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Making Create React App your best friend - React Summit 2018

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Create React App is a comfortable environment for learning React, and is the best way to start building a new single-page application in React. It's a toolkit set up to get you up and running as soon as possible in building react projects. This talk was given at the React Summit in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Making Create React App your best friend - React Summit 2018

  1. 1. Adewale Abati Developer in Residence, Ingressive Web Engineer and Tech Lifestyle YouTuber Building DevComm.co Create React App is your best friend.
  2. 2. What is Create React App? Create React App is a tool (built by developers at Facebook) that gives you a massive head start when building React apps. It saves you from time-consuming setup and configuration. You simply run one command and Create React App sets up the tools you need to start your React project. Introduction
  3. 3. 00 A basic knowledge of JavaScript is important. 01 An understanding of React and its component lifecycle methods is recommended.  02 You’ll need to have Node >= version 6 and npm >= version 5.2 on your machine. Installation Prerequisites
  4. 4. It’s relatively easier to use. In 60 less minutes.
  5. 5. Focus on your idea. Less things to learn to ship quickly. You can opt out anytime by ejecting and configure your config files directly. Why Use Create React App? Only one dependency to worry about. Which is the react-scripts itself. https://facebook.github.io/create-react-app/ Why?
  6. 6. npm start Starts the development server at localhost:3000 npm run build Bundles the app into static files for production npm test Starts the test runner npm run eject Removes the tool, copies dependencies, config files and scripts into the app directory. Commands
  7. 7. No Configurations needed. With Create React App, you can get started focusing on your app idea and less on configurations and setup. Configuration
  8. 8. Create React App now has it’s own website! https://facebook.github.io/create-react-app/ News
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  10. 10. Thank You