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apidays LIVE Singapore - How we Build APIs and Workflows at Slack by Bear Douglas

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apidays LIVE Singapore - Connected Customer
How we Build APIs and Workflows at Slack
Bear Douglas, Director Developer Relations, Slack

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apidays LIVE Singapore - How we Build APIs and Workflows at Slack by Bear Douglas

  1. 1. How we build APIs & workflows at Slack August 19, 2020
  2. 2. Bear Douglas she/her Director of Developer Relations @SlackHQ
  3. 3. A brief history of time Slack
  4. 4. Image: Greg Leuch and the Poncho team
  5. 5. Vodafone streamlines incident management in Slack VODAFONE
  6. 6. Vodafone reduced meantime to resolution from 20 minutes to 5 minutes
  7. 7. Slack helps Hearst deliver clickable content in the digital age HEARST
  8. 8. Hearst’s custom Slack app saves users 60 minutes daily
  9. 9. Hearst’s ecommerce revenue nearly tripled since using HANS
  10. 10. DocuSign automates new-hire onboarding in Slack DOCUSIGN
  11. 11. DocuSign’s custom workflow fosters instant team connection
  12. 12. Easy things easy
  13. 13. What feels like it should be easy? Notifications Rich data display Basic interactivity
  14. 14. Link unfurls
  15. 15. Templates for common cases
  16. 16. Payload A JSON payload sent over POST POST https://hooks.slack.com/services/T0000000/ B00000000/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Content-type: application/json { "text": "New request", "blocks": [ { "type": "section", "text": { "type": "mrkdwn", "text": "I copied this from BKB!" } } ... ] }
  17. 17. Easy things easy easy for developers
  18. 18. Enter Workflow Builder
  19. 19. All of the templates, none of the JSON (… almost)
  20. 20. Webhook setup in-client
  21. 21. Things we had to consider ● Rich feature set vs ease of use ● How do you discover workflows? ● Admin controls: ○ Who can build? ○ Where does data go? ○ What visibility do admins get?
  22. 22. Ambitious things possible
  23. 23. Image: LA Times via source.opennews.org
  24. 24. What you need to build this ● Ability to post messages to channels ✅ ● Buttons (an Event API) ✅ ● Message threads ✅ ● Emoji events ✅
  25. 25. Awesome Slack UX, 2017
  26. 26. Awesome Slack UX, 2017
  27. 27. Developers wanted more ● They hacked together UI elements we didn’t offer- or fell back to NLP ● They edited and updated messages constantly, which thrashed channels full of people ● Apps just needed more space in the client to use
  28. 28. The Slack app toolkit
  29. 29. Section with ... Context Actions Image Block Divider Fields Datepicker Radio Section with ... Static & Dynamic Selects Input & Multi-Line Multi-Select
  30. 30. Modals take app actions out of messages
  31. 31. More space in the Home tab
  32. 32. Similar UX goals, modern Slack APIs
  33. 33. Similar UX goals, modern Slack APIs
  34. 34. What we needed to build to enable this ● A more robust set of UI elements… and a lot of front-end code to make them work seamlessly across clients ● A way to publish modal views contingent on user action (trigger_id) ● New events in our API: app_home_opened, view_submission ● And lots of educational material
  35. 35. Helping make it possible
  36. 36. Don’t go it alone Tools to help you get started Community Find others building apps and integrations for their teams: slackcommunity.com SDKs First party tooling for Node, Python, and Java make it easier to build Slack Developer Tools Install this Slack app to look up docs, inspect message structure, and more
  37. 37. We are always here to help. slackcommunity.com
  38. 38. Thank you And stick around to try this yourself with @colmisainmdom