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Gap model service quality

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Gap model service quality

  1. 1. Aamna Shakeel Abbasi
  2. 2. GAP 1
  3. 3. Reasons Inadequate marketing research orientation for Lack of upward communicationprovider Insufficient relationship focus gap I Inadequate service recovery
  4. 4. GAP 2
  5. 5. Poor service designReasons Absence of customer-defined service for standardsprovider Inappropriate physical evidence and gap services cape 2
  6. 6. GAP 3
  7. 7. Reasons Poor human resource policies for Failure to match supply and demandprovider Customer not fulfilling their roles gap Problems with service intermediaries 3
  8. 8. GAP 3
  9. 9. Lack of integration of marketingReasons communications for Inadequate management of customerprovider expectations gap Overpromising 4 Inadequate horizontal communications
  10. 10. Closing the gapsGap 1: Learn what customers expectGap 2: Establish the right service quality standardsGap 3: Ensure that service performance meets standardsGap 4: Ensure that delivery matches promises
  11. 11. listen toUse research, complaint analysis, customers customer panelsIncrease direct interactions between managers and customersImprove upward communicationsAct on information and insights
  12. 12. Top management commitment to providing service qualitySet, communicate, and reinforce customer- oriented service standardsEstablish challenging and realistic service quality goalsTrain managers to be service quality leadersBe receptive to new ways to deliver service qualityStandardise repetitive tasks
  13. 13. Prioritise tasks Service Quality Awards Service Quality AwardsGain employee acceptance of goals and prioritiesMeasure performance of service standards and provide regular feedbackReward managers and employees for achievement of quality goals
  14. 14. Can IAttract the best employees take your order?Select the right employeesDevelop and support employees train employees provide appropriate technology & equipment encourage and build teamwork empower employees internal marketing
  15. 15. You are aRetain good employees Star Service measure and reward service Provider quality achievements develop equitable and simple reward systems
  16. 16. Seek input from operations personnel on what can be done‘Reality’ advertising real employees, real customers, real situationsSeek input from employees on advertisingGain communications between sales, operations and customersInternal marketing programs
  17. 17. Ensure consistent standards in multi- site operationsIn advertising, focus on service characteristics that are important to customersManage customer’s expectations Why do we always have What are realistic expectations? to wait? Explain industry realitiesTiered service options Offer different levels of service - user pays
  18. 18. ServQual - five dimensions of service quality reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangiblesGaps model of service quality Identify the gaps Reasons for the gaps Closing the gapsMeasuring customer satisfaction & service quality