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7 Common HR and Payroll Outsourcing Mistakes Infographic

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7 Common HR and Payroll Outsourcing Mistakes Infographic

  1. 1. HR BPO: 7 COMMON MISTAKES Are you making the common mistakes that impact your I-IR performance and outsourcing agreements? Organisations with outsourced, integrate 5 payrolland T&A £7 spend on average A’ less of companies still rely solely on a complete in-house payroll delivery model Only of organisations have training or certification for payroll and HR administration staff at Y E of payroll and HR I administration cost is hidden I HR Outsourcing can lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO] by up to " of mid-sized companies’ data is left sitting in Excel To unlock HR BPO potential, ADP debunks and highlights the common mistakes that surround HR BPO. Discover what the 7 Common HR BPO Mistakes are. adppayroll. com. au