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A look into open source in nigeria

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Using a listing of open source projects built by Nigerians for the world over the years with hundreds of projects which provides an insight into the current state of open source in Nigeria, this talk is going to go over some data insights that we can get from this list and what we can do about it.
This talk would go over the demographics of contributors, languages, types of projects and also people actively building stuff. It’d also shed some light on areas that we need to take note of including inclusion in open source.

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A look into open source in nigeria

  1. 1. A Look Into Open Source in Nigeria A case study of the Made in Nigeria Project madeinnigeria.dev
  2. 2. A brief background Created out of the need to show that Nigerians do more than just consume tools but can also build tools for global consumption in March 2017. Criteria included: Created by a Nigerian, Global relevance, 5+ stars. madeinnigeria.dev
  3. 3. Adewale "Ace" Abati - Developer Advocate at Flutterwave - Web Engineer and Open source enthusiast - Avid gamer! @ace_kyd
  4. 4. Duration Creators Contributors Projects 3yrs 158 87 80
  5. 5. 26,838 Popularity All of these projects have a combined total number of 26,838 stars showing how many people have found them useful all over the world. ⭐⭐ ⭐
  6. 6. Open Source Festival 2020 A growing community Across 158 projects, there have been 559 total contributors that have made these projects the quality they are today. 559
  7. 7. Only 3 out of 87 creators are women. This indicates a serious need for more women to be supported and encouraged to be a part of open source. And also to not hesitate to come out and be proud of their work.
  8. 8. Open Source Festival 2020 is the most popular project With over 4437 stars and 30 contributors to the project open source project. chakra-ui
  9. 9. Creators
  10. 10. Contributors
  11. 11. Open Source Festival 2020 Takeaways? ● We need more women to feel comfortable participating, contributing, creating and sharing their open source projects. ● We need more organizations creating and sharing general tools especially those that help them solve problems. ● JavaScript is still right on top. ● There's no better time to empower the next billion creators.
  12. 12. Adebayo Oluwatosin Data Analyst @Debayotomisin07 Lorna Maria Data Analyst @lornamariak Thank you!