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Telling Your Brand Story Better with Video

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Do you want your company videos to help “humanize” your brand? Do these kinds of things keep you up at night? Relax! This presentation will give you tips, ideas and stats to help you understand how to use video to connect with your audience.

One of the biggest things company’s struggle with is the ability to let go; to stop using marketing speak and to start speaking like a human.I will share some examples of where it has worked online, some important stats of how video has helped brands. I will share some tips and ideas to help you think about how video can help humanize your brand.

Want more info? Visit http://www.adeliestudios.com/

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Telling Your Brand Story Better with Video

  1. 1. Telling Your Brand Story Better with Video www.adeliestudios.com
  2. 2. Why Video? www.adeliestudios.com
  3. 3. 52% of consumers - Invodo in purchasing decisions. more confident makes them feel product video say that watching a www.adeliestudios.com
  4. 4. When marketers included – Forrester by 200% to 300%. increased the click-through rate in an email, a marketing or explainer video www.adeliestudios.com
  5. 5. 59% of senior executives prefer to - Forbes Insight if both are available on the same page. reading text, instead of watch video www.adeliestudios.com
  6. 6. Those are GREAT stats, So why video? but stats aren’t humanizing… REALLY www.adeliestudios.com
  7. 7. Visual Learners www.adeliestudios.com
  8. 8. Family watching Television by EvertF. Baumgardner
  9. 9. Wireless Traffic To Grow 300% Globally By 2017 Led By Video -Strategy Analytics www.adeliestudios.com
  10. 10. This… www.adeliestudios.com
  11. 11. …or this? www.adeliestudios.com
  12. 12. 1.8 MillionWords one minute is the value of of video. – Dr. James McQuivey,Forrester www.adeliestudios.com
  13. 13. Why Humanize? www.adeliestudios.com
  14. 14. Ralph Morse—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
  15. 15. The Historian by E. Irving Couse
  16. 16. The Baptism of Christby Pietro Perugino
  17. 17. Washington Crossing the Delaware by EmanuelLeutze
  18. 18. CircusPoster c. 1890
  19. 19. Hindenburg Zepplin Catching Fire by Gus Pasquerella
  20. 20. Stories are remembered up to 22X more than facts alone. - Stanford University GSB www.adeliestudios.com
  21. 21. Somehow we lost our way… www.adeliestudios.com
  22. 22. Corporate Gobbledygook revolutionary synergy thought leader innovative state of the art cutting edge world class next generation breakthrough groundbreaking one of a kindbest in class paradigm shift www.adeliestudios.com
  23. 23. Ralph Morse—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images How did we go from this…
  24. 24. …to this? Bill Text 113th Congress
  25. 25. - Kathy Klotz-Guest Customers don’t buywhat we make, they who we are. buy www.adeliestudios.com
  26. 26. [ YOUR COMPANY HERE ] www.adeliestudios.com
  27. 27. WIIFM? What’s In It For Me? www.adeliestudios.com
  28. 28. www.adeliestudios.com
  29. 29. www.adeliestudios.com
  30. 30. www.adeliestudios.com
  31. 31. Dropbox Results • 0 to 200 million users in 6 years • Video increased signups by 10% • 10% increase = $48 million www.adeliestudios.com
  32. 32. • Empathize the viewers pain • Present a solution • Explain how you solve these problems • It will be OK Path to Humanizing www.adeliestudios.com
  33. 33. Focuson your audience www.adeliestudios.com
  34. 34. Metro Trains www.adeliestudios.com
  35. 35. www.adeliestudios.com
  36. 36. • Nearly 80 million views since November 2012 Dumb Ways to Die Results • Spawned "Dumb Ways to Die" game • 6th most popular song in the world on iTunes • 30% reduction in "near-miss" accidents www.adeliestudios.com
  37. 37. Be Authentic www.adeliestudios.com
  38. 38. www.adeliestudios.com
  39. 39. www.adeliestudios.com
  40. 40. Dollar Shave Club Results • Over 14 million views • 12,000 orders in a two-day span after it was released • 330,000 monthly membership base www.adeliestudios.com
  41. 41. Don’t Worry About Going Viral www.adeliestudios.com
  42. 42. www.adeliestudios.com
  43. 43. www.adeliestudios.com
  44. 44. • Six Million views in the first week Will It Blend? Results • Series has generated over 295 million views on YouTube • Increased retail sales by 700% www.adeliestudios.com
  45. 45. Storytelling is by far the most underrated skill when it comes to – GaryVaynerchuk business. www.adeliestudios.com
  46. 46. Thank You! twitter.com/adeliestudios linkedin.com/company/adelie-studios facebook.com/adeliestudios youtube.com/user/adeliestudios plus.google.com/+Adeliestudios twitter.com/EricGuerin linkedin.com/in/ericdguerin plus.google.com/+EricGuerinD www.adeliestudios.com