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B2B Retargeting Best Practices accelerating your sales funnel

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B2B Retargeting Best Practices: Accelerating Your Sales Funnel is presented by Lauren Vaccarello- VP Marketing at AdRoll, Alyson Paine- Online Marketing Manager at Salesforce, and Ben Earle- Tech Vertical Lead at AdRoll. Explores the best way to retarget ads to other companies and accelerate your sales funnel. This presentation includes:
1. An introduction to AdRoll
2.  Understanding the B2B buyer
3.  Tips for using retargeting to drive sales
4.  How Pardot uses retargeting
5.  Using retargeting post sale
6.  Wrap up
And a Q&A session

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B2B Retargeting Best Practices accelerating your sales funnel

  1. 1. B2B Retargeting Best Practices: Accelerating Your Sales Funnel Lauren Vaccarello- VP Marketing at AdRoll Alyson Paine- Online Marketing Manager at Salesforce Ben Earle- Tech Vertical Lead at AdRoll
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover Today! 1.  Introductions and intro to AdRoll 2.  Understanding the B2B buyer 3.  Tips for using retargeting to drive sales 4.  How Pardot uses retargeting 5.  Using retargeting post sale 6.  Wrap up 7.  Q&A
  3. 3. Alyson handles Salesforce’s and Pardot’s retargeting campaigns and is focused on the development of multi-channel online marketing strategies across verticals such as tech, B2B, entertainment/gaming, finance/banking, and retail. Alyson Paine Online Marketing Manager, Salesforce
  4. 4. Throughout her 10 years in the online marketing industry, Lauren has advocated the integration of online and offline marketing methods to more effectively drive ROI. Lauren is the author of the B2B marketers must-have guide: “Complete B2B Online Marketing”. Lauren now heads AdRoll’s marketing team. Lauren Vaccarello VP of Marketing, AdRoll
  5. 5. Ben is AdRoll's technology vertical team lead and responsible for driving strategy and growth in the technology industry. Ben has worked in the B2B tech industry for over five years where he specialized in building customer acquisition and lead nurturing campaigns for enterprise technology companies. Ben Earle Tech Vertical Lead, AdRoll
  6. 6. AdRoll is the Global Leader in Retargeting 10,000+ Customers – Over 2,000 B2B Tech #1 in Marketing & Advertising 2012 America’s Most Promising Companies Fastest Growing Private Company #3 in Marketing & Advertising 2013
  7. 7. What is Retargeting? 98% of visitors leave your site without converting. Retargeting lets you re-engage those visitors with your ads as they browse across the web. Over 85% increase in return conversions.
  8. 8. Reach Your Audience Across All Platforms Focused placement and testing across 200+ networks to on the highest quality inventory to drive conversions.
  9. 9. B2B Retargeting Best Practices
  10. 10. What Makes B2B Special Using B2B Nuances To Your Advantage ▶  Longer sales cycles ▶  Multiple decision makers ▶  Value of lead varies ▶  Opportunities throughout the life cycle ▶  Brand awareness is key for large purchases
  11. 11. Trust Building Trust
  12. 12. 1. Setting your goals ▶  Lead Generation ▶ Free Trials ▶  Freemium ▶ Lead Nurturing ▶  Brand Recognition/Air Coverage
  13. 13. Freeing Nitro from the freemium dilemma ▶  Online sales increased by 18% with AdRoll’s lead nurturing programs ▶  Localized campaigns in 11 languages and geo-targeted by region ▶  Delivered a below average benchmark CPC for tech industry There are no other options when it comes to retargeting.   — Sean Zinsmeister, Sr. Marketing Manager
  14. 14. 2. Segmentation Strategy
  15. 15. How To Build Custom Segments
  16. 16. Hey girl Your ads are so personal, I convert every time
  17. 17. 3. Killer Creative: Speak to your Stages
  18. 18. Keep Your Messaging Consistent 300x250 Static Ad Facebook Right Hand Rail Ad Facebook News Feed Ad Twitter Ads
  19. 19. Refresh Creative Every 2-3 Months
  20. 20. ▶  Reach over 32% of online users ▶  17% of online users can ONLY be reached on FBX ▶  Reach over 500 Million online users ►  Sponsored Posts and Lead Gen Cards 4. Be Inventory Agnostic Facebook + Twitter
  21. 21. Paying Less for Leads ▶  Achieved 50% below maximum allowed CPA ▶  AdRoll performance ranks top 5 in terms of performance out of all New Relic marketing channels ▶  Increased investment every quarter since campaign start date “Retargeting with AdRoll plays a key role in our overall marketing strategy. The results have been spectacular. We have increased our investment every quarter since we started.” — Garrett Scott, Sr. Marketing Manager
  22. 22. Salesforce/ Pardot & AdRoll
  23. 23. Pardot, A Salesforce Company Connect, Market & Sell with B2B Marketing Automation Subheader here Follow up on the best leads faster Give reps their own automated marketer Engage Sales earlier into buying process Integrate with CRM data
  24. 24. Quick Overview 1.  What to do after someone is a customer 2. How Pardot Looks at Retargeting 3. Best practices for launching cross-sell or upsell campaigns
  25. 25. “The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a prospect is 5-20%.” - MarketingMetrics
  26. 26. How We Look at Retargeting
  27. 27. Create Custom Segments Customer Visitor
  28. 28. Tailor Your Messaging to Each Segment The SEO Handbook 8 Ways to unlock Salesforce with Pardot Lead-to-Revenue Management Report Your Guide to Sales and Marketing Alignment
  29. 29. Segment to Drive Customer Awareness Customer visits website Customer never visits product page
  30. 30. Build A Product Awareness Segment
  31. 31. Upper Funnel Best Practices ▶  Softer CTA’s ▶  Push content ▶  Introduce category Awareness Targeted Messaging
  32. 32. Consideration Phase Customer visits product content Put into Consideration segment
  33. 33. Customize Messaging To Drive Consideration Driving Consideration ▶  Explain why your product is the best option ▶  Test messages that overlap products ▶  Harder offers ▶  Pitch content and guides
  34. 34. Segment High Intent Pages Like Pricing Customer visits Pricing Page Put Customer in High Intent Segment
  35. 35. Help them convert ▶  Use harder offers ▶  Pitch demo and free trial Messaging High Intent Buyers
  36. 36. Wrapping it All Up ▶  Build custom segments to target both customers and prospects ▶  Retargeting shouldn’t stop at the form fill ▶  Tailor your messaging to the target audience ▶  Be inventory agnostic ▶  Social works for B2B
  37. 37. Q&A Ben Earle Tech Vertical Lead AdRoll Alyson Paine Online Mktg Manager Salesforce Lauren Vaccarello VP, Marketing AdRoll
  38. 38. Thank You! Ben Earle Tech Vertical Lead @AdRoll For additional questions or to set up an FBX campaign, contact: Delight@adroll.com or your account rep