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Acqueon iQ 3.0 Brochure

A brochure that gives you ample reasons why Acqueon iQ is 'the' Contact Center in a Box is most apt for the modern contact center.

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Acqueon iQ 3.0 Brochure

  1. 1. Don’t just interact. Relate. Acqueon iQ | Contact Center in a Box
  2. 2. channels and enabling routing based on customer history. Is your Contact Center relationship- centered? One Contact Center, One Total Insight Infrastructure, resources, skills, technologies, and work- Contact Centers need analytics and reports that are mean- flows… configure these components right and you have a ingful and relationship-centered. Acqueon iQ offers power- Contact Center that can interact with customers. Is it ful reporting features to help Contact Centers understand enough to realize the true potential of interaction? Not relationship stories the numbers tell. This helps you under- really; not until your Contact Center becomes relationship- stand just how well your Contact Center is moving towards centered. realizing the true purpose of interaction. Business benefits delivered by Acqueon iQ – Acqueon iQ Don’t just interact. Relate. Interaction that meets customer expectations leads to Acqueon iQ is a Contact Center in a Box solution with an relationships that assure growing customer acquisition, attitude – that the purpose of interaction is to relate. As a retention, loyalty, and value; and, ultimately, successful result, Acqueon iQ is designed to bridge the gap between brands and businesses. Acqueon iQ is designed to play a an interaction (CIM) and a relationship (CRM). In any central role in making this happen, with compelling business Contact Center, CIM becomes a natural extension of the benefits to boot as well: CRM, providing instant CTI and multi channel capabilities. With Acqueon iQ, this is just a starting point. Applying its A multi-tenant solution, Acqueon iQ delivers simplified Relationship Quotient, Acqueon creates a full circle of integration of a Contact Center, power to leverage function- relationship-interaction-relationship. ality of various applications in the fullest manner, and ease in evolution of the Contact Center, through ongoing addition To make your Contact Center relationship-centered, of new technology, applications, and functionality. Acqueon iQ is built on the following overarching, customer-driven precepts: Acqueon iQ is designed from ground up to be a standards- based solution with open architecture and interface, using One Customer, One Path through the Contact Center web services. Built on a rapid implementation framework, Acqueon iQ slashes implementation costs and delivers an Acqueon iQ delivers Universal Queuing capabilities for a agile solution throughout the life cycle. Contact Center. This enables you to create routing rules driven by the customer and not by independent channels. Businesses need reliability, availability and scalability. The result? Irrespective of multiple touch points, you Acqueon iQ delivers on all counts, with a Total Cost of provide one path that translates into a consistent customer Ownership (TCO) that is unmatched. experience. One Customer, One View for the Agent Acqueon iQ - Components Customers expect service agents to have a clear picture of who they are and what their needs are. Through an Integrated Agent Desktop, Acqueon iQ transforms the view of the agent serving a customer. This cuts across Agent IVR presence PBX / ACD channels and business applications to give the agent a crystal-clear, single vision of the customer, unifying all dimensions of the customer’s relationship with the Voice Blending business. This way, your Contact Center offers the best recording possible response to a customer. Predictive Inbound One Customer, One Interaction dialing Acqueon iQ voice Inbound Customers value relationships where a single interaction Outbound chat, e-mail, can ensure that all their requirements and expectations are e-mail, SMS SMS met. Acqueon iQ makes this possible by enhancing First Contact Resolution (FCR) capabilities, built on features Outbound Web such as LCI (Last Customer Interaction), multi-skilling, voice based apps LCI capturing previous transactions of the customer across
  3. 3. Acqueon iQ – Features of Components with ease – Internal LAN chat PBX – Uses Dialogic DNI cards for PSTN termination Call guide – Scripting tool to design agent question & – Supports SIP trunking from a PBX answer sessions – Also supports direct SIP trunking from PSTN – Uses Dialogic HMP for SIP trunk (from service provider or IP PBX) termination Quality monitoring – Agent phones can be SIP based soft or – Inbuilt voice recorder for both inbound & hard phones outbound calls ACD-UQE – Routing across channels with a common set Reporting – Web based supervisor console of business rules – Web based historical reports – Graphical scripting for skill based routing – Business parameters based reporting – Scalable and high performance Unified agent desktop – inbound IVR – SIP based IVR platform – Provides a graphical scripting tool for call flow development Inbound – Voice – Chat HTML-based chat engine, canned messages, file upload and page push – E-mail Categorization engine – keyword search, canned messages, file attachments, auto responses and junk mails – SMS (same interface as chat) – Fax (through e-mail channel) Outbound – Voice Support for multiple pacing modes (preview, power and predictive) – E-mail Supervisor dashboard - ACD – SMS – Call Analysis CRBT detection – List management – Campaign management – Dial plan (contact life cycle management) – Do Not Call (DNC) List – Time zone – Contact selection Blended – Inbound & outbound voice or other inbound channels – Outbound voice rate controlled by inbound SLA Supervisor dashboard Callback management – Ability to set callbacks for callers in queue – Ability to set Web callbacks Integrated Web-based agent desktop – Support for embedded SIP softphone – Support for all delivery channels – Support for business applications – Last Customer Interaction (tracking customer details across channels) Agent presence management and propagation – Availability of supervisor and peer presence – Easy search of agents – Transfer requests or consult across peers
  4. 4. About Acqueon Acqueon Technologies Inc specializes in developing products and solutions for the Customer Interaction Management (CIM) industry. These products and solutions use business logic to deliver a distinctive customer experience by enabling organizations to not just interact with their customers – but relate. Acqueon products and solutions also offer a compelling Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which is further enhanced by rapid deployment. Acqueon products and solutions handle millions of transac- tions every day at multiple sites and are implemented across various verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Healthcare, and Education among others, in over 17 coun- tries. Acqueon Technologies Inc. 100 Overlook Center 2nd Floor Princeton NJ 08540 Tel: 609-945-3139 E-mail: sales@acqueon.com www.acqueon.com