eTwinning project on sport

30 Mar 2015

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eTwinning project on sport

  1. eTwinning project Let’s make sports a way of living
  2. Hello! We are class VC from Koszalin, in Poland and we LOVE SPORT!
  3. This is how we train 
  4. Hi! I’m Ania
  5. Hello! I’m Kasia aka Gruszka 
  6. I’m Iga and I handball!♥
  7. Hi! My name is Zoja
  8. Hi! My name is Karolina, I play in handball. Handball is really a great sport. The fact, that it is also quite dangerous, but it does wonders for condition and health. You may well get tired, but winning score rewards effort.I play in the handball manual and admit, that this is my true passion. I love it. I am recommending this sport to all those who are bored at home.  
  9. I’m Gabi  I love handball!
  10. Greetings! My name is Natalia aka Pietruszka  Almost everyone likes sports, but why? I like sport because I don’t like to sit at home in front of the TV or the computer. I must do something, and what is better than sport! Thanks to sport I’m faster and stronger and these things can be useful in life.
  11. My name is Kasia  My nickname is Melon. I am in a handball team for two years. I play on the „wheel”- I’m rotating. Handball is a very demanding sport, you have to run a lot and jump. I had one injury I sprained my fnger. I really like this sport. Our goalkeeper is is Kasia aka Gruszka (Pear in English). She is a very good goalkeeper!!
  12. Hi! I’m Oliwia.
  13. My name is Oliwia, too.
  14. Hello, I’m Natalia. My favourite sport is handball. I loveplaying handball as well as watching it. It is a very exciting sport because I can show my skills. I play handball with my class friends four days a week. We shouldn’t be egoists craving for personal success but we should all work for the victory. It’s a good sport when you want to lose your energy. If you want to play handball you have to be fast and concentrated.
  15. Hi! My name is Oliwia. I train handball. Every Tuesday we workout on a large sports halland on Thursdays we train on judo mats. Our trainer is very nice. From time to time we go to handball tournaments. I like to play handball because I see great effects. I learned to play in a team. My friends are great but sometimes we still argue. I’m very happy that I train this sport because I can persue my dreams.
  16. We sport!♥
  17. Hello! We BASKETBALL!♥
  18. Hi! My name is Antek,and my favourite sport disciplineis Basketball. Basketball is a team game, there are five players in one team.The match lasts four quarts, ten minutes each. I train this sport for four years. I think that I am quite good , and I am getting better everyday. My principle is "Be better than you were yesterday". Today I train in sport club" ak", and I go there two times a week for two hours.Ż There are about twelve of us in " ak". Our biggest rival is a sportŻ club "Basket". I also play in school's team named "FCPeppers". Many of my class friends are in "FCPeppers", and there is also a boy from Koszalin's school nr 21. His name is Kuba. Our trainer is a women, and she is the best teacher. I think that basketball is great and it should be more popular than football. I hope more people play it someday. See you on the match!
  19. Hi, My name is Tomek. I’m twelve years old, I go to primary school. I love basketball because basketball is interesting and exciting. In my country football is more popular than basketball. I think basketball is better, faster and I can play it with my friends. I practise it almost every day in the local club “Basket Koszalin”. I want to be a basketball player and play for the best teams. My favourite basketball player is Lebron James, he is amazing. On the 19th March we are going for a basketball competition. It is very important to us and I hope we will win it. Bye.
  20. Why i like sport? I like sport because it is healthy. My favourite sport is basketball and football. I play basketball only at school, but I play football in a club ''Gwardia Koszalin''. These sports are the best because I can play with my friends and we win many trophies.
  21. I am Kris. I'm a basketball player. I spend a lot of time playing basketball. I love this game. My mum says that I have a basketball in my blood. Why? Because men in my family play basketball. My four uncles win the Polish Cup of Streetball - Euro Tour Gdynia 2014. One of them – Simon plays in the first polish division. He is a player of Sokó a cut. I likeł Ł ń to watch his game. He is the very good player – throws a lot of points.
  22. In Koszalin, there is a basketball team, too. AZS Koszalin plays in the Tauron Basketball League (it is the highest level of the basketball championship in Poland). I and my dad are the best fans of this team. We go to every game, when AZS play in Koszalin. This year is very good for AZS. They won a lot of games and they are on the second place. Why? Because they have very good players. I like Qyntel Woods the best. He is marvelous and wonderful. He jumps very high and he does great dunks.
  23. I play basketball in Basket Koszalin. I started three years ago. Jacek Czarnota is my coach now. My team is great. We are working very hard on every training, so we have some success. We won the silver medal twice – at tournaments in Kruszwica and in Inowroc aw.ł
  24. The tournament in Kruszwica was very good for me. I won the title of The Best Player. My coach Bart omiej Sierwuk was very happy.ł We (Basket Koszalin) were also in Lithuania in Kowno. There was the International Basketball Tournament - Christmas Cup Kowno. There was a great adventure. We played for example with Dinamo Moskwa and Tornado Kowno. We didn’t win any medal, but we had a lot of fun playing basketball. I think I played good.
  25. I love basketball. Why? Because it is a very intelligent game. You must think when playing basketball. Agility, strength and speed are not important if you don’t think. You have to play as a team think about tactics, make quick decisions. I have the best friends in my basketball team. And…the basketball players are very well educated sportsmen, for example Shaquille O'Neal has a Ph.D. of the management. My dream is playing AZS, but I know it’s very difficult. So I am working very hard, I’m learning very good and…. I think it is possible that I will be a good basketball player and my dream will come true.
  26. Sport is our way of living!