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8KMiles Cloud Services on AMAZON AWS

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Visit us at www.8kmiles.com/cloud
A presentation (PPT) about 8KMiles Cloud Services on AMAZON AWS

We provide Cloud Computing Consulting services in following AWS technologies like Amazon EC2 , Simple Storage Service , S3 , Simple queue service , SQS, Simple DB, AutoScaling , Elastic Load Balancing , ELB, CloudWatch, CloudFront, MapReduce and SNS.

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8KMiles Cloud Services on AMAZON AWS

  1. 1. “8KMiles leverages cloud computing to enable a new delivery model for software services. Our goal is to make remote service delivery easy, secure, reliable and transparent.”
  2. 2. 8KMiles – The name • The equatorial / polar diameter of the Earth is 8000 (8K) Miles • 8KMiles is the platform that connects (and brings together) people across the globe to do business through its cloud ecosystem
  3. 3. Market Environment • Market Data – Worldwide cloud services to reach $68.3 billion in 2010 from $58.6 billion in 2009 and is poised to reach $148.8 billion in 2014 – Gartner – Small businesses are expected to spend $280 billion on information and communications technology by 2012 – Compass Intelligence – The Indian IT services market would grow to over $24 billion in 2013 from $11 billion in 2010 – Ovum Research – Services and software segments are estimated to cross USD 1.2 trillion by 2012 – NASSCOM
  4. 4. 8KMiles - Cloud • Cloud Computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid • Amazon Web Services is the leader and pioneer of cloud computing • 8KMiles is an Amazon Solution Partner and has solid cloud computing expertise built over the last 2+ years • 8KMiles is an early cloud adopter and cloud Innovator • 8KMiles offers on-demand Virtual Servers to its customers with a tight integration and abstraction - Customers don’t need to know the cloud • The entire service is Pay-for-Use : No Cap-Ex for 8KMiles and No Cap-Ex for 8KMiles customers
  5. 5. 8KMiles - Cloud • Amazon Systems integration partner • Over 2+ years of experience in building solutions using Amazon AWS and providing Cloud consultation • 8KMiles.com runs over 25+ servers on Amazon AWS • 8KMiles.com Live website , Testing sites , Monitoring , Load testing runs on AWS • Created more than 300 + servers as part 8KMiles SDAAS
  6. 6. AWS Skill Set • EC2 windows and Linux • AWS EBS / Boot from EBS • AWS SQS – Simple Queue service • AWS S3 – Simple Storage service • AWS Auto scaling • AWS Load balancer • AWS Cloud Watch monitoring • AWS Elastic IP • AWS Map Reduce • AWS Simple DB • AWS RDS Relational Database Service
  7. 7. Services on Cloud • Cloud Consulting and Implementation – Provide a cloud strategy and roadmap for cloud adoption – Design and deploy public, private and hybrid cloud solutions • Cloud Migration Services – Testing Infrastructure setup /Production Infrastructure setup – Monitoring solutions and Storage solutions – Scaling / Load balancing solutions • Cloud application development – Custom cloud applications and tools – Application integration with AWS services • Cloud Training – Standard and Customized workshops for your Enterprise needs
  8. 8. Value Creation
  9. 9. Value Creation Infrastructure Cost Reduction: Achieve economies of scale through the shared use of cloud computing infrastructure Low or No Cap Ex: Avoid capital expenditure and lower your IT spending to operational investments Greener IT: Reduce your business carbon foot print by using efficient Cloud Data centers Speed: Get unlimited computing capacity and servers in minutes Flexibility: Scale from 1 to 1000 servers in minutes, pay per use model, No contracts with Cloud infrastructure providers
  10. 10. Praise for 8KMiles 8KMiles is a company to watch for in cloud computing – - Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO @ Structure 2010 8KMiles offers instant potential in the cloud – Sridhar Jagannathan, VP, Intuit @ Stanford University Panel Discussion 8KMiles serves as a great example to all the outsourcing providers on the advantages of using Cloud Computing in their service offerings. 8KMiles is a compelling story to highlight the disruptive nature of Cloud Computing – Cloudave.com
  11. 11. 8KMiles - Recognition Awards Startup of the Day Partnerships
  12. 12. Contact www.8KMiles.com/cloud USA Paddy paddy@8KMiles.com 1-408-647-1217 India Harish Ganesan harish@8KMiles.com