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Cane hut presentation

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For a Quatarian client

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Cane hut presentation

  1. 1. +974 5535 8686@Cane_Hut
  2. 2.  Cane Hut is the first sugarcane company which offers you to drink fresh sugarcane juice with different flavors in addition to the many types of other fresh juices  Cane Hut also is the company which offers Crepe and waffle What is Cane Hut ?
  3. 3.  Meet the growing demand of consumers  Offer customers a unique drink that is cold, refreshing and simply delicious!  Provide the ultimate one-of-a- kind sugarcane experience  Perfect for Qatari climate Product Objectives
  4. 4.  The first of its kind in the Qatari market  Simple method for preparation  Unique product and Quality ingredients  Cold beverage is perfect for Qatar climate  Trained and professional staff  Rapidly growing customer base  Strong focus on customer experience Key Strengths
  5. 5.  Multiple repeat purchases  Catering to parties and events  Expanding the product line (waffle and crepes as secondary products)  Export to other countries  Word-of-mouth marketing  Social media marketing  Food festivals and bazaar Opportunities
  6. 6. First mover advantage presenting the first Qatari milkshake Qatari based business Local leadership and inception Unique one of a kind production in the Qatari beverage market Why Cane Hut
  7. 7. Our Products 
  8. 8. Menu
  9. 9. SuperCane
  10. 10.  Sugarcane juice is the juice extracted from pressed sugarcane  The juice is especially popular in Qatar  sugarcane is a naturally low-cholesterol  low-sodium food that contains no saturated fats  sugarcane still contains a significant number of calories  sugarcane a low-glycemic food SuperCane
  11. 11.  Sugarcane is a tropical, perennial grass that forms lateral shoots at the base to produce multiple stems  Does sugarcane juice helps in weight reduction ?  Yes   what is the relation between constipation and acidity and sugar cane juice . ?  Sugar cane juice is used as an effective remedy. Medicine
  12. 12. SugarCane Lemon SugarCane EspressoSugarCane Caffe SugarCane Derivatives
  13. 13. Juice ..
  14. 14.  Good news: You don't need a juicer to whip up refreshing and super healthy drinks. All our recipes can be made in Our blender  You can adjust to your taste preference simply by visiting #Cane_Hut  At Cane Hut Juice we only use homemade almond milk, coconut water or filtered water so you can enjoy natural goodness without sugar. Fresh Juice
  15. 15.  We adore a freshly squeezed glass especially in winter, when citrus is at its peak .. but sometimes you want something a little more unusual. Our Derivatives Juice
  16. 16. Our Derivatives Juice Halo Juice Lemon JuiceOrange Juice
  17. 17. MilkShake
  18. 18.  Now with many flavours and millions of possible combinations, each milkshake is freshly made to order by hand for every customer.  real fresh fruit such as banana and passion fruit, luxury shakes such as lindt truffles and black forest gateau  We also have our smoothie and healthy shake ranges both made with real fruit and 100% fat free frozen yoghurt…so tasty, so refreshing and so good for you! As well as our amazing range of drinks we are now serving our unique low fat crispy fries and handmade Shakeaway style frozen yoghurt desserts in selected stores MilkShake
  19. 19.  One food - or in this case, drink - that we may take for granted as a good source of the much-needed nutrition is the milkshake.  People do not actually realize the nutritive value of milkshakes. More often than not, they are commonly thought of as something to keep you refreshed, especially during the hot season.  After drinking a milkshake, do you notice how sated you are, even though you didn't eat anything with it? This is because the body's daily requirement for food groups, like :  carbohydrates,  vitamins,  minerals, and proteins, were partially met with that dose of milkshake. MilkShake Nutrution
  20. 20. Milkshake Roosbrry BlueBerry MilkShake Strawberry MilkShake MilkShake Forms
  21. 21. Milkshake Aero Milkshake Nutella Milkshake Kinder MilkShake Forms
  22. 22. Ice Cream
  23. 23.  ce cream is made by churning and chilling a mixture containing high-fat milk or cream, fructose- or glucose-based sweeteners, usually in the form of corn syrup, and flavorings such as vanilla or chocolate. When the mixture freezes, it develops the rich, creamy consistency of ice cream, a food that can affect your health in both positive and negative ways. Ice Cream
  24. 24. Ice Cream Ice Cream « Vanilla » Ice Cream « Choclat » Ice Cream «Topping»
  25. 25. Hot drink
  26. 26.  The health benefits of red ,Green, tea , coffe are abundant.  Have traditionally been popular due  to its great taste and unique color  while also boosting the health of the body.  Rooibos tea is rich in many mineral contents such as iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium and alpha hydroxy acid. It also contains antioxidants like aspalathin and nothofagin, and the extremely potent and versatile phenolic compounds. Green , Red tea , Arabic Coffe
  27. 27. Red Tea Green Tea Arabic Coffe
  28. 28. Potatoes ,Snakes,Popcorn
  29. 29.  Popcorn is enjoyed around the world  in nearly every place where normal corn is consumed.  However, its limit as a healthy food ends when you begin pouring salt, butter, or other flavorings or toppings on the popcorn, and then it moves into the realm of unhealthy junk food.  However, if popped corn is eaten plain, it is both a delicious and beneficial snack for many people.  Same Thing => Potatoes , Snakes !! Potatoes , Snakes , Popcorn
  30. 30.  Cotton candy is a sugary treat often associated with events like carnivals, circuses or sporting events. Making cotton candy you can enjoy pretty much anywhere ..  Sugar can restore willpower  For difficult tasks, a shot of sugar makes people persevere longer and keeps them focused. A few pieces of candy while taking on a big project — from yardwork to homework — might go a long way.  Cotton candy helps create new blood vessels  According to researchers at Cornell University, cotton candy can be melted down to create artificial blood vessels. Cotton candy
  31. 31. Target Market
  32. 32.  Age groups: Children aged 8 to 12 Teenagers (13-19) Young Adults (20-25) Adults aged 26 to 30 Target Market
  33. 33.  Kids get a bit fussy and choosy when it comes to eating. It takes a lot to provide proper nutrition to them at this age. Kids never say “NO” to milkshakes, and you should take this advantage ..  milkshakes could stimulate the students and prepare them for class courses  Also it helps them to prepare their homeworks without any difficult  Refresh Students and our Products
  34. 34.  Sooner , Our shop will Be Opened in many branches in :  the entire of state of Qatar ..  The Gulf Countries Future Objectives Our Project Will Be Expended in the Whole Arabic Countries
  35. 35.  Great service. It's the one thing that never gets old.  Great birthday , School parties , Company Ceromnies start with great ideas ..  Our service providers are professional, courteous, and meet our rigorous screening requirements. They will pick you up from your home, hotel, or wherever you like. They also have incredible smiles.  Call Us and you will find customers who quickly respond for your call We will be in service  Just Call +974 5535 8686 Organizational structure
  36. 36. Supervisor Secretary customer service 5 waiters 2 Car Drivers Owner managing director Organizational structure
  37. 37. Our Cottage Shop
  38. 38. Visit Us , You Are Welcome 