll need to make sure your brand has APIs that feed into and pull information from these things.
  • Data is not information, and information is only as good as the actions that result from it. SO here are 4 things we can do today.
  • Redefine your customer funnel and definition of media value, then maximize it. Jonathan Lee of Grey described a new funnel..constant movement between discovery, participating and sharing your brand, all happening in an effort for consumers to commit to that which they believe in. As marketers we must realize that for our customers it’s more than a purchase these days, it’s a commitment. And we need to provide the tools for commitment to be possible.
  • 2. Think in terms of shared media experiences. There was a Digiday article today referencing the Oreo in the dark tweet from the Super Bowl a few years ago, and how the trend for marketers became setting up war rooms. Well today we must move from War rooms to campsites. Capturing moments is a strategy staple, not fleeting like the moments themselves. We must capture the emotion, capture the value. Surround and synchronize. Use social as an intelligence fuel, not just an activation channel. When people share experiences with others their emotions are heightened, and so is their receptivity to brand storytelling. —
  • Real time insights require real-time action. Because people are only open to brand moments in limited amounts, you must…Combine analytics and activation - your teams and your technologies.
  • And lastly, As brands in this technology and data-driven world, you will need more than ever control, speed and accountability.
    To do that you must embrace technology and data, and focus on addressability and automation. Again think of your brand having API’s and being the bridge between content and intent. That needs control, speed and accountability. Embrace programmatic everywhere.
  • As promised 3 quick hits on 4C
  • We are a global leader in data science and media technology. Our tech and data science has spun out of NW & Philips. We have the chops to solve some of these incredibly complex challenges.
  • We have the scale. We provide scale for brands across the world. We’re the only company with technology that harmonizes data from social media, TV Ad and Program occurrences, Set-top boxes, and closed captioning…and do that globally in 76 countries and in 41 languages.
  • And specifically, Our product suite includes solutions for both Analytics and Activation across screens. We provide SaaS tech to handle your Social Ads, TV Synced Ads, and Programmatic TV Ads coming soon. Plus we have market-leading Advertising & Content Analytics providing you with Creative Performance at the brand level, and the ability to track ALL your assets everywhere they run.
  • Thanks to the ANA again. We are 4C, The Future of Media. It’s Happening. Stop by our table to learn more.