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Marketing Strategy : Parle Sunkissed Banana chips

  2. Parle product manufactures biscuits in 1939 and in 1947 it launched gluco biscuits FOUNDATION Led by Prakash Chauhan and his daughters Schauna, Alisha and Nadia (owner of the brands such as frooti and Appy) PARLE AGRO Parle products led by Raj Chauhan owner of brands like Parle-G, Melody, Mango Bite, Poppins, Kismi toffee bar, Monaco and KrackJack PARLE PRODUCTS led by Ramesh Chauhan PARLE BISLERI 1929 1970 1950 2008 PARLE - HISTORY 1960 Parle Agro diversified into the confectionery business, thus becoming a competitor to Parle Products PARLE AGRO DIVERSIFIED
  3. STRENGTH WEAKNESS THREATOPPORTUNITY One of the India’s most trusted , affordable and most sold food items.  Price advantage.  Popular subsidiary brands.  Strong presence in rural market.  Variety of CSR activities.  Similar products made by other companies too in this segments.  Depend on only one brand which gives its revenue.  Spend in R&D, innovate by introducing products for health conscious.  Increasing in persons ability to purchase.  India food retail market expected to reach 61 Lakh crore by 2020.  Rise in the cost of raw materials.  Growing competition from other brands.
  4. CATEGORIES HANDLED  Parle agro have approx 45 % of market share in India Planning to have bigger portfolio in snack industry 2500 crore company handling products in 3 categories: snacks, beverages and water Beverages have 81%,water 13% and food have 6%(includes confectionaries) share in Parle Agro’s total sales Parle Agro
  5. 1 2 3 4 CATEGORIES HANDLED 6 5 7 Snacks Packaged drinking water Beverages Food Water Fruit drinks Nectars Juice Sparkling Drinks Confection ary
  6. CHOOSEN CATEGORY PARLE GREEN BANANA CHIPS Under the category of Food items – Snacks, we have chosen Banana chips. Snack food Calories Carbs Fat Protein Banana chips(servi ng 100g) 519g 58.40g 33.6g 2.3g
  7. SELECTED CATEGORY Category foods- snacks 2.5% share for Parle agro group in snacks category 6500 Crores snack market in future Expected growth of 20-25 % per annum in future
  8. PRODUCT STRATEGY GREEN BANANA CHIPS  Taste- Adding spices  For north India and south India, they prefer spicy chips  For western India and the eastern part, prefer tomato flavor  Shape – Round ( small), easy to hold without breaking it.  Launching two different types  One for spicy chips  Another which is taken with milk.  Healthier- nutritional advantage and hunger solution.
  9. MARKETING STRATEGY egmentation – 1. Kids and young generation peoples prefer spicy chips, while kids and old age peoples prefer healthier . 2.Every people can buy chips ( we will supply packs for Rs 5, 10 and 20 ) focusing different sized packets. 3.Serve to peoples of heavy users, medium users, light users and non users by providing its advantages. 4.For north India and south India, they prefer spicy chips and for western India and the eastern part, prefer tomato flavor and normal chips which are consumed with milk are for all parts of the country. arget market- 1.Targeting to mass peoples of different age groups eating potato chips and cornflakes with variety of flavours. ositioning- The global potato chips market is expected to reach a value of USD 32.510.5 million at the end of 2017, while the performance of the market is forecast with an anticipated CAGR of 4.8%. To be more competitive, there is a need to further improve the production efficiency, improve packaging and promote branding for the selling of high quality banana chips. Healthy green banana chipsNo added colours Consume with milk Consumer target- Discerning chips consuming peoples Consumer insight- Try something different Consumer need state- desire for better chips quality and healthier Competitive product set- local stalls, restruents and convenience shops Consumer takeaway- Parle gives a healthier chips, satifying my breakfast hunger
  10. ADVERTISING STRATEGY •Benefit led- Health bhi aur taste bhi. •Problem-solution- Hunger solution in breaktime, breakfast •Demo- How whole family perceive the healthy banana chips in their daily breakfast. •Product comparison- Compare to same amount of potato chips(100g) , carb is 8.66g more and fat is 3.87g lower. •Testimonial-customer- Different age groups kids, younger generation peoples and old aged peoples. •Testimonial- celebrity- Chota bheem, Motu Patlu (cartoon-character), Bahubali (South india hero). •Typical or aspirational usage situation- Tired and hungry after class or while traveling, Hunger solution (519g calorie) •Typical or aspirational user- Kids and young generation peoples. •Brand personality and values – Like junior-G for Parle-G product, similarly •Story line- 1. Mom give snacks to school going kid and to the elder peoples in the home 2. Teenagers and other younger generation peoples eat banana chips in break time and tiffin time. •Special effects- Joyful music rhythm in the background, crunch sound and hunger sound
  11. MEDIA STRATEGY  Organizing campaign – TV - through advertisement during cricket match, TV shows, Cartoon Channels.  Cinema- Movie theater advertisements  Radio commercials Print in magazines and newspaper.
  12. SELLING AND DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY • Use of Parle’s existing distribution network for distribution( 4000 channel partners, 1600 wholesalers) • Selling of product through big retail chains and retail stores i.e. 8,00,000 retail outlets • Invested another 80 crores to extend to another 3,00,000 retail stores to reach better to rural areas
  13. CONSUMER STRATEGY  Colorful packaging Chosen and processed from the good quality bananas  Healthy -No additive colours Should take in daily breakfast and Tiffin time for hunger solution  Value for money Free stickers of the recent popular heroes or cartoons. Can be dipped in different ketchup to enhance taste
  14. COMPETITIVE SITUATION • Traditional food in south India, more competition in south. • Second most famous fruit after mango all over in India, but banana chips market is more in south, we can spread to north • No brand competitor, only regional competition. If promoted properly under the brand name of parle can become the brand • Few Indian Major Players are as under: Asian Home Products Private Limited Nenmani Agro Mills Pvt. Ltd. CTC Exports Pvt. Ltd. Planters Products Kalambe Food Products Nissi Foods Punitha Exports S. Vipra Food Private Limited Polawess Trading Neelgiri Herbals Food Agenda Tropical Synergy International Goodriche Traders Naska Food & Bakers Banaanaa Slice Travancore Foods • According to market report there is demand for banana products . Market share of banana chips is 31%, which is mostly in south. Potential market in north.
  15. CATEGORY SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH • Fat content and calories are less in banana. • More durable and retain their shapes better. WEAKNESS • Carbs content is more and contains less protien as compared to potato chips • High competition from potato chips • Less prodution efficiency and low availability of high quality banana • Require special packaging • No branding OPPORTUNITIES •Penetration in northern market. • Can attract visitors to try for the new tasty and spicy chips. •Can offer banana chips in restruants. THREAT • Risk from new entrant. • High competition from other non-branded banana chips makers.
  16. RECOMMENDATION Product launch should be well planned as follows: • Green banana chips should be launched in cities that have high density of big retail chains. This will help parle to reduce transportation cost and reach this retail outlets easily • Expand gradually to whole country • Introduce QPS for distributors motivation

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