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Mobile ph cloning

  1. Mobile Phone Cloning
  2. Content:  Introduction  How a mobile phone cloned  Method to detect Cloned phones  Advantages  Disadvantages
  3. •What is Cloning? •What is phone cloning? Introduction
  4. •Capture the SIM/IMEI pair •Clone the SIM/IMEI pair using electronic scanning device •The cloner reprograms or alter the micro chips of any wireless phone How is a mobile phone cloned?
  5. How Cloning take place?
  6. •Duplicate Detection •Velocity Trap •Radio Frequency •PIN codes •Usages Profiling Detection Of phone cloning
  7. If you lost your phone, you can use your cloned phone  if your phone got damaged , cloned phone can be helpful . Advantages
  8. Illegal money transfer Terrorists for criminal activities Disadvantages
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