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Marketing in the music industry

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A brief presentation for the marketing strategies used in the music industry.

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Marketing in the music industry

  1. 1. By Alexandra McLoughlin
  2. 2.  A record label deals with four basic areas of music marketing:  Radio- radio is the most complicated part of the music industry. Also, it is the most expensive part of the budget of a major record label. If you hire an independent radio promoter, they can also help with PR, gigs and retail, provided the airplay campaign is large enough.  PR ( Public relations)- The PR (publicity) portion of the entertainment industry is obtained by hiring a PR firm (or PR person). A large record label has these people on staff, but will still hire out for more push. A smaller independent record label sometimes will just try to do its own publicity, maybe by just focusing on some local music magazines. Big mass media music magazines, however, will be beyond what an independent music label can get.
  3. 3.  Gigs- the gig portion of your music marketing is obtained by partnering with an entertainment agency who book gigs for you (good gigs can get you some PR too.) Small music labels will just try to book their own gigs.  Music retail- a record company would hire a retail promoter, whereas a small independent record label would just call stores on their own. They take retail orders once the retail promotion person causes the sales to happen. If you have no retail promotions person, you will have no sales, regardless of the radio that you do.
  4. 4.  1) Facebook Advertising- Artists and record labels can use Facebook to gain the attention of the younger generation. This is useful as I feel the younger generation make up more of the fan base of the current popular artists. However, Facebook in general is great for reaching any target market. This is because, it lets you choose an age range, gender, language, interests, behaviours, connections and other granular characteristics for your target audience.  Musicians campaign objectives:  - Boosting your posts  - Promoting your page ( to get more likes)  - Sending people to your website  - Raising attendance at your event  - Getting people to claim your offer  - Getting video views ( video marketing in conjunction with Facebook advertising can be powerful.)
  5. 5. It’s all about digital marketing