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Shopfitting Design & Fit Out Tips for an Optometry Practice

Melbourne joinery & commercial fit out company, AAFS Shopfitting, provide optometry practice owners actionable tips in superior optometry store design. This fit out advice is helpful to business owners for either a new store build or renovating an existing practice.

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Shopfitting Design & Fit Out Tips for an Optometry Practice

  1. 1. Optometry Practice Strategic Tips & Design Trends for Building or Renovating an
  2. 2. Enhance store layout to increase foot traffic and boost sales
  3. 3. Ensure eyewear is the focal point of the store design
  4. 4. Consultancy and examination rooms are to be relocated to the rear of the optical store
  5. 5. Improve the customer experience by reflecting on mirrors instore Install easily locatable and accessible mirrors throughout the fitout that allow customers to view the eyewear on Many practices are beginning to install mirrors at a height of 900mm-2100mm, permitting consumers to see themselves to decide if the frames complement their face shape and personality
  6. 6. Ensure superior instore lighting design
  7. 7. Draw focus to exclusive eyewear with product display racks boasting illuminating lighting
  8. 8. Maintain patient comfort & prevent squinting Optometrist consultancy and examination rooms require a soft light of about 3000 degrees Kelvin (K)
  9. 9. Possibly consider a lighting fixture as a hero piece of the practice
  10. 10. What’s on trend in Melbourne optometry fit outs? (General Retail Shopfitting Trends)
  11. 11. “…Natural timbers and a bit of colour …” Rohin Adams, Director TwoDesign
  12. 12. For more helpful fitout tips and shopfitting advice, Contact AAFS Shopfitting on +61 3 9768 2668 or visit our website at http://aafsshopfitting.com.au /blog/