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Forging a Global Partnership: From the Boardroom to Reality

  1. Forging a Global Partnership: From the Boardroom to Reality ACBSP Region 8 The International Council of Business Schools and Programs
  2. International Study Tour Webster University Athens Greece 13-28 April 2015FWC H. H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Hamad Al Sharqi the Crown Prince of Fujairah
  3. About the trip • 13-28 April 2013 • Objectives met: Experiential Learning by Doing, Human Resources and International Business Education, Cultural Understanding • Sponsor: H. H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Hamad Al Sharqi the Crown Prince of Fujairah • Organizers: FWC & Webster University • Lead Faculty and Chaperones: Dr. Alfred Miller & Asma Darkazalli, Asma Al Ansaari • Approval Forms: Consent Form, Schengen Visa Application through Hellenic (Greek) Embassy, Study Invitation from Webster University
  4. Webster University Athens Educational aims: Develop learner competency in International Business and Human Resources Professional aims: Collaborate with a Tier 1, Global US University that has a Top 2% Study Abroad Program (US News and World Report). Cultural aims: Interact with Webster personnel, Greek businesses and organizations and learn about the rich cultural heritage of Greece.
  5. Study Program Day/Date Morning Afternoon Mon 13 April Departure/ Dubai-Athens Emirates Airlines Mon 13 April Arrive, unpack, Orientation 1-Ellie Despotaki Tues 14 April Orientation 2-Dina Skias, Greek Language Culture Wed 15 April Class LBD Site Visits Acropolis Thurs 16 April Dr. Kannelopoulos LBD Site Visits Fri 17 April Class Industry Project Review, Dr. Alfred Sat 18 April LBD Business/Organization Visit – 3 Island Cruise; Hydra, Poros, Aegina Sun 19 April Jet Star Santorini Visit, Andromeda Hotel Mon 20 April Santorini Visit and Blue Star Lines
  6. Day/Date Morning Afternoon Tues 21 April LBD Business/Organization Visit – Beiersdorf Trip to Cape Sounion Wed 22 April Class John Dumont-International Business Ethics Thurs 23 April LBD 3 Day Excursion, Business/Organization Visit, Demo S. A., Delphi Fri 24 April LBD 3 Day Excursion, Europa Beach Hotel, Olympia Sat 25 April LBD 3 Day Excursion, Olympion Asty Hotel, Epidauras Sun 26 April Optional Changing of Guards and City Tour Mon 27 April Class-Retail Sector Farewell Reception Tues 28 April Depart Greece Emirates Airlines Program
  7. Higher Colleges of Technology / Webster University, April in Greece 2015 “International Business” Study Abroad Program
  8. Plaka District of Athens, Outside View of Area: University Apartments
  9. Accommodation/Webster University Apartments, Plaka District, Athens
  10. Acropolis- Acropolis Museum Visit
  11. Lecture Highlights • Dina Skias-Orientation, Greek language, culture, customs • Head of Odyssey in Athens Program • Dr. Antonia Demou: Greek Energy policy and opportunities for development in the oil and gas sector • Fellow, Center for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan • Associate, Center for Middle East Development, University of California, Los Angeles • Dr. John Dumont International Business: Lessons from Greece
  12. Going to Class Dr. Konstantinos Kanellopoulos Head of Financial Risks Monitoring Section Financial Stability Department
  13. University Staff • Key Webster Athens Personnel • Dr. Vasilis Botopoulos: Chancellor of Webster University Athens; Guide on 3 Day Tour • Ellie Despotaki: Academic Advisor, Special Programs Coordinator. We liked Ellie the Best! • Dr. Susie Michailidis: Vice Chancellor Academics • Tom Mazarakis: Faculty and Facilities Management
  14. Interaction with Greek Businesses and Organizations • Beiersdorf is German manufacturer with substantial supply chain operations in Greece. A lesser known partner is TESA an adhesives manufacturer. • Nivea, Eucerin, La Prairie, and Hanaplast are key Global brands handled by the Greek facility
  15. Business Visit
  16. Business Visit
  17. LBD Business/Organization Visit – Trip to Cape Sounion After visiting Beiersdorf we drove along the Attica coastal road passing Glyfada, Vouliagmeni and Varkiza in the most southern point of Attica, Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon. We enjoyed the splendid view of the Saronic Gulf and the little islands
  18. LBD Business/Organization Visit – 3 Island Cruise Hydra Poros Aegina
  19. Santorini Island
  20. Interaction with Greek Businesses and Organizations • Demo S. A. is a 50 year old Greek Pharmaceutical manufacturer and research organization. • Is a successful entrepreneurial family operation. We met one of the owners, Ms. Ionias Demou. • Key product categories cover 15 areas of health sciences needs.
  21. About the trip
  22. About the trip
  23. LBD 3 Day Excursion, Business and Organization Visit, Delphi, Olympia, Epidaurus Guided by scholars, students immersed themselves in the nuances of Greek organizations and businesses while gaining an understanding of ancient Greeks.
  24. LBD 3 Day Excursion, Business and Organization Visit, Delphi, Olympia, Epidaurus
  25. Global Partnership
  26. Future Directions Collaboration has been discussed as follows  Co—Taught Joint MBA, Webster/HCT  Webster Online MBA  Continued Study Abroad  Webster Campus on Site with HCT Dubai

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. The International Council of Business Schools and Programs or ICBSP is the first ACBSP international region, it covers Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.
  2. H. H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Hamad Al Sharqi the Crown Prince of Fujairah, funded the trip as a way giving educational opportunity to female Emirati Nationals, at HCT-Fujairah Women’s College. The Crown Prince is a Graduate Webster London.
  3. An international collaboration between a UAE Federal University and a US private university pursued initially in 2009, at the height of the financial crisis failed to materialize, with each school pursuing other opportunities instead. The to ACBSP Region 8 institutions, Higher Colleges of Technology and Webster University, later overcame obstacles to forming a partnership through cultivation of key relationships; as organizational behavior yielded ripened opportunities. Parties to this collaboration capitalized on their key competencies and become proactively engaged in in the ACBSP Global Accreditation Community.
  4. Alfred and Asma Darkazalli. are US citizens, and a Schengen Visa was not required. Asma Al Ansaari is college staff at HCT-Fujairah Men’s College and an Emirati National. Since there were so many students going on the trip, 24 total, the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr. Muhadditha Al Hashimi required an additional chaperone for security reasons.
  5. Overarching aim: The Higher Colleges of Technology are committed to providing innovative and high quality international learning experiences that build on our commitment to academic excellence, global engagement and community service. Global awareness is one of the eight official HCT graduate outcomes that define our graduates. Program Learning Outcomes: Synthetize specialized factual and theoretical knowledge and concepts of business disciplines to critically analyze and evaluate the challenges that arise in the continually changing business environment. Demonstrate thorough understanding and analysis of specialized business issues or problems by making recommendations for improvements based on the application of concepts, skills, knowledge and techniques acquired in various business areas and effectively present findings using highly develop advanced communication and information technology skills. Demonstrate the efficient integration of various advanced quantitative and qualitative analytical research tools using the latest available technology in evaluating complex cases and summarize your findings using different academic formats. Demonstrate the ability to take responsibility to work alone or to be an efficient member, or a leader of a team working on applied projects to develop innovative and creative approaches to solve problems in varying business contexts. Evaluate the professional performance and ethical behavior of a team and the contribution of the individual team members when working on complex unfamiliar business projects. Specific Learning Outcomes: All or parts of the following learning outcomes are met by the Webster Athens, Study Tour, as it relates to Industry Project, and International Business, and HR. Propose the application of functional knowledge and managerial insight through research on complex challenges facing international business. Evaluate the relevance of various theories related to challenges in international business using criteria derived from industry-based knowledge and skills. Analyze challenges facing international business using quantitative and qualitative analytical tools. Recommend ways to manage challenges synthesizing concepts, skills, knowledge, techniques and research findings. Propose the application of functional knowledge and managerial insight through research on complex challenges facing human resource management. Evaluate the relevance of various theories related to challenges in human resource management using criteria derived from industry-based knowledge and skills. Analyze challenges facing human resource management using quantitative and qualitative analytical tools. Recommend ways to manage challenges synthesizing concepts, skills, knowledge, techniques and research findings.
  6. LBD=Learning by doing, is a philosophy used at Higher Colleges of Technology, that is compatible with applied degree programs. The schedule was revised once we were on site to include the Santorini Excursion.
  7. This is view of one Webster Athen’s two main campus sites, in Plaka District, from across the old Roman Market or Agora. The site is under renovation now.
  8. The Webster University Athen’s housing is located in a safe and vibrant part of Athens in close walking distance to both Plaka and Syntgama Square.
  9. The students generally stayed two persons to a room, in shared apartments, ranging from two to five bedrooms each. All of the apartments were in close walking distance to Ipitou 9, which is the building, where most lectures were held.
  10. The Acropolis is located adjacent to the Plaka District and is a relatively easy walk, albeit uphill. The Acropolis visit was shortly after we arrived. Two learners were briefly separated from the group when they walked down from the Acropolis ahead of everyone else. Chaperoning faculty, made sure this was the first and only time this occured after a discussion with the students.
  11. Kalimerra! In general Greeks are open, speak loudly, and kiss and hug in public; Greek Orthodox Christian Churches and old monasteries are found everywhere in the parts of Greece we visited. According to Dr. Antonia, Greece has substantial energy reserves, including oil, but particularly natural gas. Recovery from and development of these fields is difficult, given the lack of indigenous firms, and a skilled local labor force operating in the oil and gas sector. Foreign investment in the oil and gas sector is mainly by US and Israeli firms. Dr. John Dumont impressed the learners with his ethical approach to surviving in international business.
  12. Dr. Kanellopoulos has a key position with the Bank of Greece and tracking the implementation of austerity measures and the resulting effects on bank deposits and capital flight.
  13. Vasilis Botopoulos is Chancellor of Webster Athens, is a past winner of the 2013 ACBSP Global Partnership Award while with University of Indianapolis, Athens, and while working in collaboration with Yanbu Industrial College of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Alfred Miller has collaborated with Vasilis for several years through ACSP Region 8, and interacted with the Athens team in November 2014, at the ACBSP International Conference. The Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Academic Advisor and Facilities Manager all worked to see we were comfortable in our surroundings.
  14. Good jobs in Greece are hard to find. Greek Businesses hire few if any foreigners. Greece has a labor cost advantage over much of Europe.
  15. The Marketing department pictured here, HR, Finance and Operations were represented by their respective managers, with whom the students were able to ask questions and interact with.
  16. After a safety briefing, and a briefing on work rules, students toured warehouse operations and appreciated the virtually paperless process.
  17. A trip to Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon takes about a half-day when originating from Athens, and is definitely worth the trip…
  18. The 3 Island Cruise includes lunch and stops at each Island, plus Greek, songs, musicians and dance entertainment by the crew, while cruising on the boat.
  19. Students elected to rearrange their schedule and take in a short side trip to Santorini Island. The Andromeda Hotel where the group overlooked the caldera. Travel was accomplished via Jet Star 2, a high speed ferry for the trip out and Blues Star lines a much larger cruiser for the return journey.
  20. Demo is a hugely successful medical supplies manufacturing firm. Management revealed that they prefer to remain under family ownership, but have received buy-out bids from large US Pharmaceutical giants.
  21. This is the boardroom at Demo, which employs about 600 people at the main site. About 20% of the staff is engaged in R & D. The founders children are responsible for making key decisions.
  22. Learners were able to suit-up and enter a clean manufacturing environment. They observed deployment and use of modern mass customization pharmaceutical manufacturing machinery.
  23. Webster Athens faculty and staff, a statue from a museum at one of the numerous archeological sites, and shot of a ship entering the canal that separates the Peloponnese from the mainland.
  24. Photo taken at the Webster Athens Cultural Center, before the heading off for the farewell reception
  25. The three day tour ventured further from Athens to Delphi, where the religiuos natue of the oracle was explained, Galaxidi on the Corinthian Gulf, and inland to Olympia and later Epidaraus (a large theatre with stadium seating) on the Peloponnese.
  26. Olympia is a sprawling site and this arch is part of the entrance to the Olympic stadium. Learners tested each other by sprinting on the track inside and learned of javelin, shot put, long jumping, boxing and wrestling also being early sports.
  27. A short stop during the three day excursion, and a chance to take a photo of the group. By this point the trip had been a major success.
  28. A leadership change at HCT has occurred and management is undertaking retrenchment of core competencies. A contemplated MOU and visit by Webster to Dubai has been delayed while key program updates are being implemented.
  29. This presentation chronicled a pitch to secure funding to a major external partner and separate but equally necessary bids for support with other key internal and external stakeholders. Motivating the process included a boardroom-level collaboration, toward developing a global educational partnership. The partnership has thus far delivered a rich educational experience entailing real-world exposure for Emirati Nationals to the international dynamics of participation in a learning by doing experience that gives them a first-hand perspective with new professors and administration, and with Greek Businesses and organizations.