Introduction to Brand Champions - building brands through strategy, creativity and activation.

2 Feb 2016

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Introduction to Brand Champions - building brands through strategy, creativity and activation.

  1. Building brands through strategy, creativity and activation
  2. Introduction Whether you are an established business or a start up, one of your key challenges will be to grow sales and there are only three ways to do this… Brand Champions can help you plan, create and activate your marketing activities in an efficient, effective and affordable way. So, whether you're writing sales and marketing plans, designing a brand identity, launching a new service or product, copywriting, or just simply need an external perspective… Brand Champions can help you!
  3. Over 12 years experience with leading brands across FMCG, Retail and more
  4. Every business needs Brand Champions They are the customers who don't need to be convinced about the benefits of your product or service They are the colleagues who create, develop and encourage support for the brand They are loyal and will advocate and influence others Let us help you find yours…
  5. What we do POSITIONING Clarifying your company’s attributes into a simple model that encapsulates the essence of your business and describes who you are and why you exist IDENTITY Designing a strong brand identity which works across all marketing channels and communicates your key messages, quickly, effectively and in a compelling way PLANNING Creating clear and actionable sales, marketing or business plans with activities that build your brand and can be delivered to drive sales and profit ACTIVATION Executing campaigns to drive brand awareness and understanding, converting interest into engagement and shoppers into buyers
  6. Strategic brand positioning We start by asking ‘Why?’ We question everything (aware that this can be annoying!) and peel back the layers of your business to clarify what you offer and who for We turn this into a clear brand positioning – a statement of what differentiates your brand competitively in the market – and inside the mind of your brand champion Whilst the look and feel of your marketing is vital, the science and rationale should always come first
  7. Creative identity Brand Champions will turn concept into reality, translating your brand positioning into an exciting, inspiring and engaging identity Names, logos, colours, imagery and tone of voice are all carefully considered when designing a brand that reflects your positioning and clearly communicates your key messages Our approach is tailored to each project, enabling us to only deliver the relevant creative elements required to meet the brief Once created, your identity (with supporting guidelines) should guide your approach to everything you do; bringing consistency to your advertising, the look and feel of stores, product and packaging design, advertising, communications, stationery and more… They will constantly evolve as the market changes and are designed to be used, not sit on a shelf in the marketing department
  8. Business strategy and plans Whether you are a manufacturer writing brand plans, a retailer looking for a sales plan or a company looking for a business plan, we will create the right plan to deliver your business objectives It will detail suitable activities – describing what they are, how they’ll be created, who’s responsible for what, the cost involved, when they’ll be completed and what the results should be These activities will be laid out on a rolling 12-month calendar which will continually evolve and be refined as we learn which activities work (and do not work ) We believe that planning is not something that should just be done once a year… it is a process with a start, a middle and no end Brand Champions is run by people who have been there and done it – so everything we create is pragmatic, actionable and tailored to your business
  9. Activation and implementation Brand Champions does not just "consult" and leave you with a pretty calendar, a to-do list and an invoice We are here to make your plans happen. We can either execute your plans for you or help you to do it yourself We will implement your plans using our own skills and by partnering with a network of trusted specialists – ensuring that the activities happen on time, within budget and deliver the right results Alternatively, we can provide coaching and training for in-house marketing teams to help them become self-sufficient We will work with you to drive internal engagement by inspiring employees around the plans, helping them understand their individual role and impact
  10. Brand Champions offers a wide range of other services to support your business Strategic planning Market research & insight Project management Partnerships & sponsorship Media planning & buying Internal & external communication Revenue & income generation
  11. Business Objectives Market & Competitive Review Develop clear positioning Strategy & plans Creative development Rolling calendar of activity Measurement, review & learnings Virtual Marketing Department We want our clients to feel in control of their marketing Operating as a virtual marketing director, we will plan which activities to do, when to do them, the costs involved, how to activate them and how to measure their performance This is a lower cost option to hiring an in house Marketing Director – all the expertise without the payroll impact! Brand Champions can provide the same services as an in house marketing department Our aim is to improve the return on investment from your marketing spend
  12. Retail shopper marketing & media channel commercialisation Stores provide a powerful opportunity for marketing. The communication channels available in and around stores form touch points throughout the customer journey and offer highly effective ways to influence shoppers We help retailers set up and run their own Media Centres which commercialise these communication channels, delivering revenue from suppliers to fund marketing and sales driving activities We work with brand, shopper and customer marketing teams to develop activation plans that work in a retail environment and deliver a good return on investment We support major brands by helping them tailor their brand plan presentations to the retail sector ensuring maximum impact and success Through carefully selected partnerships, Brand Champions has access to a number of exciting promotions which can be delivered on-pack, in- store or online to drive customer engagement and sales
  13. The 3C’s approach ensures great delivery, every time Turning theory into reality and issues into opportunities through the development of strategic plans and creative solutions designed to deliver your objectives Utilising research, information and discussions to develop an understanding of the business challenge, define the key issues and agree the project scope and deliverables Bringing the plans to life with strong internal and external engagement, whilst keeping an eye on reviewing the performance and continual evolution
  14. Our values
  15. What makes us different
  16. How can we help you? Senior level experience Access to a network of talented consultants Modern techniques and thinking Broad range of services Relationship with top agencies Competitive pricing Efficient with fewer processes Why choose Brand Champions?
  17. Get in touch… We look at every project and client individually and develop a bespoke proposal to meet the brief Get in touch today to see how Brand Champions can help you... We charge for consulting services and advice and can work in a variety of ways including hourly or daily rates, monthly retainer, fixed project fees, commission-in-lieu of fees and more
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