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Oracle Applications

Addvantum offers Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated with Peoplesoft Campus solutions for Higher Education and Training Institutes.

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Oracle Applications

  1. 1. Presented and Demonstrated by: Faisal Kapadia – SeniorConsultantOracle EBS Faiza Nasir – SeniorConsultant PeopleSoftCampus Solution Oracle EBS & PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
  2. 2. Proposed Solution – Oracle E-Business Suite Finance Projects Supply Chain Management Manufacturing CRM Human Resources AppliedTechnology Human Resources Human Resources Payroll Self-Service Human Resources iRecruitment Supply Chain Management Oracle Purchasing Oracle Inventory Finance General Ledger Cash Management Payables Receivables Fixed Assets Projects Project Management Project Costing
  3. 3. Global Architecture of Oracle Financials Centralized Architecture ProjectsReceivables Payable s Inventory Payroll Purchasing E-Business Suite Banking Global Tax Intercompany Accounting Role-Based Access to Operating Units Accounting Policies Bank Model Tax Engine Intercompany Accounting Policies Centralized Accounting Model, Rules, Engine and Repository General Ledger Drilldown Multiple Ledgers3rd Party Systems
  4. 4. Multi-Org Support
  5. 5. Oracle General Ledger Overview Oracle General Ledger Oracle Fixed Assets Oracle Cash Management Oracle Payables Oracle Receivables Other Oracle Sub ledgers (Purchasing, Inventory, Payroll,Projects) External Systems
  6. 6. Example of COA Segment Width Format Segment Nature Remarks 1Institute 2Numeric Balancing Segment Financial Statements are based on this segment 2Sector / Industry 3Numeric To review balances Sector Wise 3Department 5Numeric Cost Centre Segment To review balances Cost Centre wise 4Account 11Numeric Natural Accounting Segment To review balances Cost Centre wise 5Program 2Numeric To review wise balances Program wise 6Project 5Numeric To review balances Project wise 7Fund 2NumericIntercompany To track fund wise balances Company ProjectDivision Department Account Chart of Accounts
  7. 7. Oracle General Ledger gives you a variety of tools to create, maintain, and track your budgets, including the ability to upload budget amounts from an Excel spreadsheet. January 2010 Cost Center 100 Actuals Budgets Variance Salaries Supplies Travel TOTAL 14,000 15,000 1,000 4,000 3,500 (500) 1,500 1,700 200 19,500 20,200 700
  8. 8. PaymentPurchase order SupplierRequest for quote (RFQ) Receipts Purchase requisition Demand Source Order Pay Quotatio n Receive
  9. 9. Inventory Inspection Expense Receiving Issuing Items Requesting Items Expense LocationInventory
  10. 10. Asset Additions TransfersAdjustments Retirements Depreciation Journal Entries Reports Online inquiry Taxes ExternalManual CIP
  11. 11. Transactions Review and Correct Data Print and Send Invoices Collect PaymentsEnter ReceiptsTransfer to General Ledger
  12. 12. Bank Statements General Ledger Clearing Accounting AR AP Payroll Treasury Cashflows Payments Open Interface Cash ManagementBanks
  13. 13. Receive bank statement Load and verify bank statement Perform reconciliation Review resultsCreate journal entries and post to general ledger
  14. 14. Cash Positioning Create cash position worksheets Generate a cash position from worksheets View cash position results Export cash position results to spreadsheets
  15. 15. Cash Forecasting Export forecast to a spreadsheet application Forecast for any currency Use an open interface to forecast Determine projected cash activity dates based on your specifications Define reusable forecast templates
  16. 16. Human Resources Payroll HR Self-service Payroll iRecruitment
  17. 17. • Operation Dept. hires Employees through a simple process after acceptance of an Offer. • They don’t need to re- enter the applicants details. • After reviewing the applicants details Joining Date and Employee ID is assigned to New Employee
  18. 18.  Employees can apply for leaves through Self Service.  Employees can also add attachments with the leave application
  19. 19.  Employees can view their personal information and can request for changes.
  20. 20. Al-Khobar Office P.O BOX 904, Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Tele: +966 3 897 7002 Fax: +966 3 899 3004 Email: sales@addvantum.com www.addvantum.com