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The Secrets of Passing PMI-RMP Exam on First Attempt

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This book is published due to my own experience in difficulties to find risk management references especially in Bahasa Indonesia. There are only few books that can be used as references and most of them can only be found from either bookstores or online store outside Indonesia region. I hope this book can help PMI-RMP candidates in preparing their exam. The practice exams in book are taken from several Risk Management books.
My aim is to provide a complete and comprehensive risk management handbook to be used by practitioners, academicians and people who interested to learn risk management. This book is written based on Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines in risk management.
PMI has several certifications that internationally accepted and some of them are specialist. Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP®) is one of the credentials that measure knowledge understanding and experiences in risk management. As one of the PMI-RMP® credential holders in Indonesia, I really suggest that more people should learn about risk management and apply it in their project, either big or small projects.
Having a credential holder like PMI-RMP® is not the only objective, but the process of preparation and application in real projects is the most valuable learning experience and make better understanding.
This book will be used as one of course materials in AVENEW Indonesia, especially in risk management training. AVENEW Indonesia provides many trainings related to project management, risk management and consulting in many areas of expertise such as IT, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Building, Property, and many others.

For further information you may contact the AVENEW team at info@avenew-indonesia.com or visit the website www.avenew-indonesia.com.

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The Secrets of Passing PMI-RMP Exam on First Attempt

  1. 1. viii Table of Contents Introduction 1 Objectives 2 Readiness Assessment 5 Questions 5 Solutions and Explanations 15 Chapter 1: PMI-RMP Exam Overview 21 The Requirements for PMI-Risk Management Professional Exam 23 How to Apply the Exam 24 What Should You Know before Taking The Exam 25 The Five Domains of Project Risk Management 26 Chapter 2: Risk Management Overview 37 The Risk Management Process 40 What Should You Know About Risk Management 42 Risk Governance Concept 46 Chapter 3: The Risk Management Process 49 Plan Risk Management 50 Identify Risk 55 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis 63 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis 68 Plan Risk Response 72 Control Risk 79 Chapter 4: Tools and Techniques 87 Tools and Techniques for Risk Planning 87 Tools and Techniques for Risk Identification 88 Tools and Techniques for Qualitative Risk Analysis 93 Tools and Techniques for Quantitative Risk Analysis 97 ix !! Tools and Techniques for Risk Response 108 Tools and Techniques for Risk Controlling 113 Chapter 5: Tailoring Other Knowledge Areas to Risk Management 115 Final Exam Question 129 Solutions and Explanations 177 References 205 Glossary 207