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The Snowman - visualising Agile project roles & responsibilities

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Based on the DSDM team model and also known as the "Alien Baby", I have summarised the different Agile Project roles and responsibilities which may be useful for those who want a better understanding of Agile or who if you're planning on sitting the Foundation or Practitioner exams.

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The Snowman - visualising Agile project roles & responsibilities

  1. 1. Manages environment for evolutionary development. Manages high level Delivery Plan & responsible for business + technical aspects Project Manager Business Sponsor Technical Coordinator Business Ambassador Business Visionary Team Leader Solution Developer Solution Tester Shape & Build solutions Manage, Direct & Coordinate project ROLEROLE Servant Leader Ensure team functions and meets objectives Plan and coordinate detailed delivery Interpret business requirements & translate in into a deployable solution Heavy input into requirements & prioritisation Involved in day- to-day detail. Decision maker to ensure the service is fit for purpose. Performs testing in accordance with agreed strategy SOLUTIONS DEVELOPMENT TEAM PROJECT TEAM Business Analyst Facilitate relationship between business & Technical. Ensures accurate needs analysis and monitors day to day activities Technical authority & Technical vision. Ensures project meets standards & advises on tech. decisions + innovation Provide clear vision and strategic direction. Interprets business needs of sponsor. Ensure solution enable business benefits. Project Champion. Most senior person responsible for business case and budget. Technical Advisor Business Advisor Specialist advice (e.g. legal/regulatory / ops managament) Agile / DSDM Coach Workshop facilitator Independent