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Session on Magic with Selenium – Going beyond browser automation by Dimpy Adhikary

Dimpy Adhikary delivered a session on "Magic with Selenium – Going beyond browser automation" at #SeleniumSummit21

Dimpy is an experienced software tester working as a Test architect with 16+ years of industry experience and currently associated with Happiest Minds Technologies Bangalore. Currently playing a dynamic leadership role, responsible for developing testing strategies to complex architectural problems, establishing and implementing automated testing strategies and being a hands-on peer leader of top testing resources.

To know more about #SeleniumSummit21 please check : https://seleniumsummit21.agiletestingalliance.org/

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Session on Magic with Selenium – Going beyond browser automation by Dimpy Adhikary

  1. 1. Magic with Selenium - Going Beyond Browser Automation - By Dimpy Adhikary
  2. 2. Traditional Automation Web workflow testing Modern Automation Gaming Web Scraping Playing music/video Reading/Listening web content Drawing/Coloring Selenium
  3. 3. Gaming using Selenium
  4. 4. Web Scraping Using Selenium
  5. 5. Reading/Listening content using Selenium
  6. 6. Playing Music/Video using Selenium
  7. 7. Drawing/Coloring using Selenium
  8. 8. What is happening behind this magic?
  9. 9. https://towardsdatascience.com/how-to-build-your-own-ai-personal-assistant-using-python- f57247b4494b https://github.com/sohaibalam67/naukri-scrapper/blob/master/naukri.py https://www.techwithtim.net/tutorials/python-programming/sudoku-solver-backtracking/ https://github.com/doctorjuta/Youtube-scraping-with-Python Reference Links and Credits:
  10. 10. THANK YOU!