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IFLA Preview from American Libraries

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American Libraries Magazine will be publishing a post IFLA 2012 wrap-up. Enjoy this preview issue before going to San Juan and check back for expanded coverage in September 2012.

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IFLA Preview from American Libraries

  1. 1. Books Professional Reading n online learning Webcasts and E-courses n rDa resource Description and Access SuMMER 2011 THE MAGAZINE OF THE AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION ResouRces and seRvices foR Global libRaRians Plus: n campaign for the World’s libraries n international copyright efforts n ask the ala library n intellectual freedom: it’s Global it’s local n a bavarian librarian in california
  2. 2. CONNECTIMAGINE CONNECTING USERS, CONTENT, AND SERVICES LIKE NEVER BEFORE Introducing the Sierra Services Platform IFLA Annual Conference, Booth #334 sierra.iii.com
  3. 3. CONTENTS AmericAn LibrAries | i n t e r n At i o n A L s u p p L e m e n t | summer 2011 Features 3 InternatIonal MeMbers WelcoMe! ALA membership isn’t just for librarians in the u.s. by JOHN CHRASTKA 4 ala Is InternatIonal Groups, programs, and awards extend the Association’s reach worldwide 6 onlIne learnIng Webcasts and e-courses bring educational opportunities to you12 annual conference the Association invites international librarians to join colleagues in Anaheim, california13 rDa toolkIt the online product is one year old and growing16 caMpaIgn for the WorlD’s lIbrarIes Latvia and barbados are the latest nations to join 27 ala JoblIst: a global resource the Association’s jobs service offers positions in the18 a bavarIan lIbrarIan In calIfornIa united states and beyond A visitor finds an “academic paradise” at ucsD by ANgelA güNTNeR 28 sIster lIbrarIes pairing up to make lasting connections20 neW froM ala eDItIons the American Library Association offers a wealth of 30 Intellectual freeDoM: It’s global, It’s local continuing education sources ALA’s freedom-to-read commitment by bARbARA M. JONeS ala’s InternatIonal copyrIght24 efforts 32 connectIng to ala anD Advocating for policies that promote accessibility ala resources by CARRie RuSSell tools and tips are at your fingertips26 ala lIbrary: an InternatIonal resource opInIon anD coMMentary 2 ala presIDent’s Message the Association’s own library is here to help, in ALA’s global reach person and online by MOlly RApHAel
  4. 4. ALA PRESIdENT’S MESSAGE | Masthead ALA’s Global Reach by Molly Raphael tHe mAGAZine oF tHe AmericAn LibrArY AssociAtion internAtionAL DiGitAL suppLement, summer 2011 D ear Colleagues: 50 e. Huron st., chicago, iL 60611 On behalf of the membership and staff of the American www.americanlibrariesmagazine.org email americanlibraries@ala.org Library Association (ALA), I am pleased to present this 2011 toll free 800-545-2433 x5105 • local 312-280-4216 • fax 312-440-0901 edition of the International Supplement to American Libraries, ALA’s online career classified ads: JobList.ala.org flagship publication. editorial ALA is dedicated to providing leadership for “the development, interim editor-in-chief beverly Goldberg interim editor-in-chief George m. eberhart promotion, and improvement of library and information services associate editor Greg Landgraf and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and associate editor pamela A. Goodes ensure access to information for all.” Although we are the American guest editors director, international relations office michael Dowling Library Association, in fact our mission is international in its scope director, membership Development John chrastka and global in its reach. design and production ALA is 60,000 members strong, with nearly 2,000 located in more production director benjamin segedin production editors Jennifer brinson than 100 countries across the world. In addition to publications and taína Lagodzinski carlos orellana programs, ALA now delivers a grow- ing number of e-learning opportuni- publishing department The Association benefits associate executive director Donald chatham ties. No matter where you live or marketing and sales director mary mackay libraries and librarians, joblist classified advertising/ad traffic Katie bane work, you can be up-to-date with the rights, permissions, reprints mary Jo bolduc • x5416 no matter where. most important trends that affect advisory committee libraries and can find a wide variety chair Andrew K. pace, brian coutts, Luren Dickinson, pam spencer Holley, Guy Lamolinara, sarah rosenblum, of training courses for library staff and library supporters. paul signorelli; interns sian brannon, Kathryn oberg editorial policy: ALA policy manual, section 10.2 We all face economic, social, technological, and educational chal- lenges in our respective countries. ALA’s toolkits and resources for advertising representatives associate publisher brian searles advocacy, serving diverse populations, using technology, evaluating bsearles@ala.org • x5282 summer 2011 library services, and fundraising can be important resources in Acceptance of advertising does not constitute endorse- ment. ALA reserves the right to refuse advertising. countries and cultures throughout the world. Many of ALA’s units of- fer e-learning opportunities especially relevant for different types of subscribe Libraries and other institutions: $45/year, 6 issues, libraries, as well as for the variety of functions within our profes- u.s., canada, and mexico; foreign: $60. subscription price for individuals included in ALA membership dues. sion.|  800-545-2433 x5108, email membership@ala.org, or visitinternational supplement  My initiatives as ALA president are focused in two areas: advocacy www.ala.org. claim missing issues: ALA member and customer service. Allow six weeks. single issues $7.50, and diversity. “Empowering Voices: Communities Speak Out for with 40% discount for five or more; contact charisse perkins, 800-545-2433 x4286. Libraries” builds on the advocacy work of ALA over the past two de- published cades. Our vision is to identify, engage, and then empower our com- American libraries (issn 0002-9769) is published 6 times munities to speak out about the value and transformational power of yearly by the American Library Association (ALA). printed in u.s.A. periodicals postage paid at chicago, illinois, libraries, not just in tough economic times but year-in and year-out. and additional mailing offices. postmAster: personal members: send address changes to American libraries, In the area of diversity, we are building on the Spectrum Scholarship c/o membership records, ALA, 50 e. Huron st., chicago, program to ensure that we are also preparing a diverse cadre of iL 60611. ©2011 American Library Association. materials|  in this journal may be reproduced for noncommercial library professionals to be the library leaders of tomorrow. educational purposes.americanlibrariesmagazine.org  We hope that you will find the supplement a useful introduction to ALA’s products and services to benefit you and your library. Molly Raphael, advertisers | page Duke university press | 11 booklist | cover 4 2011–2012 ALA President innovative interfaces | cover 2 choice | 14 san José state university | 17, editions | 21 cover 3 Graphics | 5 the crowley company | 31 Guide to reference | 15 JobList | 25, 29 American Library Association pLA | 25 AcrL | 19 techsource | 23 2
  5. 5. International Supplement | PROFESSIONAL dEVELOPMENTInternational MembersWelcome!ala membership isn’t just for librarians in the united states by John ChrastkaP ersonal membership in individual librarians, The International to ALA resources and the American Library library workers, facul- benefits, and all per- Relations Round Association (ALA) is ty, trustees, and sonal members have available at discounted Friends focused on Table creates the same eligibility torates for librarians and library promoting library ser- connections vote in ALA elections,workers practicing outside of the vices in school, aca- hold office, and serve between librariansUnited States. For annual dues of demic, and public on committees.US$78, international members settings; expanding the in the United Direct benefits ofreceive full rights and benefits visibility and reach of States and abroad. personal membershipof ALA membership, including the library profession; include a subscriptioneligibility to serve on commit- and ensuring that libraries of all to American Libraries magazine and thetees, run for office, and join any types are funded, staffed, and weekly e-newsletter Americandivision or round table. ALA equipped for the future. Joining ALA Libraries Direct, and discounts on reg-will also extend official letters as a personal member brings you in istration rates for Annual Conference,of invitation for ALA Annual close contact with your colleagues the Midwinter Meeting, and division-Conference to our interna- who share interests in similar areas al national conferences and symposia. summer 2011tional members upon request. of library service. While many divisions and round Personal members in ALA include All members receive equal access tables will be of interest to interna- tional librarians, ALA’s International Relations Round Table (IRRT) will be particularly relevant. IRRT creates | connections between librarians in international supplement the United States and abroad, pro- viding you with access to peers around the world who are interested in similar areas of librarianship as well as issues affecting library ser- vice delivery in various communities. IRRT is staffed by ALA’s Interna- | tional Relations Office and is the americanlibrariesmagazine.org center of activity for international members throughout the Associa- tion. IRRT membership is free upon request to ALA members residing outside of the United States. Get started as an ALA member to- day by joining the Association on- line at ala.org/ala/membership. z 3
  6. 6. PROFESSIONAL dEVELOPMENT | International Supplement ALA Is International groups, programs, and awards extend the association’s reach worldwide W ith nearly 2,000 subcommittees for Africa, East International Relations members from Asia and the Pacific, Eurasia and Office (IRO) more than 100 Central Asia, the Near East and The mission of the International countries outside South Asia, Europe, and the Amer- Relations Office is to increase ALA’s the United States, the Ameri- icas. All members are eligible to presence in the global library com- can Library Association is truly serve on these committees, and munity, promote greater under- a global organization. That has representation by members from standing of international been true since its founding in each geographic region is encour- librarianship and international 1876, when ALA leaders such aged. library issues within ALA, and man- as Melvil Dewey attended early age international library activities conferences in Europe to foster on behalf of the Association. IRO collaboration and improve pro- Director Michael Dowling (mdowl- fessionalism. And ALA, in 1927, ing@ala.org) and Program Officer was a founding member of the In- Delin Guerra (dguerra@ala.org) can ternational Federation of Library serve as first contacts to ALA. Associations and Institutions. One of ALA’s core organizational Other ALA values is “Extending and expanding International Groups library services in America and International interest can be found around the world.” This value is em- International Relations in almost every part of ALA. A num- bodied in ALA’s new 2015 Strategic Round Table (IRRT) ber of ALA divisions, including thesummer 2011 Plan and accompanying Interna- Over 1,800 ALA members from Association for Library Collections tional Strategic Plan, found at ala many countries currently make up and Technical Services (ALCTS) and .org/ala/aboutala/missionhistory/ the IRRT, which was founded in the Association of College and Re- plan/. 1949. For over 60 years it has pro- search Libraries (ACRL), have their Many parts of ALA focus on inter- moted interest in library issues and own international relations com-| national connections, issues, and librarianship worldwide. The IRRT mittees. Others, such as the Publicinternational supplement interests, some of which are fea- develops programs and activities Library Association (PLA), have in- tured elsewhere in this supplement. that further the international objec- ternational interest groups. Here is a guide to some of ALA’s ma- tives of ALA and provide hospitality For subject area specialists, ACRL jor international groups, along with and information to visitors from has set up the Asian, African, and a listing of international awards abroad during ALA’s Annual Con- Middle Eastern Section (AAMES); presented by ALA. ference. Western European Studies Section Some of the IRRT’s initiatives are (WESS); and Slavic and Eastern Eu-| International Relations its Sister Libraries program and In- ropean Section (SESS).americanlibrariesmagazine.org Committee (IRC) ternational Partnership for Advoca- The Government Documents Created in 1923, the IRC’s 12 mem- cy and Library Services (iPALS) Round Table (GODORT) has an In- bers provide ALA Council and project. IRRT members are kept in- ternational Documents Task Force leaders with international priority formed about activities of the round (IDTF) that discusses problems and areas and policy advice, and pro- table and initiatives around the concerns related to international mote the global exchange of ideas world through the quarterly Interna- and foreign national government and knowledge. The IRC includes tional Leads newsletter. information.4
  7. 7. The mission of the Ethnic and model for other libraries. ALA personalMulticultural Information Exchange Winners in 2011 were the Nation- member to attendRound Table (EMIERT) is to serve as al Library Board of Singapore’s his or her first in-a source of information on recom- “Quest” Library Reading Program; ternational confer-mended ethnic collections and ser- the National Library of Vietnam’s ence.vices, and on programs that deal “Expanding Information Access forwith the key issues of ethnicity and Visually Impaired People”; the E- Mildred L. Batch-librarianship. Publication System Platform Project elder Award at the National Central Library in Given since 1966ALA International Awards Taiwan; and the RISE Videoconfer- by the Association encing Network in Alberta, Canada. for Library ServicesALA Presidential Citation for to Children (ALSC)Innovative International Library John Ames Humphry/OCLC/Forest for the best trans- 2011 batchelder Winner: AProjects Press Award lated children’s Time of Miracles, written Since 2008 the ALA Presidential The award is given to a librarian book, to encourage in french by anne-laure bondoux, translated intoCitation for Innovative Internation- or person who has made significant the international english by y. Maudet.al Library Projects has highlighted contributions to international exchange of qualityhighly visible, innovative library librarianship. children’s literature.services outside of the United States For more information on thesethat draw attention to the potential Bogle Pratt International Library groups and programs please visitof libraries to create positive change Travel Fund Award ala.org/iro or contact intl@alaand have the potential to serve as a An award of $1,000 is given to an .org. z ©2009 American Library Association | Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment, LLC | New Moon by Stephenie Meyer is published by Little, Brown and Company | Design by Distillery Design Studio | www.alastore.ala.org ©2009 American Library Association | Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment, LLC | New Moon by Stephenie Meyer is published by Little, Brown and Company | Design by Distillery Design Studio | www.alastore.ala.org ©2009 American Library Association | Photography by Kimberly Butler | Design by Distillery Design Studio | www.alastore.ala.org ©2010 American Library Association | www.alastore.ala.org Photography by Kimberly Butler | Design by Distillery Design Studio READ - Seth Meyers.indd 1 11/17/09 9:42 AM summer 2011 | READ with international supplement the stars! ©2009 American Library Association | Photography by Kimberly Butler | Design by Distillery Design Studio | www.alastore.ala.org | americanlibrariesmagazine.org Buy 4 posters, get a 5th poster FREE! Order your posters at alastore.ala.org. ©2010 American Library Association | www.alastore.ala.org ©2009 American Library Association | Photography by Kimberly Butler | Design by Distillery Design Studio | www.alastore.ala.org Photography by Kimberly Butler | Design by Distillery Design Studio ©2009 American Library Association | Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment, LLC | New Moon by Stephenie Meyer is published by Little, Brown and Company | Design by Distillery Design Studio | www.alastore.ala.org READ - Seth Meyers.indd 1 11/17/09 9:42 AM 5
  8. 8. online learning Webcasts and e-courses bring The American Library Association (ALA) understands the pressures and lack of resources that make engaging in professional development difficult for librarians. In response, ALA has launched its Online Learning website to give library employees across the globe access to web-based training on the fundamentals and latest trends in librarianship. At ALA Online Learning (ala.org/ala/onlinelearning/), you can find topics that cover all facets of the profession, from advocacy to management to youth services. You will find courses and webinars available 24 hours a day (asynchronous, with no live instruction), and others that are scheduled for particular dates and times (so be mindful of time zones). Online learning fees are listed in U.S. dollars, and many are free. The selections below are offered from August 2011 through spring 2012. For other ALA Online Learning events and the many that will be added in the coming months, please visit the website and bookmark it for ongoing updates. n Title: How to Create Strategic Stories to Gain Support for Your Library (webcast). Time: Available anytime. Registration Fee: Free. association of school librarians The single most important skill for librarians is n  Title: Learning4Life Webinars (webcast). the ability to share the library’s story in a compel- Time: Available anytime. ling way so people want to help you succeed. Thesesummer 2011 Registration Fee: $39 AASL member; $69 ALA complimentary webinars help you significantly im- member; $99 nonmember; $29 student. There is a prove your ability to tell your story and win support 10% discount for purchasing the series. District from parents, government officials, administra- pricing also available: $199 for 3–5 individuals; tors, and other stakeholders. Appropriate for all $399 for 6–9 individuals; $699 for 10+ individuals. types of libraries and information services, this in-| The person purchasing district package must be an teractive workshop includes an overview of tech-international supplement AASL member. niques; how to tell your library’s story using the This series of eight webinars addresses the four “Three-Act Storytelling Method”; and tips, tricks, strands of AASL’s Standards for the 21st-Century and techniques. Learner and the four chapters of AASL’s Empowering Audience: All librarians. Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Pro- Fore more information: ala.org/aasl/slm. grams. These key webinars will help advance your school library program to meet the needs of the n Title: Planning Guide Webinars (webinar).| changing school library environment. Each webi- Time: Available anytime.americanlibrariesmagazine.org nar is now available in archived format; they can Registration Fee: Free. also be purchased as a package. Six on-demand webinars tailored to help school Audience: School librarians, school administra- librarians use AASL’s tool for program evaluation, tors, classroom teachers, school library supervi- planning, implementation, and advocacy, “A Plan- sors, educators of school librarians, curriculum ning Guide for Empowering Learners.” specialists. Audience: All librarians. For more information: ala.org/ For more information: ala.org/aasl/planning- aasl/141webinars. guideresources.6
  9. 9. educational opportunities to you Date: October 31–November 18, 2011. Time: Asynchronous, unlimited access during course. Registration Fee: $135 ACRL member; $175 ALA member; $195 nonmember; $60 student. This course will explore new ways that in- struction librarians can retool their instructional association of college and approaches to actively engage students in the pro- research libraries (acrl) cess of information retrieval and knowledge cre- n Title: Statistics for the Non-Mathematical ation. Mind (course). Audience: Academic librarians, instruction Date: September 12–30, 2011. librarians, educators, and anyone interested in re- Time: Asynchronous, unlimited access during invigorating their approach to IL instruction to course. better meet rapidly changing student research be- Registration Fee: $135 ACRL member; $175 ALA haviors. member; $195 nonmember; $60 student. For more information: www.acrl.org/ala/mgrps/ Assessing services, resources, personnel, and fa- divs/acrl/events/elearning/courses/sociallife.cfm. cilities is necessary in our world of accountabili- ty. This course explores major concepts and uses spreadsheets for collecting, organizing, analyzing, and presenting numerical data needed for assessment. Audience: Librarians in academic libraries. For more information: www.acrl.org/ala/mgtps/ ala techsource divs/acrl/events/elearning/courses/ n Title: Using Google Apps for a More Efficient statistics.cfm. Library (webinar). Dates: September 7 and 14, 2011. n Title: Service Learning and Information Time: 2:30–4 p.m. Eastern Time. Literacy: Models for Engagement (live webcast). Registration Fee: $76.50 ALA member; $85 Date: October 4, 2011. nonmember. Time: 11 a.m. Pacific Time; noon Mountain Google Apps are free and easy to use, and have the Time; 1 p.m. Central Time; 2 p.m. Eastern Time. potential to make work more efficient by increasing summer 2011 Registration Fee: $50 ACRL member; $75 ALA the flexibility of documents, making information- member, $90 nonmember; $40 student; $295 group. sharing simpler, and increasing the ability for mul- This webcast will define and promote service- tiple employees to collaborate. In this workshop, learning collaborations between librarians, faculty, library director and Google Apps expert Suzann Hol- students, and community partners. land will show users how these applications work | Audience: Academic librarians,. and how they can be used in ways that make the work international supplement For more information: www.acrl.org/ala/ of a library administrator more efficient. With less mgrps/divs/acrl/events/elearning/courses/ time spent on such tasks, managers can devote more servicelearning.cfm. time to creative and strategic work. Participants will learn: n Title: Creating a “Social Life” for Information n How to reduce time spent on routine and re- Literacy Instruction in Libraries (course). curring management tasks n How to use Google Apps like Google Docs, | Gmail, and Google Calendar in a library-specific americanlibrariesmagazine.org context n How to customize Google Apps to fit your library environment and workflow n Strategies for further implementation of Google Apps Audience: All librarians. For more information: www.alastore.ala.org/ detail.aspx?ID=3434. 7
  10. 10. online learning ment and collection management is covered. Sections include collections policies and budgets as part of library planning; collection development; collection Association for Library Collections & Technical Services management; collection analysis; and outreach, liai- son, and marketing. association for library collections Audience: This course appeals to anyone inter- and technical services (alcts) ested in the topic with no previous experience. n Title: Fundamentals of Acquisitions (course). For more information: ala.org/ala/alcts. Date: October 3–28, 2011 (4 weeks). Time: Asynchronous, unlimited access during n Title: Fundamentals of Preservation (course). course. Date: October 17–November 11, 2011 (4 weeks). Registration Fee: $109 ALCTS member; $129 Time: Asynchronous, unlimited access during nonmember. course. This online course focuses on the basics of Registration Fee: $109 ALCTS member; $129 library acquisitions. It provides a broad overview of nonmember. the operations involved in acquiring materials after This course introduces participants to the princi- the selection decision is made. ples, policies, and practices of preservation in libraries Audience: FOA is tailored for librarians and and archives. It provides tools to begin extending the paraprofessionals new to the acquisitions field, in all useful life of library collections. types and sizes of libraries. Audience: Designed to inform all staff, across di- For more information: ala.org/ala/alcts. visions and departments and at all levels of respon- sibility. n Title: Fundamentals of Electronic Resources For more information: ala.org/ala/alcts. Acquisitions (course). Dates: August 22 –September 16, 2011; Novem- ber 14–December 9, 2011 (4 weeks). Time: Asynchronous, unlimited access during course. Registration Fee: $109 ALCTS member; $129 association for librarysummer 2011 nonmember. This online course provides an overview of ac- service to children (alsc) quiring, providing access to, administering, sup- n Title: ALSC Online Education Courses porting, and monitoring access to electronic (course). resources. It gives a basic background in electronic Dates: Fall (September 26–November 4, 2011);| resource acquisitions. Winter (January 16–February 24, 2012); Springinternational supplement Audience: This course appeals to anyone inter- (April 2–May 11, 2012); Summer (July 11–August 19, ested in the topic with no previous experience. 2012). For more information: ala.org/ala/alcts. Time: Asynchronous, unlimited access during course. n Title: Fundamentals of Collection Develop- Registration Fee: $95 ALSC member; $145 ALA ment and Management (course). member; $165 nonmember. Dates: September 12–October 7, 2011; October Learn from your peers around the world from| 24–November 18, 2011 (4 weeks). the comfort of your home with an asynchronousamericanlibrariesmagazine.org Time: Asynchronous, unlimited access during ALSC Online Education course. Sessions run from course. four to six weeks, depending on the course, and in- Registration Fee: $109 ALCTS member; $129 clude topics such as reading instruction, book eval- nonmember. uation, and children’s programming. This online course addresses the basic components Audience: Children’s librarians and/or parapro- of collection development and management (CDM) in fessionals in public libraries and schools. libraries. Complete definition of collection develop- For more information: ala.org/alsced.8
  11. 11. n Title: Job Hunting for the Recent or Future MLS Graduate (webinar). Date: October 19, 2011. Time: 2:30–4 p.m. Eastern Time. Registration Fee: Free. You have or soon will earn your MLS degree—butlibrary leadership and what’s next? How do you put it to work? ApplyingManagement association (llaMa) and interviewing for a professional library position n Title: Return on Investment in a Tough can be fraught with anxiety and frustrations, butEconomy—Defining the Value of the Academic you can put yourself ahead of the herd with theLibrary (webinar). right information and strategies. Date: September 14, 2011. Audience: Library students or recent MLS gradu- Time: 2:30–4 p.m. Eastern Time.Registration ates about to enter the workforce or start a job search.Fee: $49 LLAMA member; $59 non-LLAMA mem- For more information: : ala.org/ala/mgrps/ber; $199 LLAMA group rate (5 or more people at divs/llama/conted/index.cfm.one site); $239 non-LLAMA group rate (5 or morepeople at one site). Highlights two projects to help academic OFFICE FORlibraries apply return on investment (ROI)principles to demonstrate their value and impact Intellectual Freedomon users and justify the expense during challeng- American Library Associationing economic times. Irene Herold, dean of thelibrary, Mason Library, Keene State College; office for Intellectualand Jon Cawthorne, associate university libra- freedom (oIf)rian, public services, Office of the University n Title: Intellectual Freedom Summer SchoolLibrarian, O’Neill Library, Boston College, will (webinars).explain the application of Triple (people, planet, Dates: August 2011, weekly offerings.and profit) Bottom Line Accounting (TBLA) to Registration Fee: $39 ALA member; $49 non-ROI. member; $95 group of two or more attendees at the Audience: All interested. same location. summer 2011 For more information: : ala.org/ala/mgrps/ During the summer of 2011, ALA’s Office for In-divs/llama/conted/index.cfm. tellectual Freedom will offer a series of online learning opportunities on a wide range of issues to n Title: A Person of Interest: Safety and Security in meet the needs of busy library professionals. Cur-the Library (webinar). rent events and hot topics in intellectual freedom, | Date: November 16, 2011. including international issues and perspectives, international supplement Time: 2:30–4 p.m. Eastern Time. will be the focus of these webinars. Registration Fee: $49 LLAMA member; Audience: Specific programming will be avail-$59 non-LLAMA member; $199 LLAMA group able for public, school, and academic librarians.rate (5 or more people at one site); $239 non- For more information: ala.org/ala/onlinelearn-LLAMA group rate (5 or more people at one ing/issues/censorship.cfm.site). Learn how to deal with patrons in the library who |are displaying behavioral problems, breaking the americanlibrariesmagazine.orglaw, or breaking library policy. Hear about strate-gies for effectively addressing difficult situations asthey arise and what you can do to minimize disrup-tions to library service. public library association (pla) Audience: All interested. n Title: Turning the Page 2.0 Advocacy Training For more information: : ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/ Program (course).llama/conted/index.cfm. Dates: Sessions beginning October 31, 2011; 9
  12. 12. online learning Time: Asynchronous, unlimited access during course. Registration Fee: $130 RUSA member; $175 ALA member; $210 nonmember; $100 student or re- tired member. A comprehensive course focusing on methods of evaluating reference service, behavioral aspects of ref- erence service, and different types of questions that March 19, 2012; and June 25, 2012. can be used to help patrons identify their need(s). Us- Time: Weekly one-hour webinar. One ing images, audio, and video, this in-depth education- to two hours of independent homework each al approach covers everything from the approachability week. of the librarian to how to follow up with a patron. Registration Fee: Free. Audience: Support staff, library technicians, Become your library’s strongest advocate with newly hired reference librarians, and librarians “Turning the Page 2.0,” a six-week blended learning who want to brush up on their interview skills. program led by professional facilitators who will For more information: ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/ teach valuable skills and lead you through the cre- rusa/development/referenceinterview/index.cfm. ation of a customized Advocacy Work Plan for your library. n Title: Business Reference 101 (course). Audience: Open to all public librarians, library Date: September 19–October 14; October 24– staff, and library supporters. November 18, 2011. For more information: ala.org/pla/turning Time: Asynchronous, unlimited access during thepage. course. Registration Fee: $130 RUSA member; $175 ALA member; $210 nonmember; $100 student or retired member. Four-week, web-based professional develop- ment course designed for academic, special, or public librarians and other researchers and library staff who have a basic understanding of some busi-summer 2011 ness resources but who do not work with them of- reference and user services ten enough to build expertise. association (rusa) Audience: Public, special, and academic librar- n Title: Genealogy 101 (course). ians and other researchers and library staff who Date: Fall 2011. may feel somewhat intimidated when faced with| Time: Asynchronous, unlimited access during business reference questions.international supplement course. For more information: ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/ Registration Fee: $130 RUSA member; $175 ALA rusa/development/businessreference101/index member; $210 nonmember; $100 student or retired .cfm. member. Genealogy 101 is aimed at reference staff with lit- n Title: Introduction to Spatial Literacy and tle or no experience in genealogy and will provide Online Mapping (course). tools for assisting patrons with family history re- Date: Fall 2011.| search. The goal of the class is to give students con- Time: Asynchronous, unlimited access duringamericanlibrariesmagazine.org fidence and skill in assisting family history course. researchers. Registration Fee: $130 RUSA member; $175 Audience: Library students and reference staff. ALA member; $210 nonmember; $100 student or For more information: ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/ retired member. rusa/development/genealogy101/index.cfm. Three-week course that will introduce students and library staff to a variety of mapping tools and n Title: The Reference Interview (course). GIS technologies that are of interest to both public Date: November 1–December 9, 2011. and academic library users.10
  13. 13. Audience: Any librarian interested in GIS and policy should include, how the policy can help youonline mapping as a way to improve information support teens, and how you can use the policy as andelivery and for other uses in a library setting. advocacy tool. For more information: ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/ Audience: Young adult librarians, school librar-rusa/development/spatialliteracy/index.cfm. ians, library workers, teachers, administrators, and any professional whose focus is teens and tweens. For more information: ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/ yalsa/onlinecourses/webinar.cfm#live. n Title: What Is That Thing? Making QR Codes Work in Your Library (webinar).young adult library services Date: October 20, 2011.association (yalsa) Time: 2–3 p.m. Eastern Time. n Title: Secrets of the Seal: The Michael L. Registration Fee: $29 student; $39 member;Printz Award (course). $49 nonmember; $195 group. Date: Fall 2011. In this webinar you’ll learn what a QR code is, Registration Fee: $135 YALSA member; $175 how to use QR codes to market library program-ALA member; $195 nonmember. ming and events, and how to use QR codes as a Join YALSA for a brand new e-course this fall. bridge to teen-related content.The “Secrets of the Seal” course will explore the Audience: Young adult librarians, school librar-history of the award, the criteria for award winners, ians, library workers, teachers, administrators, andand how to connect readers with the Printz award any professional whose focus is teens and tweens.winner and honor books. For more information: ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/ Audience: Young adult librarians, school librar- yalsa/onlinecourses/webinar.cfm#live. zians, library workers, teachers, administrators, andany professional whose focus is teens and tweens. For more information: ala.org/yalsa/onlinecourses. n Title: Webinars-on-Demand (webinars). summer 2011 Time: Available anytime. Registration Fee: $19 individual; $49 for aseries of three. Looking for professional guidance on teen ser-vices trends? Look no further than YALSA’s Webi- |nars-on-Demand. In these previously recorded Publisher of scholarly international supplementwebinars, experts from the field will guide youthrough hour-long sessions that you can put into Books, Journals, andpractice at your library immediately. ElEctronic collEctions Audience: Young adult librarians, school librar-ians, library workers, teachers, administrators, andany professional whose focus is teens and tweens. Duke University Press For more information: ala.org/yalsa/webinars. is a division of Duke University | americanlibrariesmagazine.org in Durham, North Carolina, USA. n Title: Tweet, Like, Link: Creating a Social Me-dia Policy for Your Library (webinar). Date: September 15, 2011. Visit us at Booth 219 Time: 2–3 p.m. Eastern Time. for morE information. Registration Fee: $29 student; $39 member;$49 nonmember; $195 group. www.dukeupress.edu In this webinar you’ll learn what a social mediapolicy is, why it’s important to have one, what the 11 IFLA Ad_2011_print.indd 1 7/7/11 3:09:07 PM
  14. 14. PROFESSIONAL dEVELOPMENT | International Supplement Annual Conference the association invites international librarians to join colleagues in anaheim, california C ome and join us at and depth of content for attendees the 2012 ALA Annual from any size or type of library. In Conference, to be held addition, your colleagues are plan- June 21–26 in Ana- ning more social events for net- heim, California. Known as the working and learning than you’ll “Land of Vacations,” Anaheim find at any other library event. has inviting beaches, world- With your conference registra- famous attractions, hundreds of tion, you will have an opportunity to fashion-setting stores and bou- visit ALA’s exhibit hall, the Stacks. tiques, and restaurants, cafés, With over 900 exhibiting organiza- n  International papers—ALA and microbreweries to suit every tions, the Stacks features 10 pavil- invites you to submit a proposal for taste. Anaheim offers a wealth of ions of targeted products and four a paper on how your library or activities for the entire family, stages with the hottest authors, country is addressing a selected from Disneyland to the Crystal chefs, poets, and illustrators. The topic. To learn more about how to Cathedral, drawing visitors to this exhibit floor is an integral part of submit an application to present a center of entertainment and fun. the education that takes place at the paper, email ALA’s International During the conference, you will Annual Conference and of the over- Relations Office at intl@ala.org. have an opportunity to choose from all conference experience. n  International reception—A hundreds of programs spanning the special evening reception will be Especially forsummer 2011 hot topics and current issues affect- held in honor of international ing libraries and the communities international visitors librarians, so you can meet other they serve. Planned by ALA’s divi- n  Orientation—A special introduc- international guests as well as col- sions, round tables, offices, and af- tion to ALA, the conference, and the leagues from the United States. filiated organizations, the programs city of Anaheim. During the orien- n  International visitors| presented at the Annual Conference tation, you will have an opportunity lounge—A place where you can re-international supplement are unparalleled in their breadth to meet U.S. librarians who serve as lax, review the conference program, advisors to help you navigate the or even hold a small meeting with conference. If you are interested, newfound colleagues and friends. A please check the mentor box on your computer with internet access will registration form. be provided. ALA volunteers will be n  Preconference—A half-day available to answer questions and program that will focus on how U.S. provide assistance.| libraries are managing some of theamericanlibrariesmagazine.org important issues that affect librar- Registration and ians around the world. information n  International poster ses- Information on hotels and registra- sions—An opportunity to promote tion will be available in January the activities of your library, show- 2012. You may preregister directly case innovative programming, and through ALA using the online regis- share ideas with your colleagues tration form at the ALA website worldwide. (ala.org) beginning in January. z12