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col javed hassans hypotheses t analysing why the usa so calle assignment essays research putin ukraine mountbatten and nehru's folly in impulsively and t tiger and thistle -a flawed and misleading review a callously mistreated and forgotten british amer cambridge authors massive exaggerations about brit pill boxes which the brits made against a russian us army military history centre invites to speak o 2011 strategic assessment as seen in actual realit 13 lancers decorated squadron commander describes british east india company officers more truthful 1965 western sunrise -india pakistan war brigadier walpole and deceased penny’s column now major general penny is killed in night ambush at k pakistan international airlines i lack of moral c british army role in capture of delhi was only 30 us higher leadership character failure and lack of taliban victory victory of ussr trained officers w face book a total systems failure major agha h ami myra macdonalds myopic assertions ied in afghan war and in pakistans fata war afghan women dumped by usa and nato usa taliban agreement at doha -shameless betrayal the central issue is that there are two kabul airp usa evacuation of kabul with full agreement with t british company's officers made brilliant use of a usa rahjori strategy in afghanistan the greatest charge in post waterloo british caval strategic naievette about afghanistan". what happened to afghan national army august 2021 a well connected campbell with good connections wh usa afghan war and ussr afghan war compared a british army commander in chief and field marsha the funeral of armenian christian war hero colonel the strategic future of taliban armenian christian war hero of cavalry regiment ra dso january 1989 doi: 10.13140/rg.2.2.18810.00963 conversations with major general akbar khan what was the biggest mistake ever made by an intel professor rajmohan gandhi partition punjab snob an companys cavalry charge depicted in black is di why tipu sultan was a total failure and lost the m colonel floyd is shot through the jaw and his brit essence of military service worldwide 6 points of shiekh mujeeb and a faux pas called lu operation search light japan malaya research methodology no evidence that british company won against mysor state behaviour indicates complicity with terroris master dog trainer and dogs of proxy wars enemies of vishnu state proxies worst culprits in afghanistan and th comments essay of fire and fury by randall hansen 27 cavalry major general naeem mid career course april 1991 and unjust sadism and greatest failure of operation grand slam whitewash usa and pakistan misuse of religion in soviet afgh 13 lancers decorated squadron commander clears myt funeral of the patiala pathan who stopped indian t removed as scapegoat for infantry armour brigade d staff college quetta -foreign officer pakistan army 1971 war veteran and retired two sta british strategic manipulation defeats ussr and di capture of zulu spur how cadet colleges were conceived in pakistan qu general mitha described a sycophant yes man colone british army or india pakistan army officers cou dismissed the myth that major general sahibzada ya reflections on british indian army recruitment as battle of ghora tarap temujin pursues jalal ud din along west bank of in general ghulam faruq yaqubi could teach the americ my views on indo pak history summarised in one par googles failure shows billion dollar companys inco our book listed in afghanistan analyst bibliograph chinas strategic communications us think tank csis report on afghan routes had maj 14th murrays jat lancers a personal narrative base pakistan army military effectiveness and performan dalrymple -anarchy reviewed pakistan army retired analysts highly flawed think captain kausar the eme captain who had the courage seydlitz inflated and misquoted-wehrmacht guderian unjustly criticised clausewitz irrelevantly cited 1965 war -staff college quetta's teaching handbook how us army was betrayed and pointlessly sacrifice afghan military history our map assessment of taliban of 2010 and gen mcch state proxy gambits that failed against russia dalrymple rebutted on first afghan war us charge de affaires in pakistan meets deputy sec story of pakistan army engineering diasaster-baile death of idealism 13 lancers tanks destroyed and officers killed 16 reasons for failure of 8 armoured brigade attack brig km nasir describes reasons for poor command o fear trump in the white house kartarpur -a peace gesture - comments fake news and disinformation preventing terrorist recruitment militant islam versus islamic militancy-pearls of such are the intricacies of military history that final tally of c squadron 13 lancers after attack arsala khan destroyed many indian tanks on 17 dec the lone rr of 29 ff that destroyed a centurion fr major somnath sharma and captain sarwar 4 kumaon five times slower and one fourth effective versatile british style of working. americans woul general medow and tipu simultaneously appeared at the afghan war came much later and again was a bri hyder ali was fighting in vain against a permanent tipus obsession with insignificant places while ig impact of colonel smiths victory both hyder ali an pakistan’s foreign secretary in 1971 describes tot andre beaufre is invited in desperation mand bullo turbat road ied attack in pakistani bal the battalion that volunteered to fight against ch 2nd royal lancers gardners horse taking forced loans and conducting wars most incom baluchistan military review english east india company orbat final assault on indian views kashmir war 1947-48 order of battle of lord cornwallis third mysore wa how us drone contractors manipulate data approximate pakistani orbat from 18 september 1965 intelligence review- how state actors are supporti english east india companys assault order of battl michael edwardes exaggerations and distortions peshawar 1857 british company captures manilla 1762 commissioned indian officers in british indian arm isis more a state sponsored subcontractor proxy ga kartarpur and india_pakistan_peace german assessment of islam and nonsense theories o spanish flu in 129 baluchis pakistan airforce operations 1965 limited war and nuclear escalation-my paper quoted comments on kings college londons paper on indian letters to staff college paradise of tax evasion pakistani political scene and nato staff college j pilots flying mismanagement aviation safety safety pakistans flying license nightmare and threat john bolton analysed washington posts false claim about al qaeda camp-h nato 5 trillion usd corruption in lcs that does not wor corruption in us navy two iraqi interpreters at us base missing iranian brigadier sher khan iranian psy ops on us casualties in january 2020 i lt gen arif bangash-our great commandant british recognised both sunni and shia personal la athar abbas rizvis conclusion about shah wali ulla shah abdul aziz made no effort to unite shias and restoration of property by #british east india com #sectarian #polemics and #jihād shāh ’abd al-’aziz: puritanism how regiments were formed in iran atlas of persian islamic history pakistans myths of idealism and old school slide bhurtpore captured infantry units of bengal army (which had no bengal lord cornwallis was generous in every way with fri java pioneer of afghan war battle of deig assault and final capture 1799 seringapattam operation grand slam complete units which participated and casualties - laswari versus chawinda laswarri mysore battle honour battle of korah battle of delhi battle of aligarh battle of plassey 1757 buxar 1764 no battle honour awarded as british companys force “ghuznee- assault and capture of – 23 july 1839” b burma 1824 the loyalty to rebellion cycle in british india for 70 years this regiment fought as a mercenary o 1st bengal native infantry battle of moodke-- maximum casualties by british s pecavvi i have sinned major general robert sale commanding this brigade kabul 1842 later lt gen sir george lawrence explains what hap american or shia conspiracy addressing propaganda in pakistan against unverifi winning first armoured division tank firing 18 royal garhwal rifles 17th dogra regiment 49 bengalis kunduz uzbekistan tajikistan 12th frontier force regiment 11 sikh regiment indias achiles heal in central asia 19 punjabis later 5 sherdil battalion punished for joining the japanese too little and too late- he did maximum damage in an intellectually honest us military commander why us military system favours sycophancy and appl us china geopolitical rivalry and the planned chin 43 erinpura regiment 44 merwara infantry 42 deoli regiment why usa lost in afghanistan and iraq- general bolg 41st dogras - a great battalion and a victoria cro britain accepts so called low castes and outcasts law college lahore foot ball team 1932-33 but brig fazal e haq was not adequately tested. on brig ahmad was comprehensively tested principal law college lahore 1932 professor c.l anand general mark milley and sheer nonsense from econom pearls of nonsense on afghanistan from economist a 10 baluch regiment duty my foot- analysing memoirs of robert gates-jo two tank squadrons repulse a tank division 9 jat regiment fallacious assertions of colonel sardar yahya effe mbe (1903 – 1978) committing military history errors which were enti armys failure to honour and protect al shams and a brig general manaf tlass and the wests mysterious sam dagher wall street journal pulitzer prize linkedins system failures linkedin slide share stats systems failure sold media sunni jihadist threat national defence university of pakistan and other unfair british system of battle honours and motoo canadian company awarded dirty tricks contract by face book has serious system failure problems green village blast september 2019 the pakistan army war 1965 afghanistan survey with leading german company asi what are strategic challenges for pakistan ? strategic dynamics of pakistan kashmir war how martial law was imposed in pakistan -direct pa 227334399 how-actually-jobs-are-made-careers-advan essence of the matter in indo pak history it’d be very stupid to get bucked in the face. che all i see is a spooked ass that won’t stop bucking someday. but for now which i would like to share and discuss there shall be no internal conflict and the state if we do so make the state stand behind them and let them reap give them full respect and honour with full citize as the rightful owners of their localities and work the society up from its primitive stage t the answer is not in punjabi or pashtunism or any shaheed. he remembers encountering 6 nli at tollol who captured tolloling & tiger hill about maj waha co 18 grenadiers spoke to then comments ayesha siddiq general bajwa time to attack iran 2016 -centre for study of int the essential clausewitz written for my 6 squadron shamsi air base - a us air base to collect intel a pakistan armys kargil battle and naseem zehras boo david cullicullen -out of mountains into nowhere dr hamid hussain on afghan peace can india and pakistan make peace comments---the last hurdle to afghan peace jhansi and central india were mickey mouse affairs most pathetic indian failure of 1965 war so if south indian leads in battle it is unaccepta intellectual dishonesty of us academia in avoiding seminar-what are the us options in afghanistan an what cavalry did in mysore wars and british crown chinas options and the test battle in pakistan whi nawab akbar bugtis death a-visit to kolhu and tadh policy extremism words reporting media first world war ottoman army bengal army decisionmaking french naval failure and finances in mysore wars british naval power british navy strategic outcome naval power influence of naval power on strategic outcome the difficulties of understanding the friction of both indian army and pakistan army were absolutely 3rd cavalry saves the indian strategic collapse at afghanistan the new surge-a great pakistani christ how pathetic is their strategic knowledge ? cant manage tactical issues comments in bold by major agha h. amin eng fr (1) the end of geostrategy sharaf nation pakistan jan amin book review jan 15 2018 eng fr how pakistan got divided the end of barbary terror sycophancy and changing statements to please diffe strange ways of history - a very interesting discu british bias and discrimination in grant of victor making sense of the spratly islands 446pages.   book review by agha h amin august 2000 the grand strategy of phillip ii-geoffrey parker- khedive ismails army intelligence activities in ancient rome seven days in january: with the sixth ss mountain mattis is strategically clueless more naieve than storm in a teacup intrigue was deeply ingrained in indian character a princess remembers how-the-english-east-india-company-conquered-india brilliant disobedience of general von francois-gra napoleon took repeated chances with history european jews never adequately compensated for sec a terrorist who travels all the way from europe or pakistans fatal strategic blunder-destabilisation how us generals are fooling the us public mattis and nicholsons pointless forays into oceans my share of the failure-general mc chrystals memoi soldiers don’t lose battles –only commanders lose 129 and 130 baluchis around mount kilimanjaro spy mistress the life of vera atkins - book review punjab cavalry - book review napoleon made many mistakes in every campaign that convocation gordon college rawalpindi established great contribution of american christian missionar manipulation or anything ! war performance was nev call it fate when iran spied against ussr (russia) for usa syrian war cannot be won by generating wishful map failure of world bank in case of casa 1000 transmi graphic depiction during a survey in afghanistan miserable united states intelligence failure in sy present and future naval strategy and policy in the mediterranean-pas saleem shahzads misperceptions regarding non state corruption in us military contracts social impact assessment and environmental impact first angle point of turkmenistan mazar sharif tra a very daring divisional commander who was present a just man totally overruled lt gen hislop and dec lord moira (marquis of hastings) a huge sum at that time when a sepoy was paid few justice by the british governor general - case of for i have not been extra kind to you or done you why you hate me heavily biased anti anti indian army book which se britain could have defeated american rebels- so cl the real enemy -carlotta gall the israeli army in the israeli cabinet british intelligence in palestine nonsense that you read in american and european ch us fatal casualties in afghanistan in actual actio strange facts about low calibre british generalshi reorganised force d april 1915 order of battle force d mesopotamia 1st december 1 the intangibles in a military manoeuvre order of battle 10th indian division italy-march 1 qatar must know that usa is its worst bet -read so veteran us officer on us failure in afghanistan sa historically disputable but highly dangerous poste far fetched writing books and sharing knowledge is a unique pa pakistans military coup attempt deciphered by dr h indian army killed in action first world war illogical and myopic us responses in afghanistan d german and soviet dispositions on eve of operation das kapital and crash of 79-such is the mystery of ltc raja sultan mahmood selective distortion of criticism by journal of mi where not to go in kabul 27 october 2001 escaping a suicide attack by 30 seconds a close shave us chinese naval rivalry and gwadar usg is again repeating the obama script total la british indian army infantry units which were pa fatal strategic mistakes of president bush in 2001 satellites and radars. • three israeli units were under command. • citadel of all ew and intelligenc operational and tactical intelligence was passed t turkey had an independent agenda and so did saudi al jazeera and other main stream media. • while jo fox cnn al nusra and many more. • all major groups in syri fsa jordan and saudi arabia. • intelligence units of a we have complete evidence of findings of our elect order of battle british defences of suez canal on a man of this worlds world view strategy and tactics general mc chrystals narrative of iraq war and afg the longest and least read indo pak war fought ove depicting the tank battles around chawinda -1965-a battle-of-suez-canal-1915 pearls of major souter plain as well as subtle aspects of military decisi salman taseer assasination comments on the article up cp mafia in pakistan po and to make it more difficult both are nuclear wea both are destabilizing factors i can perfectly understand this ! and the net resu both of whom were not really interested in actual business and political power and this was successf a lthough religion may be used as like a condom to and jobs and to monopolise the business and financ 2010 two states created in name of religion by cla 13 november the philosophy of disobedience in military history conclusion -history of pakistan army -volume 3 pak brigadier sikandar ahmad colonel harvey kelly -the british baluch regiment political views of major general n u k babar british use of indian army to deal with rebels in real nonsense from george friedman-afghanistan us attack route obl raid long march of an ancient hindu rajput warrior in us army 172 brigade comd life of a soviet spy-general krivitsky-samuel ginz pearls of bias and chauvinism about afghanistan- a ied attack in baluchistan a us scholar on flaws in us strategy -june 2011 indispensable book to understand the dirty politic russian military role in post us afghanistan - a 2 nonsense on why the americans would be defeated in shamsi air base comments on the view that isi is an exceptional se development and spread of the 1857 rebellion from comments on bill roggios drone strikes nov 2010 sepoy rebellion of 1857-59 reinterpreted british legacy and pakistan army causes of the 1857 rebellion borchgraves fallacious afghan assessment when a bbc journalist does not know the facts and political and military situation from 1839 to 1857 a strange infantry unit how musharraf deception backfired and backfiring a ied deaths in kharlachi four pakistan army personn strategic deception quantifying types and categories of islamist's in us strategic failure number two in us afghan war taliban withdrawal from afghanistan and first us s makes us incredibly vulnerable to enemy ew and gps for all of its communications the u.s. army's sad dependency on wireless communi forgotten french british naval actions in indian o british parochialism was main reason for british m understanding afghan war graphically hanoverian kindness french problem was lack of espirit de corps the most important chapter of clausewitzs on war t a massive discussion on csio about syrian war dubious tool of state craft designed for profiteer how policy is manipulated by us media isis and change of masters-sudden disappearance an us tax payers money to kill snuff sellers and goat big question mark about 8.4 billion usd of us tax us intelligence and the philosophy of apple polish the fault dear brutus is not with your stars us navy corruption the war began with only 1 casualty terrorism ?????????? syrian war illustrates myopic muslim states mindse the cia in indonesia and the secret war in laos-bo attack on iconic women initiated in us afghan war us military effectiveness in future wars some li us strategic position af pak 23 november 2015 a naive us defense secretary playing havoc with us extreme us naievette about pakistan in recent visi aid seeking state pakistan can be rightly termed a what is wrong with muslim states dr hamid hussain corrects william dalrymple's dist islamic topi drama-khulafa karbala and martial law churchills anti indian army bias distortions and misconceptions of india pakistan h was a -dixiecrat-- from south carolina. truman's secretary of state and jimmy byrnes mo) truman was fairly ignorant in foreign affairs and drones and suicide bomber warfare in afghanistan a myth of non state actors usa isi al qaeda and taliban using national parks for missile testing and atten obamas comical surge assessed in july 2009 mysterious death of a vc jealousy among british officers led to military f baluch regiment in africa a private companys war in afghanistan and busting atlas of baluch regiment history pakistans ex isi boss on afghan imbroglio us drone wipes out pakistan army platoon while it nawab akbar bugtis death a visit to kolhu and tad no doubt a strategically dumb nations israelis 'an imperial home-front punjab and the first world tai-yong 447 80. tan lvi1 (1993) journal of military history precise taliban assessment on map done by us on 25 baluchistan war to critics of president trumps afghan strategy volume 16 mazar shibirgan terrain details volume 15 charbolak aqcha volume 14 mazar shibirgan mike group volume 10 - ap 9 to ap 10-laghman group -turkmenis indian line and uzbekistan dg khan line interesect a border trade zone in af pak to reduce extremism- president bush has placed the usa in a strategic c salang pass and its immense challenges-uzbekistan uzbekistan afghanistan pakistan line volume 2 uzbekistan afghanistan pakistan line volume 1 salang pass realignment survey report volume 2-jan deception plan to fool americans salang pass realignment survey report volume 1-jan wehrmacht were thorough professional soldiers pakistani christian war hero-he died on the very f pakistans long term strategic failures- october 20 how threats are generated based on fabricated inte usa strategic position af pak 22 nov 2015 baluchistan review introduction pakistan military review volume 18 inside wazirist pakistani and indian strategic intelligence failur 103044488 volume-18-local-consultations-transoxian 102245705 summary of compensations-laghman group-v 102244906 volume-9-laghman-group-ap-8-to-ap-9 102243428 volume-8-laghman-group-ap-7-to-ap-8 102241523 volume-6-laghman-group-ap-5-to-ap-6 102239889 volume-5-laghman-group-ap-4-to-ap-5 volume ap 2 to ap 3 angle point 3 to angle point 4 laghman group angle point 6 to angle point 7 turkmenistan mazar turkmenistan mazar sharif electric transmission l sub contracting sub consultants power lines infrastructure 1947-1958 the punjabi-up joint operation to sideli hoax training cannot train real commanders for war pc hotel bhurban how paki five star hotels fleece a baloch state in afghanistan sitara e pakistan-british scot leader of gilgit re mbe major william alexander brown marris guerrilla war baluchistan afghan taliban insurgency october 2009 assessment doctrinal failure doctrine 1965 war and pakistan army's doctrinal failure ied attack in turbat 2011 afghan war future a 2010 afghan assessment still valid journalism an unprepared bbc journalist and a naieve pakistan israeli military intelligence israel aman aman daily estimates proved deadly for israel angle point 3 to angle point 4 turkmenistan mazar angle point 2 to angle point 3 turkmenistan mazar osama bin laden abbottabad raid special operations seal team 6 obl obl raid attack-route-us-raid-on-kakul defective aircraft being bought by usaf and other interview japanese ambassador peter tejler-swedens ambassador to pakistan 2001 druf trafficking from nimroz to pakistani balochis what will happen if the usa withdraws from afghani pan islamism and its dangers assessed in 2000 how the afghan war is being financed the grand par obamas fraud surge assessed as operation puny pinp irans failed war against narcotics exaggerations par excellence taliban controlled a 2009 drug export routes afghanistan to iran pakistan a insurgency in iranian balochistan december 2008 as a lot of assorted nonsense about afghanistan from sentimenal nonsense about first afghan war deciphering cyril almeidas nonsense when journalis narco terrorism narcs drugs narcotics trafficking afghanistan pakistan iran pe crisis decision making military decision making weakness of human perception the unwritten rule that a usa journalist broke pakistans crude and highly mediocre establishment war crimes human rights sex slavery the comfort women -sex slaves of imperial japanese military control in pakistan english east india companys private army - cavalry middle east age of strategic anarchy south asian history dynastic politics nehrus ahmed rashid descent into chaos international relations intelligence history at cold wars end- cia history staffs declassified why arab armies failed in war the difference between an intelligent enemy and a a movie promoting terrorism made by illiterate sen three generations of military service ambush survey afghanistan british army and fm 31 21 wikileaks exposure of rottenness regarded as worse dies a natural death but icasualties wrongly state vague reporting of us military deaths shows how mu height of ignorance- despite all the advancement o what a vague stupid thing to report that he died i thanks st. louis post-dispatch. how will an averag killed in eastern afghanistan – my foot – resp inaccurate reporting by i casualties a portuguese admiral with guts (ba ___s who def happy independence day to us friends american extreme naivette and ignorance of geograp 2017 british army in afghanistan fourth afghan war vignettes from indo pak military history syrian war qatar crisis a bloody tank battle revisited a 2015 october assessment shia sunni conflict is u.s. indicates open ended commitment in afghanista the house on shahrae nazarul islam history of pakistan army 1757-1948 preface and in ied drones suicide bombers english east india company's badly conducted nepal president trumps speech obama could never have do miracles armour warfare british india extortion colonialism hm 24th foots imperial blunder and most bloody con david kilcullens theory of competitive control abo example of low calibre cyber attack fled the battlefield- and pakistani official hosti a general deserts his own army- leafs from british usa institutionally does not have the moral courag what the f ___ is wrong with our way of grading o most dangerous are the state actors non state actors are just a myth top class anti ied training team with afghan iraq 3 rd light cavalry which changed history and preci biases in military history military incompetence bad leadership stupidity the greatest tragedy of western front pakistani revisiting operation grand slam a successful man of the world ham handed employment of armour in op grand slam razor sharp gunners of royal pakistan artillery ma punjab in first world war and what singapore unive military cross argentina not reading military history and its cost for indi pakistan army till 1965 assault on delhi extreme naivette of us policy makers about pakista pa-25 sand hurst commissioned ex major general akb why united states military system favours sycophan mobile battle in shakargarh artillery fire scatters a tank squadron history journal visiting site of execution of mulla mansoor britains desperation in 1914 testing of-anti-aviation-weapons-in-afghanistan-an 1971 east pakistan why indo-pak armies failed in war the real trump not understood by presstitutes or b first afgan war heroism bravery boldness or cowardice realism atlas-of-baluch-regiment-military-history history-of-baloch-regiment an illustrious british cavalry-regiment-that-fled africa baluch regiment how 11 cavalrys regimental function was hijacked a delaying battle changez force afghan taliban-drug-mafia-raid-on-turkmenistan-bor csio capability statement pakistan’s ex isi chief on future of afghanistan leadership development chawinda the-real-hero-of-1965-war china education services chinese are-there-coincidences-in-intel-war disobedience-in-wehrmacht-military-history-guderia disobedience auftragstaktiks 15-lancers-rebellion-in-iraq-1916 us strategy summed up-selling weapons to stupid mu a pakistani general gives a history lesson threat perception af pak shared in public interest major shamshad ali khan visits india presented on a platter to be killed -us afghan war crossed swords reflections reminiscences old memories ethnicity general us grant generalship grant us civil war scams drone program fata defense scams enfield brown bess weapons selection of officers deception intellectual dishonesty jealousy armed insurrection isis ltg flynn vbied casa 1000 survey 1965 war religion and military performance economics war finance finance intelligence review-volume 9 isbn-10: 1505928753 isbn-13: 978-1505928754 security assessments csio islam loyalty legitimacy government briiish india mutiny hisory ethics resistance general raheel sharif zarb e azb plans calculations britain symbols malala soft power black ops vietnam boring piling engineering civil works transmission line afghan war indo pak muslims indo pak muslims history stephen coll training counter ied radar esr central asian republics cars iran iraq supply chain management solutions services supply chain transportation logistic services customs cargo ngo security counter intelligence consultant uae asian bank yemen tx consultants tx protection guards consulting data collection information warfare counter surveillance information surveillance indian ocean shipping small boats boats fishing management commandos rangers military capacity building military human resources radars awacs overhaul fixed wing spares marine salvage ships vessels salvage scrap marine inspections certifications awacs elint ecm eccm
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