How to improve the open rates of your emails?

3 Nov 2021

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How to improve the open rates of your emails?

  1. How to improve open rates of your emails?
  2. Send emails at proper time
  3. When is the right time to send email? • Schedule your emails to be sent during workdays and at a time when they have a probability of being open. • If you send emails on weekends, you are losing your revenue. • After all, weekends are times when your reader will afford to himself and will seldom open emails.
  4. • By Monday or the start of the weekday, your email would be pushed down by the flurry of other emails that have already entered the inbox of your reader. • So the probability of your email being opened goes down drastically.
  5. Research Out The Best Time • Take time to research out when your customers are opening their mails. • One very easy way is to segment your email list in 2-3 groups and send them mails at different times of the day and on different days. • This testing would help you determine the best time and the best day for sending emails to your clients
  6. Keep Email Content Concise
  7. • Keep your email short so that your reader can scan and know the content in a fraction of seconds. • No one has the time to read very long emails.
  8. Subject Lines Are Most Important
  9. • Here I have listed some well-researched ways which can help drive more openings of your emails.
  10. The subject line must have some emotional attributes
  11. • The emotional punch jerks out readers from the boredom of other mails, often tapping the sensibilities like responsibility, care, or share for others. • Sometimes this emotional punch can be packed in the form of reminding the readers of certain nostalgic instances of your life. • Sub: Deals so good that you would remember the first time you fell in love.
  12. The subject line showing some level of care for the reader • Sub:We miss you
  13. • Care is something that touches all. Think that a tired executive having spent all his day receiving bashings from his boss comes back and opens his mail. • His psyche is yearning for some kind of care or comfort, and your mail reaches him with the above subject line. • You are cushioning him with words he wants to hear the most. So, he would care to open your mail in preference to others.
  14. Subject Line which showcases solid profits or monetary growth • Ex: Sub: Sam was just able to increase his balance by 10k$. Would you like to?
  15. • Body: You would surely like to meet the winner of last month’s XYZ referral program. Sam was just an ordinary fellow who had dropped out of college owing to financial constraints.
  16. • He joined our referral program after much persuasion, as he didn’t believe that it would be any better.Today, he is on….. • Let’s accept it. Everybody likes to earn and earn big. • So, subject lines that promise growth of the fund, or bank balance generally have higher open rates than others. All you need to do is present your offer in monetary terms.
  17. Presenting subject lines as a part of the pre-existent conversation • Hundreds of emails are flooding your customer’s inbox every day. Many of them go into the trash bin. • Only those which the customers find relevant and those in which they think that they are continuing a conversation is answered.
  18. Presenting subject lines as a part of the pre-existent conversation • Now, if we present the subject line in a manner that we have interacted before, readers would heed more to such mails than others as they consider it as a part of an ongoing conversation, that they were interested in.
  19. Sub: As we said before…. Body: We seldom falter on our promises. As we said before, we brought the best products at rock-bottom prices.
  20. • This may be the mail you are sending for the first time to any prospect. No, don’t think that you are tricking the readers. • It is just a way of getting readers to open your mail or letting them know that you know them more. • If the proposition in the mail is equally appealing, then your luck has shone
  21. Subject lines coupling some recent news or events of public interest
  22. Subject lines catering to tasting, hearing, and other sensory attributes • Sub; Taste as fresh as morning coffee • Body: News should not be breaking but rejuvenating, tasting as fresh as the morning coffee…..
  23. -The message of the mail -The image or template being used -The Call to Action -The tone of the email ( personal, official, highly emotive, and so on) -Your reader’s demographic profile likes and tastes, and so on….. After assessing all these factors, the subject line must be curated to suit the message along with driving the appeal. To write good subject lines with guaranteed appeal and open rates, you need to consider the following factors
  24. Keep Subject Lines Small
  25. • Remember that your subject line shouldn’t be too long. • Remember that most of your emails would be viewed on mobile, so long subject lines would be difficult to view. To write good subject lines with guaranteed appeal and open rates, you need to consider the following factors
  26. Not researching out your target audience
  27. Often times, while building an email list, we do not correctly identify our target audience and for whom our proposition would matter the most. This results in emails landing in the inboxes of those customers who wouldn’t care to even look at our mails, leave opening it.
  28. For example; if you are providing cloud services, then your target audience would be specifically the IT decision makers like the CTO or CIO. But if in your list there are many software engineers or IT professional of middle management, they would off course not take the final decision of using cloud services in their business. So, all such mail will remain unopened.
  29. Checking the email spam score is important
  30. Spam score decides whether your email will land in the inbox or it will be sent to the spam box
  31. Create emails worthy of opening
  32. Get an appealing email template. Ensure that the images are appealing and relevant Keep the content short and interactive. Present your offering in the most creative manner Ensure that the CTA buttons and the links are at proper places And more…