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Good Karma and Bad Karma

  1. Good & Bad
  2. Types of Karmas (According to Vedic Scriptures) • Good Karma • Bad Karma • Divine Karma
  3. Good Karmas in Past life
  4. Bad Karmas in Past life
  5. Hey Brahmana, Did you see the cow that went this way Alas!, What should I say?!
  6. Next life of that Brahmana
  7. Conclusion from this story Brahmana left the village Since he was tired so, He slept under a tree When he closed his eyes, he got vision: For speaking truth: Got the life of brahmana again And for showing the cow's direction : Got his right hand cut off Lady = Cow in the previous life Her husband = Butcher in the previous life
  8. KARMA SET In our life, according to our past good and bad the reactions are produced and stored in one universal set of karma which is called as Sanchit karma in our account and from that account, little,little part of that account is given in each life Like in this life whatever given to you is called Prarabdh karma and then in next life again some punyah papah. Just like from atta we make one- one gola. Universal set
  9. Sinful Acts abhyarthitas tadā tasmai sthānāni kalaye dadau dyūtaṁ pānaṁ striyaḥ sūnā yatrādharmaś catur-vidhaḥ According to sastras : 4 activities are adharmic (sinful) 1. Meat eating 2. Gambling 3. Intoxication 4. Illicit sex
  10. Conclusion By giving up the 4 sinful acts: One can become pure, virtuous and pious. And by chanting the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra, we get the will power to say NO to such sinful acts. Thus, our future become glorious.

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  1. Meat eating – Nonviolence Gambling – death of truthfulness Greed creates thieves and rogues Intoxication – Makes us behave on an animal platform(Addiction) Ilicit Sex – Impure