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Meet the Expert Panel - 2021 State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry

Meet Your CIP Expert Panel
We thank these IIM executives – all Certified Information
Professionals (CIPs) – for their commitment to share their expertise and time in order to improve the overall level of competence and knowledge within the industry.
Quotes within this report in each CIP Expert section were made
during a special panel discussion of the survey results on March 4, 2021. The intention was to use the survey findings as a foundation for a conversation focused not just on the trends suggested by the data, but on what to do about them. To ensure confidentiality and candid perspectives, this discussion was conducted under a variation of “Chatham House” rules.
The quotes within the report are intentionally not attributed to
the individual participants in the Panel and reflect individual
perspectives rather than those of the organizations they represent.
Get a FREE copy of the report here: https://info.aiim.org/state-of-the-intelligent-information-management-industry-2021

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