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Aaron Marshall Resume

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Aaron Marshall Resume

  1. 1. Aaron Marshall 218 N. 6th street La Porte, TX 77571 832-419-8582 LPdawgz77@gmail.com Objective Desire toreach highmanagerial level inastrongand growingcompany. Qualifications Hard working Good communication&organizationskills Quicklearner Texasissueddriver’slicense Good withpeople Good withusingmyhands Good at readingblueprints Good drivinghistory Education Hutto HighSchool;Hutto,Texas 101 FM685 Hutto,Texas78634 Highschool diploma Received:June,2015 Work experience MoreliaMexicanRestaurant,18900 Limestone Commercial Dr.#100, Pflugervillve,Texas78660  Busser Cleantables,cleanthe restaurant,andmade sure the restaurantislockedupafterthe nightshift. ChickenExpress,3220 east PalmValleyBlvd.RoundRock,Texas78665  Packer Made the foodand made sure that the customeralwaysgot theircorrectorder. CustomElectronicsInc.102 West PecanStreetPflugerville,Texas78660  Sub-Contractor Pre-wiredframedhousesforsecurity,TV,Phone,andspeakers.Alsohadtoreadthe blueprintsand the lay of the house so I couldinstall those wiresinthe rightplaces. Zaxby’s2700 Red BudLn. RoundRock, Texas78665  Cook Preparedthe chickenfingers,andchickenwingsatthe beginningof everyshift. Cookedthe chickenfingers,wings,appetizers,andfries. Preparedthe customersmeal,andmade sure theirorderwascorrect.
  2. 2. Personal Available tostartworkimmediately Willingtorelocate Available forcompanytraining References AngelaMarshall;Mother,281-520-5596 TylerPavel;Co-worker,512-818-2381 Jeff Shelton;Co-worker,202-550-0989