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Growth hacking

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Growth hacking

  1. 1. Our story and international expansion
  2. 2. Hello! Welcome to MADE.COM. We’re a furniture brand that does things differently. From our innovative business model to our unconventional campaigns, we’ve been shaking up the furniture industry since our launch 6 years ago. Back in April 2010 when we started the company out of a borrowed room in a Notting Hill office block, we began to disrupt an industry which had remained more or less the same for 30 years. We created a lean business model, got rid of middlemen, brought our margins right down and started working directly with furniture designers and manufacturers. Our aim? To make great design accessible to everybody.
  3. 3. 1.  Online UK based design furniture company 2.  202 employees 3.  3 offices (London - Berlin and Paris ) and 5 showrooms 4.  2400+ SKUs online – 2 new collections /week 5.  200+ containers shipped every month 6.  40+ suppliers across China, Vietnam, India, East Europe 7.  6 Markets (UK - France - Italy - Netherlands - Belgium - Germany) 8.  3 Million visitors to made.com every month 9.  50% of repeat customers 10. + 50% growth YoY in 2015
  5. 5. TRONG DESIGN COMMUNITY: We collaborate with famous designers from all over the world to provide unique, stylish furniture without compromising on price. Our designer collaborations set us apart in an increasingly crowded marketplace, putting us at the forefront of innovation within design. 70% of our products are exclusive to MADE.COM
  6. 6. Our in-house design team is composed of 5 talented designers who specialise in different categories They’re able to draw successful products very quickly with the daily support of our product development team. The team have a sixth sense for picking up trends, which has seen MADE lead on some of the biggest trend stories of 2015.
  7. 7. Our innovative business model is key to achieving our goal of accessible design. We develop products in just 6-9 months, instead of the industry average of 2 years. This allows us to react to customer demands rapidly and effectively. This also allows us to release 2 collections every week. Individual orders placed, and payment is taken Limited time frame of book building. At the end of the time frame, a grouped purchase order is passed to the factory, who can start the mass production.
  8. 8. BE CONSISTENT:   Our campaigns remain consistent in all of the countries we operate in.   Though we reflect and respond to the trends in each territory, the underlying brand message will remain the same.   Our campaigns are simple and effective across all markets.
  9. 9. ILD A EUROPEAN NETWORK OF BRAND EVANGELIST We built the first online social network for interiors, MADE Unboxed. ’s a hugely important project for the brand, allowing customers to interact with us, and each other. It gets o ustomers even more engaged. MADE Unboxed bridges the gap between the online and the offline when there are no showrooms nearby. provides customers with reassurance that our products really are as good as we say they are, and they ca rowse our customers’ homes for interior design inspiration. MADE Unboxed exists in each of the territories in which we operate, and has allowed us to create an engag etwork of MADE enthusiasts across Europe.
  10. 10. Frontier between On and Offline worlds