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The Future of Everything

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What does the future look like? Is it a dark space where we’re suffering from varying degrees of techamphetamine or are we heading towards a Utopian fantasy of abundance and harmony?

Understanding that our basic human needs and wants barely change, we explore the future state of a range of topics; from our need for physical sustenance through to our age-long fascination of transcending the limitations of our biology.

Looking at the future from a human perspective, our potential for greatness is teetering on a fine line between darkness and hope. We’re banking on the latter.

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The Future of Everything

  1. The Future of Everything
  2. Charbel
  3. Who we are
  4. We’re a future-focused training company that provides short, practical and skill specific programs for individuals and teams to upgrade their capabilities in design and emerging technology. We’re problem solvers and strive to embed purpose into what we do. Our vision is to truly transform the world through education and the community we’re building. Academy Xi The Future of Everything | February 2017
  8. Today we’re talking about …
  9. The Future of Everything | February 2017 The future …
  10. … of everything …
  11. The Future of Everything | February 2017 … almost everything
  12. Our needs don’t change
  13. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  14. Sense of survival
  15. Sense of place
  16. Sense of community
  17. Sense of self
  18. Sense of purpose
  19. NEW: sense of connectivity NOMOPHOBIA
  20. Needs don’t change
  21. Materials improve
  22. Technology advances
  23. Contexts change
  24. Expectations increase
  25. Tastes shift
  26. Needs don’t change
  27. The future of food
  28. “I saw few die of hunger. Of eating, a hundred thousand.” - Benjamin Franklin
  29. More, more MORE
  30. Fast, cheap & brown.
  31. Mothered nature
  32. Supply-chain terrorism
  33. Food supply & gay marriage?
  34. 2050: +35%
  35. 2050: 9 billion people
  36. Chronic shortage
  37. Time poor
  38. Too poor
  39. Pathological consumption
  40. Body stress
  41. There’s hope
  42. Food education
  43. Early participation
  44. Communal eating
  45. Ugly food
  46. Plant based
  47. Sustainable farming
  48. Super foods
  49. 3D printing
  50. Vertical farms
  51. The future of water
  52. “Water is the driving force of all nature.” - Leonardo da Vinci
  53. Global contamination
  54. 2050: +35%
  55. 2050: 9 billion people
  56. Water scarcity
  57. 40% shortage
  58. Wealthier population
  59. Eating more meat
  60. Land stress
  61. Requires more water
  62. There’s hope
  63. Solar pods
  64. Fog harvesting
  65. Portable purification
  66. Water chip
  67. The future of sleep
  68. “Sleep is the best meditation.” - Dalai Lama
  69. Sleep stress
  70. Racing thoughts
  71. Insomnia anxiety
  72. Bad dreams
  73. Staying awake
  74. There’s hope
  75. Lucid dreaming …
  76. … via Electroshock
  77. Regulate sleep
  78. Brain hacks
  79. BMAL1 DEC2
  80. Power siesta
  81. The future of love & sex
  82. “Sex is emotion in motion.” - Mae West
  83. Sexual apathy
  84. Got headache?
  85. ’Til death …
  86. Sexual ADHD
  87. It’s complicated
  88. It’s messy
  89. There’s hope
  90. Mess(ag)ing around
  91. Modern courting
  92. Modern feminism
  93. Polygamy returns
  94. Modern realities
  95. Robot relations
  96. The future of transport
  97. Congested roads
  98. Cost of ownership
  99. Parking woes
  100. Resale value
  101. There’s hope
  102. Collaborative consumption
  103. Self driving
  104. The future of health
  105. Increased lifespan
  106. Decreased wellbeing
  107. Lifestyle stresses
  108. More medications
  109. There’s hope
  110. Education
  111. Self diagnosis
  112. “Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” - Mark Twain
  113. 3D printing medication
  114. 3D printing ability
  115. Self repair?
  116. Data access
  117. Electro diagnoses
  118. Connected data
  119. Robo surgery
  120. The future of security
  121. Fear for self
  122. Fear for identity
  123. Fear for security
  124. Family fears
  125. Violence. Still?
  126. Eternal wars
  127. Fear the unfamiliar
  128. Apathy wins
  129. “To fight fear, act. To increase fear - wait, put off postpone.” - David Joseph Schwartz
  130. There’s hope
  131. Education
  132. Pay attention
  133. Digital revolt
  134. Get out
  135. Show support
  136. Say something
  137. The future of family
  138. Parenting pains
  139. Feeling isolated
  140. Money strains
  141. Cost of care
  142. Time poor
  143. Work, work, work …
  144. Mortgage stress
  145. Divorce rising
  146. Unplanned pregnancy
  147. Crowded planet
  148. There’s hope
  149. Education
  150. Being single
  151. Single being
  152. Modern family
  153. Robot nanny
  154. Virtual family
  155. Sea change
  156. Planet change
  157. The future of work
  158. Long hours
  159. Changing organisations
  160. Increased automation
  161. Income inequality
  162. There’s hope
  163. Micro industries
  164. Services booming
  165. 7 billion corporations
  166. Creative class
  167. In charge
  168. In demand Ux Sd Vr Ar
  169. Jobs? Where are they? The rapid growth in technology is causing a significant skills gap. User Experience Design is at the fore of jobs growth. (as of Jan 2017) 5,600 SINGAPORE 3,300 AUSTRALIA 42,000 UNITED KINGDOM 180,000 UNITED STATES
  170. Be terrified
  171. The perfect storm
  172. Know yourself Know your customers Know your competitors Know what you have Know what you need The Future of Everything | February 2017 The perfect storm Infrastructure Processors Products Portability Appetite
  173. Know yourself Know your customers Know your competitors Know what you have Know what you need The Future of Everything | February 2017 So much opportunity
  174. The future of self
  175. Who am I?
  176. Where am I?
  177. Why am I?
  178. Techamphetamine
  179. Social proof
  180. There’s hope
  181. “Know thyself.” - Ancient Greek aphorism
  182. iMyselfMe
  183. Being conscious
  184. Seeking self
  185. Seeking tribe
  186. Seeking purpose
  187. Being anyone
  188. Continual learning
  189. Self aware
  190. Self esteem
  191. Altered reality
  192. New realities
  193. Experiences vs things
  194. Conscience & consciousness
  195. Techno Spirituality
  196. Preserving self
  197. Trans human
  198. Transcend biology
  199. The future of education
  200. The future of companies
  201. The future of automation
  202. The future of artificial intelligence
  203. The future of ethics
  204. The future of identification
  205. The future of services
  206. The future of sharing
  207. The future of money
  208. The future of politics
  209. The future of religion
  210. The future of reality
  211. Your role
  212. “Is it wrong to want to change the world?”
  213. “It is your duty to change the world, if you can.” - Sidney Poitier
  214. Thank you. charbel@academyxi.com @charbelxcharbel +61 411 11 5770
  215. See you in the future.
  216. Team
 Training Supporting giants large and small
  217. “Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.” - Immanuel Kant
  218. Welcome to Academy Xi: we grow minds, foster experience and develop effective teams.
  219. Who we are
  220. Team Training with Academy Xi Who we are First, a bit about us. Academy Xi is a future-forward training company that provides short, practical, skill-specific programs. We enhance the capabilities of teams and individuals in areas spanning the breadth of design and emerging technology. We're problem-solvers that strive to embed purpose in everything we do. 
 Our vision: transform the world through education, and inspire our community to create positive change. Our strength lies in our ability to design customised programs that meet your company's unique needs.
  222. Our approach
  224. Team Training with Academy Xi A customised format We run the gamut of training formats, designing a best-fit solution no matter your goal. Structured training we’ve previously run: - Full-day workshops - Multi-day bootcamps - After-hours programs (5-10 weeks) - Master classes - Internal hackathons - Culture-building programs - The implementation of ongoing support
  225. Team Training with Academy Xi Build a better team Spark your business' creativity and productivity.
 Successful teams don't just happen. Our training helps develop the key dynamics that define great teams. Hands-on activities and focused content develop a supportive environment to inspire creativity and cultivate collaboration. Engaging, interactive and uniquely innovative, our training is designed to expand team capabilities and spark your business' creativity and productivity. We think outside the square and approach problems head on – encouraging our participants to do the same.
  226. Team Training with Academy Xi Stay focused Our programs are high-energy, short and sharp; our experience shows in what we do. Efficient, effective, and focused, we deliver programs optimised to benefit your business. Created with your individual business needs in mind, we design programs that retain and create value for your company. Through deliberate design we distill key learning outcomes, so our programs remain on point and succinct. Our programs engage participants so they get the most out of it. We create content integrated with team activities, because practice embeds learnt skills.
  227. Team Training with Academy Xi The path to success Understanding your needs is central to our approach. 1. Initial assessment 
 We ask and listen to better understand your team and organisation as a whole. This complimentary consultation helps identify pain points, and determine your needs and objectives. 2. Team engagement 
 Once we've defined your objectives, we connect with your team to discover individual skill levels and goals. 3. Tailored training packages
 We put forward multiple approaches that meet your goals and address the identified pressures and internal complexities. 4. Choosing your approach
 You decide the training package that fits best.
  228. Team Training with Academy Xi The best teaching the best Our teachers are experts in their field.
 We engage teachers who are future-forward industry professionals, ensuring taught skills are ahead of the curve. With disciplines spanning the breadth of design and emerging technology, we hand-pick our teachers from our highly developed network of industry experts. Our teachers are more than highly skilled, up-to-date experts, but are passionate about people, with experience in educating and engaging teams. The diverse formats we offer are designed to cater to your needs, timeframe and pressures. Alongside our expert instructors, we're here to support the uptake of new knowledge and better approaches, to prepare your company for the future.
  229. Tailored training
  230. We train giants ` the white agency
  231. - The Digital Summer School Series was a two week program in both Sydney and Melbourne that supported the growth of PwC Experience Centre’s team capabilities. - Extended into a series of “Playbooks” where we co-created and embedded an internal process complete with custom workshop and project templates to support a consistent, rapid project approach PWC Sd Ux Gm Pm Vr
  232. - With a rapidly growing Experience Design team at ABC, they needed a way to up skill 18 Service Designers, all with varying design skills in UI design and prototyping. I In December 2016, we completed a 2 day intensive training program - UI Design - Sketch & Invision - Prototyping ABC Ui Pt InSk
  233. NSW Department of Education Sd Ux - Working closely with the NSW Department of Education, we introduced a live brief into our first Service Design Course to explore the dwindling interest in their NSW School Website Service and ways in which we could engage Principals, Teachers, Parents and Students to bring life into a reimagined digital service experience. - Service Design - UX Design
  234. - A growing concern for law firms is that, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, a previously substantial stream of income is about to be decimated. Maddocks is now focused on moving away from the model of precedent research into new service models. The two day training program covered: - Exploring Innovation in the world of Law - Service Design - User Experience Design Maddocks Lawyers In Sd Ux
  235. Staples InSkSd Ux - As a large company, Staples has been suffering from a perception problem of being solely a stationery company whilst an onslaught of competition has emerged from Officeworks, Amazon and a host of emerging franchises. We crafted a 12 week training program that created a new digital design team within Staples Australia: - Service Design - UX Design - Sketch & Invision
  236. - Kicking off in 2017 is an ongoing training program for one of the world’s largest, most socially progressive engineering firms. Starting off with a small set of programs, our partnership is to extend internationally covering all of our key disciplines. For now, we’re teaching Arup: - Virtual Reality Design - Agile and Digital Project Delivery ARUP Vr Ag
  237. - With a rapidly changing media buying landscape, News Corp, like many companies, are feeling the pressure to explore new opportunities in their core service. A full day Service Innovation program left the team with a number of thought starters and techniques to innovate new service models for their clients - Innovation - Service Design News Corp In Sd
  238. IAG AxSd Ux - Like many large companies, IAG’s UX team had evolved internally over the years. As cohesive as they were, there was a distinct gap in knowledge and a disparity in the language used internally to describe and practice their key disciplines. We guided the team in a 10 week program to teach, embed and create common language in: - Service Design - UX Design - Prototyping (Axure) Pt
  239. Atlassian & Invision Dt - Hackathons, workshops and Innovation jams are in our DNA. Having worked with well known companies and organisations, we’ve been able to support their quests to elevate the conversation and engage their teams and customers in the future of innovation: collaborative design. - Hackathons & Design Challenges - Service Design Jams - VR Competitions InSk
  240. UNICEF, WWF, Lendlease, iManifest Hk In - Hackathons and Innovation jams are in our DNA. Having worked with well known companies and organisations, we’ve been able to support their quests to elevate the conversation and engage their teams and customers in the future of innovation: collaborative design. - Hackathons & Design Challenges - Service Design Jams - VR Competitions Vr
  241. They say …
  242. “Academy Xi was a great learning partner for the ABC. The training course was built for our specific needs. As we understood the learning outcomes for our team Academy Xi customised the course to suit us. Our trainer was perfect – an expert in the field, with ample experience and practical examples, this made our learning extremely effective. The team at Academy Xi were a delight to work with, configuring the space to keep it fresh.” ABC - Adam Ralph | UX & Design ABC TV Multiplatform
  243. “The Digital team at UNICEF reached out to Academy Xi to help us introduce, engage and inspire the whole organisation around current technologies including VR. The team at Xi designed and hosted a practical, bespoke VR workshop for us. It ensured everyone at the organisation could learn about and trial VR, regardless of their technical knowledge or professional background. Our whole team was really excited and engaged throughout the workshop, including our CEO.” UNICEF - Tony Tang | Digital Content and Engagement Manager
  244. “Our workshop at Academy Xi was excellent. Very inspiring and motivating and very digestible for my staff. I would recommend this program to companies who are striving to leverage innovation in delivering their strategies and success. Everyone who participates in this program will extract value and become a stronger leader and driver of innovation in their organisation.” News Corp - Cameron King | Digital Sales & Strategy Manager
  245. “The UX team came to Academy Xi for some group training in UX & Service Design. The purpose of this training was to help establish common practices and outputs for the team. The training was a tailored experience, to ensure that all team members would get something out of it, and felt engaged. It was a great team building exercise, and really helped us agree on methodology - which in turn helped us have a common approach within the workplace - which helped enormously in streamlining our approach.” IAG - Mary Clare Monsalve | Head of UX & Design
  246. “The workshop got team's thinking together and working together to understand the power in user centric, rapid problem solving. It provided great practical tools that the teams could walk away with and implement immediately.” Siteminder - Meg Barbic | Head of UX
  247. “The instructors are engaging, experienced and dynamic. They know the subject matter to such a high level that you never get the feeling you are following a rigid syllabus, it’s relevant, understandable and most importantly you instantly understand how it can be applied in a real project scenario. Having Academy Xi’s vast experience available meant that the course was easily tailored to our needs and every session had clear objectives that were exceeded every week.” Salmat Digital - Chris Marklew | Head of Design
  248. Thought leadership
  249. We’re gaining a great reputation in Sydney and Melbourne for creating, hosting and presenting events designed to elevate the conversation and explore the future for our fast growing and ever- changing design and technology fields. Chat with us about co-creating events for your company and clients. XiThink
  250. Contact BEN WONG CHARBEL ZEAITER ben@academyxi.com +61 415 998 956 LinkedIn: Ben charbel@academyxi.com +61 411 115 770 LinkedIn: Charbel
  251. See you in the future Thank you.