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Finding your place - University of Ilorin

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Finding your place was a short talk at the Information and Communication Science Student Association, University of Ilorin's Tech Square Event focused on motivating students and helping them choose a career path.

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Finding your place - University of Ilorin

  1. 1. about ME
  2. 2. THINGS TO COVER My Name is Abati Adewale Alumni, Faculty of CIS, University of Ilorin. Developer and Tech Evangelist And some other things.
  3. 3. story STORY
  4. 4. THINGS TO COVER Your starting point doesn’t always matter. Get Inspired. Peer Influence is real. Chase Knowledge.
  5. 5. find what YOU LOVE
  6. 6. THINGS TO COVER How do you find what you love? What next? Apply what you learn.
  7. 7. people are GONNATALK
  8. 8. THINGS TO COVER Have the courage to follow your heart Trust in your guts, destiny, karma, whatever Stay focused
  9. 9. get out of your COMFORT ZONE
  10. 10. THINGS TO COVER Life begins at the end of your comfort zone Don’t get complacent Do whatever is necessary to get what you want.
  11. 11. yes, you failed LEARN FROM IT
  12. 12. THINGS TO COVER It doesn’t matter how many times you fail Ensure you keep trying Trying builds up experience
  13. 13. meet PEOPLE
  14. 14. THINGS TO COVER Events, Meet-ups and Hackathons Don’t hesitate to network make connections Utilize Social Media
  15. 15. give BACK
  16. 16. THINGS TO COVER Blog. Volunteer. Be an Evangelist. The list goes on…
  17. 17. Stay Hungry… Stay Foolish - Steve Jobs thank YOU