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Software Is The Sophicated E-Banking Solutions

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The digitization takes step into various industries and banks also adopt this change. The next generation banking software solutions add new values and drive new sales

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Software Is The Sophicated E-Banking Solutions

  1. 1. NEXT GENERATION Banking Software Solutions
  2. 2. Next Generation Banking Platform • Next generation banking platform is the result of : • Collective knowledge & • Cumulative experience • We believe we have achieved our objective through • Excellent design, • A strong future-proof technology framework & • Sound orchestration
  3. 3. Next Generation Banking Platform • Engineered with the single objective of simplifying banking solutions. • These aspects empower banks to innovate and give a flexibility that ensures any desired solution from module-by- module legacy replacement to full digital channel integration can be achieved with relative ease.
  4. 4. Changing the way of business • To deploy a next-generation banking platform and offer world-class services to successfully lead you on the transformation journey. • Technoligent’s experts provide comprehensive solutions to the global banking industries.
  5. 5. Journey for banking transformation Component by component approach • Transformational services & software for faster time to value
  6. 6. Journey for banking transformation New models for Transformation • Operational and Technology models for reduced costs & lower risks
  7. 7. Journey for banking transformation Transform to a new digital banking platform • Intelligent business services • Cross channel enablement • Platform options to scale to market conditions
  8. 8. End To End Services SERVICES • World class consulting • Step wise approach to development • Implementations & Migrations • Systems integration and conversions • Banking software solutions for better business progression
  9. 9. End To End Services PROVEN SOFTWARE • Transaction banking (customer, deposits, loans) • Cards, payments • CRM • Analytics • ERP • Finance, Compliance
  10. 10. End To End Services ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS Testing Mobility Cloud Cyber Security Big data
  11. 11. How Technoligent is difference? • BETTER : We have industry’s broadest set of banking software capabilities & solutions • STRONGER : Two developer centers in consulting, software services & system integration • FASTER : Experts accelerates banking transformation & implementation of digital platforms
  12. 12. How Technoligent is difference? • SMARTER : Low risk & step wise path to modernization • PROVEN : 10 years annexation with global banking successes
  13. 13. Contact us Development center : “Titanium Square” 3rd Floor, Office No. B-302, S.G. Highway, Beside Parsoli Motors. Nr. Thaltej Crossing, Ahmedabad – 380 054 Gujarat – India info@technoligent.com www.technoligent.com/contact.html pinterest.com/technoligent/ in.linkedin.com/in/technoligent plus.google.com/+TechnoligentIndia/about facebook.com/TechnoLigent twitter.com/Techno_Ligent