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The Creative Coast- Q4 Newsletter Data

  1. TCC Newsletter Data + Stats on where we were, where we are and where we're heading. Presentation By Abbegayle Stallons
  2. Thanks for joining me for this presentation!
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  4. Mailchimp Our Lowest Interaction: Sent on November 8th, 2021 at 10:30am Subject Line: SHE HUSTLES is TONIGHT! *no emoji* - 38 clicks - 328 opens - 1 unsubscribed Out of all the clicks, 65% were for the SHE Hustles program and link and the rest of the links only got between 0 and 7 clicks. Our Highest Interaction: Sent on January 3rd, 2022 at 11:21am Subject Line: Happy 2022! *no emoji* - 52 clicks - 900 opens - 4 unsubscribed
  5. FloDesk Our Lowest Interaction: Sent on October 10, 2022 at 11:36am Subject Line: 📳 Join us for Tech Tuesday! - 43 unique clicks;1.7% click rate with 105 total clicks - 734 opens; 28.5% open rate with 1,016 total opens - 1 unsubscribed Our Highest Interaction: Sent on September 19, 2022 at 2:03pm Subject Line: 💲 Savannah-born CommerceV3 Acquired - 65 unique clicks; 2.5% click rate with 107 total clicks - 842 opens: 32.9$ open rate with a total of 1,281 opens - 2 unsubscribed
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  8. Common Denominators HIGHEST LOWEST The job board links contributed to nearly 40% of each click rate. Each contained 4> new stories on average. Each contained a press release, which contributed to the click rate. Each had headlines that pertained to SHEHustles, a large event that interests people. Each contained 4-5 news stories. Both were heavily concentrated with info; the header, several news stories, several events including several TCC events, and/or a marque event highlighted below the header. All news story images were logos (no people).
  9. SOURCES: How Long Should Your E-Newsletter Be? Email Length Best Practices for Email Marketers and Email Newbies What’s the Best Length for My Email Newsletter? LIST OF THE 12 BEST EMAIL NEWSLETTER TEMPLATES 12 of the Best Tech Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2021
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  11. what to DO Have shareable links so that readers can send the content or the entire newsletter directly from the newsletter to others and social media (NOT forwarding), or send this link to get your friends to subscribe- link. Sign your emails from a person, not a business. "Send your welcome from a person, not from a business account. We’ve found this tactic to be especially effective when the sender is the founder of the business or someone with an established audience. Use a photo of that person and not your company logo to help the email stand out." -TechCrunch Have a sample of your newsletter for potential subscribers to view before they do- but make it captivating. Make your content digestiable and in small bites size pieces.
  12. what NOT to do Provide too many calls-to-action or links. Too long of subjects or headlines within the newsletter. Using too much corporate speak or too niche speak. Lengthy content. Providing too much info or not enough info.
  13. SOURCES: growing-newsletters/
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  15. Optimization Suggestions Have 3 stories per newsletter, to the lower amount of links which lowers click-fatigue and call-to- action-confusion. Make community partner events less lengthy; try "See what The City of Savannah is hosting this week.." with a link. or maybe something similar to: Send out a welcome email to new subscribers personally and change our e-blast signature to say - Jen/Kait with The Creative Coast, instead of just the company name to make it seem more personable. We could do the sample idea but take it a step further and have a newsletter archive where we have a page that houses old newsletters, in PDF versions or links for people to view, and then if they click around that will also keep them on the site longer while boosting our newsletter click and open rate. How To Start A Business Workshop, Monday at 12 pm! See more of this week's City of Savannah events... (*linked)
  16. Optimization Suggestions Run a social media poll on our stories asking what people's fav part of the newsletter is so we can rearrange it if needed. See how many people on our socials are involved in the newsletter by taking a poll to see who is signed up and who reads them weekly. Take weekly screen recordings, scrolling through the newsletter and posting to our stories so that people might see something that catches their eye and go check it out. Mini campaign: Post an official post on our feed about our newsletter similar to when we did a post about our calendar and say that if they sign up for the newsletter and/or share the post to their stories, walls, etc. we can maybe give 2 people free SheHustles/GRIT/Event/etc. tickets?
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