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AME Lean Consortia

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An AME Consortium is a group of local companies (20 +/-) that collaborate for broad, deep, accelerated lean-continuous improvement progress better, faster, and easier than they can do it alone. These dynamic practitioner-to-practitioner networks are designed to support you in accelerating your company’s journey toward excellence through:

- Plant tours rotating through the member companies
- Round-table discussions on a host company’s hot issue
- Special interest groups on a common hot issue (e.g. 5S, VSM,
pull, SCM, etc.)
- Auditor exchanges for deeper application of lean-CI practices
- Consortium strategic plan for support of companies’ lean-CI
- Shared-cost learning events
- More

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AME Lean Consortia

  1. 1. What is AME? A vibrant community of 5,000+ professionals. Dedicated to continuous improvement and enterprise excellence.
  2. 2. AME passionately develops a modern-day manufacturing renaissance, driven by people-centric leadership coupled with enterprise excellence. Organizations around the globe rely on AME to help them continuously improve, build people, and benchmark.
  3. 3. When you join AME, you join a community of peers travelling on a lean journey.
  4. 4. The AME Consortia program connects those on the lean and continuous improvement journey in local peer networks facilitated by highly qualified lean practitioners. Consortia members meet regularly with fellow members for networking and best-practice sharing. Each consortium offers events throughout the year. Share more. Do more. Get more.
  5. 5. How Does an AME Consortium Work? 1. Facilitator & AME recruits companies to join (target: 25+). 2. Company representatives create program: a) Benchmark tours b) Workshops c) Roundtable discussions d) Special Interest Groups designed around shared problems 3. Consortium meets 10 to 12 times a year.
  6. 6. Experiences of Others “The consortium was one of the key enablers of our improvement.” Jim Parejko, VP Engineering, G&W Electric (formerly with Bison Gear and Engineering)
  7. 7. Experiences of Others “A good majority of what I learned about Lean and CI techniques came from Brian and Michael [Chicago Consortium Facilitators]. They have a great skill their competitors lack: They are there to listen and not to tell…The consortium served as a collaborative environment for sharing best practices and getting feedback on our operations from other professionals.” Bruce Bechtel, President, Midland Stamping
  8. 8. Return on Investment • Which outcomes are most important to you? • Higher quality? • Reduced scrap? • Employee engagement? • On time delivery? • Lead time? • Working together as a consortium provides opportunity to create measurable results. • Savings from moving even a small amount of any of these outcomes will pay for the membership fee several times.
  9. 9. Investment • AME charges membership fees so companies have a facilitator accountable to them to keep the consortium going long-term so that consistent progress towards company goals are achieved over time. • Since it’s a practitioner-to-practitioner and member-driven experience, members often say it’s the cheapest “consulting” they can get.
  10. 10. Other Features of AME Consortia Membership • Lowest possible rate for AME International Conference • Consortia Rate: $1,599 (Early Bird Price) • Normal Rate: $2,399 • Free admission to one AME Region Event per year • Subscriptions to Target Magazine • Access to all other AME members through a closed online platform (HigherLogic) • Discounts for AME Champion Memberships
  11. 11. Other features of AME membership that will help your journey…
  12. 12. Think you are lean? How do you really rank? What defines best-in-class? Let The AME Lean Sensei app help you improve the way you improve so you can maximize your results!
  13. 13. The AME Excellence Award recognizes primarily North American manufacturers and their subsidiaries who demonstrate enterprise excellence.
  14. 14. AME hosts the largest continuous improvement conference in the world! Learn best practices from other practitioners, network with your peers and see enterprise excellence firsthand.
  15. 15. AME MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES… Target magazine subscription (published quarterly) Target Online subscription (published weekly) Regional newsletter subscription Member pricing on regional workshops Member discount on webinars Member discount on AME conferences and summits
  16. 16. Other opportunities with AME to explore another time…
  17. 17. AME offers more than 100 small, local go-see events through its nine North American regions SOUTHEASTERN MIDATLANTIC NORTHEASTERN CANADIAN WESTERN SOUTHWESTERN NORTHCENTRAL MIDWESTERN GREAT LAKES
  18. 18. There are two international affiliates AME AUSTRALIA AME UNITED KINGDOM
  19. 19. SHARE LEARN AND GROW with a group of senior leaders in continuous improvement throughout North America. Membership in the Champions Club enables these change agents to interact directly with peers who approach challenges with an equally high level of enthusiasm and insight.
  20. 20. People Centric Leadership • Courses throughout the year at beginning through advanced levels • Custom training at your facility • Online videos, articles and resources Focusing on Employee Engagement?
  21. 21. AME offers webinars nearly every week on a wide range of continuous improvement topics.
  22. 22. Get AME member discounts on digital learning from select AME partners.
  23. 23. Lean Certification The following meet Lean Certification training, education, and recertification requirements: • Attendance at AME regional workshops • Attendance at AME International Conference • Application for the AME Excellence Award • Attendance at AME webinars
  24. 24. Packages Tailored to Your Needs We will develop a bundled offering tailored to fit your learning and development needs that will help you achieve your targeted outcomes cost effectively!
  25. 25. Connect with AME Learn more at AME.ORG Join us to explore the latest continuous improvement methods and best practices that will help move your career, company and industry forward. Get in touch with us The Association for Manufacturing Excellence 3701 Algonquin Road, Suit 225 Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-3150 USA Tel- 224-232-5980 fax 224-232-5981 Email-info@ame.org