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The Atlas

The Atlas is unlocking the $1.6 trillion local government market with a platform city officials use to build and buy better stuff more quickly...all without ever selling to cities.

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The Atlas

  1. 1. The Atlas Unlocking the $1.6T local government market. elle@the-atlas.com
  2. 2. elle@the-atlas.com Selling to government is the worst.
  3. 3. “I had to use Pinterest to search for flooding solutions.” – City Manager elle@the-atlas.com
  4. 4. James H. Are you free to discuss? Jessica J. RE: cloud cost reduction Nick B. Invitation to discuss on Friday – stormwater sensors Chris G. Last Chance! Barb T. Deputy CIO of the City of Los Angeles joins our event lineup Mary S. Still interested in citizen engagement? City of San Diego Here’s what we used to stop street flooding
  5. 5. The future of our cities shouldn’t rely on getting lucky at a conference. elle@the-atlas.com
  6. 6. elle@the-atlas.com Fmr Gov’t Administration Fmr City Consultant UCLA MBA Fmr Recovery Brands Full-stack Engineer Data Expert Fmr Gov’t Official Fmr City Consultant Civil Engineer CEO COOCTO
  7. 7. elle@the-atlas.com The Atlas is a free online community for city officials.
  8. 8. 12K city users $300K ARR from paying company customers elle@the-atlas.com
  9. 9. What we’re building next...
  10. 10. $1.6 trillion taxpayer dollars are spent by cities each year
  11. 11. www.the-atlas.com Elle Hempen elle@the-atlas.com 12K city users <1 year $300K ARR 66% decrease in B2G sales cycle