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Accenture Technology Vision for Oracle 2018

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Companies are blurring the line between business and personal—blazing a new trail for future growth. Accenture outlines five critical tech trends, from artificial intelligence, extended reality to data veracity and explains how Oracle can help enterprises embrace them.

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Accenture Technology Vision for Oracle 2018

  2. 2. INTELLIGENT ENTERPRISE UNLEASHED Redefine your company based on the company you keep.
  3. 3. Companies are blurring the line between business and personal— blazing a new trail for future growth. Technology is reshaping our society.
  4. 4. Companies are driving unprecedented, two-way change. People are feeding information and access back to companies—increasing data, complexity and trust in the process. Organizations with Oracle at the core are already a step ahead.
  5. 5. INGREDIENTS MATTER Customers are now reading the labels of the enterprise.
  6. 6. Accenture and Oracle are strengthening enterprise labels— accelerating our clients’ digital rotation to create deeper, safer relationships and secure organizations, at scale. Organizations must define their own labels.
  7. 7. Accenture Technology Vision for Oracle 2018 highlights five emerging trends, shaping the way technology is increasing businesses’ impact across society. These rapid technological advancements will improve how people work and live. Oracle technology at the heart of this change.
  8. 8. CITIZEN AI Raising AI to benefit business and society EXTENDED REALITY The end of distance DATA VERACITY The importance of trust FRICTIONLESS BUSINESS Built to partner at scale INTERNET OF THINKING Creating Intelligent Distributed Systems FIVE Emerging Trends
  9. 9. As artificial intelligence capability grows and comes of age—businesses must help AI learn how to act as a responsible, productive member of society. CITIZEN AI Raising AI to benefit business and society
  10. 10. CITIZEN AI Accenture and Oracle are helping clients improve customer and citizen services through AI, such as chatbots and predictive decision making.
  11. 11. Virtual and augmented reality technologies are removing the distance between people, information, and experiences. EXTENDED REALITY The End of Distance
  12. 12. EXTENDED REALITY Accenture and Oracle are working together to deliver new, immersive capabilities to enhance customer experiences.
  13. 13. Data-run businesses have created a new kind of vulnerability: biased data that leads to corrupted business insights—skewing decisions, with a major impact on society. DATA VERACITY The Importance of Trust
  14. 14. DATA VERACITY Accenture and Oracle help companies significantly improve data integrity, and relationships, through Data-as-a-Service and Oracle Cloud Platform Autonomous Services.
  15. 15. Legacy systems aren’t designed to support partnerships at scale. To fully power an increasingly embedded enterprise, companies must re-architect themselves to grow. FRICTIONLESS BUSINESS Built to Partner at Scale
  16. 16. Accenture and Oracle are providing joint, go-to-market products and services, cross industry and in blockchain. This supports accessibility, and extends the lifetime of core legacy systems. FRICTIONLESS BUSINESS
  17. 17. Businesses are placing focus on intelligent environments— robotics, AI and immersive experiences. To bring these to life, infrastructures must extend into the dynamic, real-world environments they want to reach. INTERNET OF THINKING Creating Intelligent Distributed Systems
  18. 18. Oracle and Accenture are investing in the Internet of Things, and the next generation of cloud computing, to power the expansion of Intelligent Distributed Systems. INTERNET OF THINKING
  19. 19. ARCHITECT AUTOMATE ACCELERATE DELIVER The Accenture Cloud Suite for Oracle is designed to deliver rapid, predictable and tailored deployment of cloud solutions— focused on providing a unique and personalized journey for clients moving to the portfolio of Oracle Cloud offerings. Accenture Cloud Suite for Oracle IT’S ALL HERE
  20. 20. www.accenture.com/technologyvisionoracle #TECHVISION2018 #ORACLE