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Hone Your Message and Work with the Media to Get it Out

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If the new political reality has you itching to speak out in the media, this session is for you. Learn best practices from the front lines.

David Brodwin, Co-founder, VP Media and Communications & CFO, ASBC
Bob Keener, Deputy Director, Public Relations, ASBC

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Hone Your Message and Work with the Media to Get it Out

  1. 1. Hone Your Message and Work with the Media to Get It Out Webinar May 25, 2017
  2. 2. • Represent over 250,000 businesses in 40 states. • Over 130 direct member businesses. • Over 80 association members. • Wide range of sustainability issues. • Advocate at federal level and in state capitals. • Place Op-eds and Policy Statements in media. • Have Biz leaders be spokes to media on issues. • Bring Biz leaders to DC to testify & lobby Congress & Administration. ASBC’s Reach & Capabilities asbcouncil.org/webinars
  3. 3. ASBC’s Reach/Capabilities asbcouncil.org/webinars DAVID BRODWIN, CO-FOUNDER AND VP OF MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS, ASBC David heads marketing and finance at ASBC. His background involves executive leadership in management consulting, high technology and public policy. In the private sector he was a partner at Accenture, leading the firm’s strategy work in media and entertainment, and was marketing VP at Radius, a computer peripherals business. In the nonprofit sector, he was president of New Voice of Business and executive director at Rockridge Institute, a think tank that explored political communications. David writes a regular column on “Economic Intelligence” for U.S. News and World Report, and lectures on movements for social change. He holds degrees from Stanford and Harvard.
  4. 4. ASBC’s Reach/Capabilities asbcouncil.org/webinars BOB KEENER, DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS, ASBC Bob is responsible for setting ASBC’s press strategy and communications. He directs and implements all press-related activities; oversees development of press materials, op-eds and columns; and conducts training and coordination of media spokespeople. He has been working in issues advocacy for 15 years after a career in the private sector, first running a franchise business and then working in marketing and PR. His private sector work encompassed corporate, start-ups and agencies, including a stint at Hill & Knowlton―at the time the world's largest PR agency. More recently he was Director of Communications at United for a Fair Economy.
  5. 5. • Understanding your power and influence with the media • Training to maximize your impact TODAY’S GOALS asbcouncil.org/webinars
  6. 6. • Business leaders are widely credible • Essential for business to counter typical right wing arguments on regulation, taxes, etc. • Your personal credibility carries the day • Self-interest meets public interest WHY BE AN ADVOCATE asbcouncil.org/webinars
  7. 7. • Much harder to get coverage now • No one covers business policy • Journalists under more pressure • Need quick, pithy, colorful comments • Want story elements that fit standard frames CURRENT MEDIA CONTEXT asbcouncil.org/webinars
  8. 8. • Help win the issue • Break the standard frame • Make the business/economic case • Elevate individual businesses • Present a powerful growing movement ASBC’S MEDIA OBJECTIVES asbcouncil.org/webinars
  9. 9. • Leverage meetings with policymakers – Press conferences, 1:1 meetings with journalists • Inject messages in media – Quotes in context of breaking news – Pitch business leaders for interview – Ghost-write and place Op-eds and columns – Leverage Social media, blogs, etc. • Coach, prep, and support business leaders for media roles WHAT WE DO asbcouncil.org/webinars
  10. 10. • Shows that you “walk your talk” • Inspires, motivates employees • Strengthens customer loyalty • Builds your reputation as a leader PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT BUILDS YOUR BRAND asbcouncil.org/webinars
  11. 11. • Example: State Carbon Price • Agenda: – Approaching media – Pitching and working with journalists – Op-eds, columns, blogs • Your questions GETTING MESSSAGES CARRIED IN THE MEDIA asbcouncil.org/webinars
  12. 12. • Research to locate key journalists – Issue-focused and business-focused – Learn how stories are developed at the media outlet • Print and online • Broadcast – Editors vs. Reporters vs. Producers vs. Bookers • Study their work; think about what they would do with your story idea APPROACHING MEDIA asbcouncil.org/webinars
  13. 13. • Prioritize your targets • Plan your approach – Start easy, start local – Stage your contacts one at a time APPROACHING MEDIA asbcouncil.org/webinars
  14. 14. • Make contact – Introduce yourself and your business – Ask if they are interested in your perspective on the issue – Ask if now is a good time (if not find out when) – Make a pitch – Try for a meeting (in-person) APPROACHING MEDIA asbcouncil.org/webinars
  15. 15. • Develop a pitch – Hook to something in the news (Paris agreement decision) – Be clear on your key messages – Think up some pithy soundbites – Write it up in an email; remember the Subject line PITCHING & WORKING WITH JOURNALISTS asbcouncil.org/webinars
  16. 16. • Make your pitch AND build the relationship – If they don’t run with your pitch now, offer to be there in the future • Try for in-person – If you have an interesting facility, invite them there – Offer lunch, coffee, drinks • Keep in touch–especially when news happens • When they contact you, get back ASAP PITCHING & WORKING WITH JOURNALISTS asbcouncil.org/webinars
  17. 17. • You get to control the message • Research the facts and evidence to support your agenda • Study the content where you want to be • Follow the requirements and process for submitting • Call and email to learn why not OP-EDS, COLUMNS & BLOGS asbcouncil.org/webinars
  18. 18. • Fill out our “Speak Out” form – http://bit.ly/asbcspeak • Return our call or email ASAP • Read our Key Messages on the issues • Understand the context and the story angle • Prepare a soundbite or two • Evangelize! LET ASBC HELP YOU asbcouncil.org/webinars
  19. 19. Questions? OUTSIDE ADVOCACY TECHNIQUES asbcouncil.org/webinars
  20. 20. OUTSIDE ADVOCACY TECHNIQUES asbcouncil.org/webinars Working with ASBC David Brodwin, Vice President/Co-founder dbrodwin@asbcouncil.org Bob Keener, Deputy Director, Public Relations bkeener@asbcouncil.org