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Evolution of the Influencer Economy: How to Activate Brand Ambassadors

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Presentation by Scott Paul at Mastermind 2019. Scott is CEO of Wooly, a software to help brands grow their ambassador communities. He also co-founded Tangible, a school for e-commerce. Scott took up alpaca farming in Midway, Utah this year and coaches his daughter's ski team at Sundance.

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Evolution of the Influencer Economy: How to Activate Brand Ambassadors

  1. 1. Evolution of the Influencer Economy And How Activate Brand Ambassadors
  2. 2. Welcome to the mind of an unmedicated ADHD entrepreneur... Or in Seth Godin’s words the psychopath
  3. 3. 1980 1988
  4. 4. “Mercenaries” Most brands start here with cold outreach via email, DMs or agencies ● Impersonal ● Expensive ● Inauthentic ● Hard to work with 11 The future is not paying outside mercenaries Fans Followers Inbound Customers Outsiders
  5. 5. 12 It’s building ambassador programs from within Fans Followers Inbound Customers Outsiders “Ambassadors” Wooly finds your influential “insiders” ● Authentic ● Committed ● Affordable ● Easier to engage
  6. 6. Within 3 quarters Purple saw ● ~55x increase in reach ● ~40x increase in engagement ● ~3x increase in mentions ● Leapt from #7 to #1 in social share of voice among competitors … without paying influencers* I leave disney and start Wooly, we test our theory with Purple
  7. 7. Your network’s reach is WAY bigger than your brand’s Pre-social media Employees Reach Brand Today Reach Customers Fans & Followers Customers Emp Fans & Followers Brand
  8. 8. Qualtrics has <100k followers across ALL networks Qualtrics employee reaches 2M
  9. 9. Is Scott Paul an Influencer?
  10. 10. Needle movers are not just big influencers
  11. 11. One of FP’s best influencers was a customer with 2,000 followers This happens ALL the time Community - Freshly Picked
  12. 12. Paying random “influencers” is an expense Creating ambassadors is an asset
  13. 13. Welcome panel of experts with leading views on evolving brand - influencer relationships
  14. 14. Anna Macfarlane @annaistheworst ● Founder of Marj Media ● Social marketing coach ● People.com Top 10 Mom on the Internet Skip the video and keep intros SUPER short for each. Let them introduce themselves with 1st question
  15. 15. Bryson White @brywhyyy ● Global Marketing Mgr at Amer Sports ● Runs ambassador program for several major, global brands
  16. 16. Paige Watts @paigearminta ● Content creator ● Witty caption writer ● Marketer at Disney, Wooly and Enso Rings
  17. 17. Paige Watts @paigearminta Social Marketing / Creator Bryson White @brywhyyy Digital Marketing - Amer Anna Macfarlane @annaistheworst Social Marketing Coach Questions Text questions to (801) 347-8878 include your name, company and who question is for
  18. 18. Appendix
  19. 19. The Fantastic Influencer Loyalty Audience Activity Reach Engagement Content
  20. 20. Emirates employee recognized and upgraded a customer, Casey Neistat 100M+ views Tons of press Millions $$$ in earned media Customer - The Good
  21. 21. 4M+ views Tons of press Major loss in earned media Customer - The Bad Hertz #fail Terrible customer for the Gabbie Show Cut? Kylie Jenner might be better. But I do think the good, bad, ugly (as a joke) is funny