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Alloy Card

Alloy Card is one of the first consumer credit cards powered by automation.

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Alloy Card

  1. 1. How many of you are on top of your spending? Not Many 47% people more control founders@alloycard.com
  2. 2. takes a long time Managing our money is frustrating overspending we end up not doing founders@alloycard.com
  3. 3. Alloy Card makes it effortless to be on top of your spending Create as many virtual and physical cards as you want Head to our Gallery of automation recipes Open an account Get Approved founders@alloycard.com
  4. 4. Track refunds for canceled reservations Virtual cards that work only for 3 month so you don’t forget to cancel subscriptions Pay your card automatically by transaction or every week Business transactions reimbursements done automatically And hundreds more! Gallery founders@alloycard.com
  5. 5. Renato STEINBERG CTO in Brazil Gustavo GUIDA $340MM exit founders@alloycard.com
  6. 6. More than 8000 already on the waitlist founders@alloycard.com
  7. 7. +1 415 690-9378 renato@alloycard.com Renato Steinberg +1 415 490-6863 gustavo@alloycard.com Gustavo Guida You card. Your rules.