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Abdallah Issa 2016 updated january

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Abdallah Issa 2016 updated january

  1. 1. Abdallah Issa Abdallah P.O.BOX 83942 Mombasa City, Kenya P.O.BOX 143 Dammam,31411 Saudi Arabia Tel.No.: +254720149920 currently in Kenya Mobile No.: +966595899776 Email Add: issaabdallah99@yahoo.com Current Location: Mombasa Kenya Availability: I can start for work as soon as possible. PERSONAL DATA Age: 34 Date of Birth: Nov 20,1979 Gender: Male Civil Status: Married Height: 5.6 Weight: 75 kg Nationality: Kenyan Religion: Muslim Permanent Address: P.O.BOX 83942 Mombasa City, Kenya P.O.BOX 143 Dammam,31411 Saudi Arabia Tel.No.:+254738447182 Position Applied: Retail FMCG merchandising management position/Logistic manager both retail FMCG/Fashion/project manager in any field Certificates: having all companies experience certificates on hand WORK EXPERIENCE I have been working for 7 year(s). 1. Position: Regional Merchandising Manager(Eastern) Duration: Feb 4, 2008 - PRESENT Company: Al-Assyria Trading company(Under Basamh Company) Company Industry: Distributing & Trade Marketing company Location Damam, SAUDI ARABIA Department: Job Purpose: Merchandising Department(Field Marketing) To enhance merchandising Gold standards is implemented across all cities (s)items,catergories and assigned outlets Key ACCOUNTABILITIES & ACTIVITIES: Key accountabilities(Responsibilities) : Key activities  Operational Execution- Have an extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplishment Sets and plan an efficient and effective merchandising journey plan Sets a clear, comprehensive and motivational team performance management system Performs a various tasks, leads and directs the work and strategy to others Identifies markets opportunities and be aware of the products lines, marketing strategy and successes of competitors Have a highly reports writing skills to report achievements and opportunities to management Achieves a consistence merchandising standards across all areas and brands Ability to recognize others and sets a reward and recognition programs Any other work related duties requested by manager
  2. 2.  Operational Management- Creates, develops and implements all visual merchandising techniques those supports sales Develop and maintain an excellent relationship with customers relationships Oversees merchandising activities and ensure that retail outlets have an adequate supply of products to meet trade demands  Peoples Management- Ensure company employees have a clear responsibilities, signed KPI’S & annual evaluation Monitor staff welfare and facilitate complaints resolution Review the team structures and continuously evolve with the business needs Settings KPIS for performance Appraisal Setting Development plans for the team & execute them Manage, investigate and review accidents/incidents Align teams efforts with company’s projects  Strategic planning Assist Directors in Developing strategic plan to improve efficiency Assist in implementing organization strategy Provide excursion feedback on strategy implementations 2. Position: (Senior Logistic/SENIOR Sales) Duration: Nov 24, 2005 - Jan 11, 2007 (2 yrs) Company: Jawad Fashion Division Company Industry: Fashion Division Location Qatar & Abudhabi(UAE) Department: Logistic & show rooms Job Description: . Coaches others to drive sales & deliver excellent customer services in show rooms · Maintain in-store standards of brands layout (Foot lockers) · Good stock management both in show room & warehouse · Uses selling techniques to increase average transactions · Supervision of subordinates & handling of customer complaints in a professional manner · Ensures good quality of work & able to perform multi tasks such as logistics from local purchase & suppliers · Maximizing sales & demonstrating commercial and creative flair for brand merchandize EDUCATION Highest Education Primary & Secondary Education Education Level: Diploma in I.M.I.S(Information Systems) - Education Field: Computer information field - Course: Diploma in information systems Primary & secondary education School/University: High-Grade computer institute Tom Mboya & Serani Secondary School Location: Mombasa City, Kenya Mombasa, Kenya.
  3. 3. Date: Jan 2002 – Dec 2002 Jan 1988- November 1999 Education Level: Second Highest Education Education Field: 1 year Diploma / Course Certificate Course: Medical Technology School/University: Diploma & certificate in medical Technology Location: Mombasa Polytechnique, Kenya Date: May 2000- May 2001. Education Level: Certificate from IIR MIDDLE EAST Course: Essential Management skills for New Managers SKILLS Skill Yrs of Experience Remarks 1. Regional Merchandising Skills Almost 7 YRS I want to explore deeper in merchandising & Field marketing companies to increase my career advancements 2. Senior Logistics- Fashion 2 yrs 3. Amusements field skills 4 yrs 4. Advance knowledge of visual merchandising/consumer behaviors/market trends/market forecasting techniques/advance knowledge in gathering, interpreting and communication of valuable customer insights TRAININGS/SEMINARS Date Topic/Course Title April 12, 2011- April 20,2011 Professional Merchandising Manager Training Engr. Philips & Mr. Brian Retail Track international(UK) Nov 24, 2005 – Dec 25,2005 Logistic & sales procedures GM-Ms,Louise Forrester Jawad Fashion Training Division(Qatar) July 5, 2005- Aug 5,2005 ASL safety procedure training Seminar(ASL International UAE) Engr.Dominic Sadhan international Amusements(Saudi Riyadh) LANGUAGES SPOKEN Language Proficiency Level (5=Excellent;4=Good 1=Poor) 1. English 4 2. Sahili 4 3. Arabic 3 AVAILABLE DOCUMENTS Passport Number: A1212851 Expiry Date: Jan 08,2018 Place of Issue: Mombasa, Kenya Date of Issue: Jan 08, 2008
  4. 4. REFERENCES Former GM, Khalid Jezani Former GM Group Human Resource Manager,MS.Louise Forester Al-Assyria Trading Company(BTC GROUP) Jawad Business Group, Tel.No.: +966502202052 P.O.BOX 430,Manama Relationship: Department Head Kingdom of Bahrain Tel:+97317253032/+97317273866 mazen balharith BASAMH TRADING AND INDUSRTY GROUP(BTIG GROUP) Admin Supervisors BTC Eastern Region admin supervisor basamh trading Tel.No.: +966505875276 Relationship: My current boss

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