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Asean indonesia

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mcom (business management) part-1

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Asean indonesia

  1. 1. Economics of global trade and finance Shah Aafreen Mohammed amin, roll no-95 ,MCOM-1(business management)
  2. 2.  ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), the first regionwide Asia-Pacific multilateral forum for official consultations on peace and security issues.  The ARF is a key forum for security dialogue in Asia, complementing the various bilateral alliances and dialogues.  It provides a setting in which members can discuss current regional security issues and develop cooperative measures to enhance peace and security in the region
  3. 3.  At present, ARF has 27 member states. These include the 10 ASEAN member countries (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam); the 10 ASEAN Dialogue Partners (Australia, Canada, China, EU, India, Japan, ROK, New Zealand, Russia and United States of America); and 7 other countries, namely, Bangladesh, DPRK, Mongolia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and Sri Lanka
  4. 4.  Hello  Apa kabar-how are u  Selamat pagi-good morning  Selamat siang- good afternoon  Selamat sore-good evening  Selamat malam-good night
  5. 5.  Indonesia is expected to grow on average 6.5% in the coming years. This is relatively low compared to the average of other Asian countries but relatively high compared to the global average of 3.7%  Because of its own economic growth and that of its main trading partners, Indonesia's exports are expected to grow 15.2% annually to US$ 469 bn in 2017,  making Indonesia the 21st largest exporter worldwide. Similarly, import demand will grow with an average of 18.4% per year to US$ 487 bn in 2017,  meaning that Indonesia will take the 20th position on the global list of largest importers. By 2017  Indonesia will mainly import fuels, industrial machinery and chemicals, which together account for 45% of total imports of Indonesia. Similarly, Indonesia's exports will mainly consist of fuels, basic food and ores & metals. Together these products will represent 62% of total exports in 2017. By 2017, Indonesia will mainly import products from Singapore, China and South Korea,  which together account for 51% of total imports of Indonesia. Indonesia's main export markets will be China, Japan and Singapore. Together these countries will account for 41% of total exports in 2017.
  6. 6. If Indonesia is to contribute to the Asian century, it must first put its own house in order. And to assume a potential leadership role in the region and globally, Indonesia needs to develop its political institutions, secure an ‘ocean-focused’ development strategy that complements its status as an archipelagic nation, become a real champion of regional and global cooperation, and create a well-educated and competitive workforce and labour market
  7. 7.  Indonesia needs to develop a more cooperative stance and transform its traditional diplomatic approach to a more pluralistic one.  Indonesia needs to build a stronger relationship between domestic actors if it is to strengthen its position in ARF. It could also develop a foreign policy forum where government and non-state actors can debate and clarify their position in ARF.  Indonesia is well placed to persuade other ARF countries to maintain the organisation’s unity when dealing with intra-regional issues, and when dealing with external partners.
  8. 8. PT-ZDE Indonesian Air Force Embraer EMB- 314 Super Tucano taken 23. August