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As media evaluation for magazine question 1

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As media evaluation for magazine question 1

  1. 1. As media evaluationQuestion 1.In what way’s does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventionsof a real Media Product. By Abbi Graydon
  2. 2. To help me design my own magazine I This is my front cover for mydid research on other magazines to magazine.give me inspiration. I had to find wellbraded music magazines and analysethem to find the major conventions. Ilooked at the likes of NME, Q andBillboard. I took some of theconventions used in these magazinesand put them into my magazine.
  3. 3. I decided to base my magazine around Billboard as I wanted my magazine to look similar. Like Billboard I have got the major conventions. Masthead, cover line, main image and essential information.I found that the convention was used on themajority of Billboard magazines was that they Also the majority of Billboard magazineshad placed the masthead in the center at the has the artist in the center of the pagetop of the page. This draws the readers and making it so it takes the whole pageattention to the name of the magazine. up. Also on my magazine I used the convention, of having the cover line directly in front of the centre image, like on this Billboard magazine.
  4. 4. Again I used Billboard to give me inspiration and some ideas as to how to design my contents page. I kept my font the same from the masthead on my front cover for the ‘contents’.I used the convention of having a I also had page numbers on thedominant image on the page images, this is so the reader canwhich is the biggest image, then I easily locate the story that thehad another image but much images belong to. I also split mysmaller. information up with coloured boxes and headings like Billboard has done on this contents cover.
  5. 5. For my double page spread I had the conventions of having a dominant image. A headline, pull quotes. The colour used on my double page spread will draw the readers attention making them read my pull quotes which will entice the readers to continue reading myMy magazine follows the usual conventions article. Many magazines suchof a magazine as it is split into sections and it as billboard does this to sellis mainly text led but with a dominant image magazines and the stories.which balances out the text and doesn’tmake it look to dense in text.