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BugHerd is the visual issue tracker for the web. It embeds directly into a website so bugs are flagged and managed visually without the need to fill out lengthy forms.

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  1. The visual issue tracker for the web.
  2. We play nice with others
  3. 1400+ Users registered to date1500 $1125750375 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul paid plans $9 - $99 / month introduced a few weeks ago
  4. Our users love us“ Having lovefest with web bugtracking/commenting system @bugherd. So simple, so smart, so easy!“ Five days into my 1st project with @BugHerd and its awesome. Its useful just for myself, but the best part is that the client LOVES it!“ Oh man. @bugherd is fucking awesome. Beautiful integration with Basecamp. This is how to communicate with your front end devs. LOVE IT.“ Just @bugherd-ed another project. Client comment: love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!“ Bugherd is a fantastically simple bug tracking tool. Love it!
  5. Right now• Issue tracking for web teams & their clientsComing soon• Feedback widget for site owners• Integration with help desk systems (ZenDesk, TenderSupport)Future• Support for HTML mobile apps• Automatic reproduction of issues• Integration with billing systems (Xero, FreshBooks)
  6. Core Team Investors / Advisors Alan Downie Dave McClure Alan Jones CEO / Engineer 500 Startups Microsoft, Yahoo! Matt Milosavljevic Paul Singh Niki ScevakCreative Director / Engineer 500 Startups Startmate Vincent Brendel Hesky Kutscher Maneesh Arora Lead Engineer Mother Knows Zynga, Google
  7. The visual issue tracker for the web. http://angel.co/bugherd @bugherd