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Admicro tham dự mobile webinar đầu tiên tại Việt Nam do MMA hosted

  1. Webinar Series Mobile Campaign Execution 17Jan, 2014 Sponsored by: Supported by: 1
  2. About the MMA As the premier global trade association dedicated to accelerating the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, the MMA represents the entire marketing ecosystem and brings together over 700 organizations globally, allowing us to facilitate connections, deliver insight and drive impactful action for our members and the industry at large For more information about membership email: or visit INSIGHTS: Access a world of insights through our white papers, articles and case studies. Support your mobile agenda and ensure mobile readiness CONNECTIONS: Interact with passionate leaders and stay on the cutting edge. Boost your business and career by connecting with the people that matter IMPACT: Influence industry frameworks, standards, guidelines and best practices. Join the industry initiatives that shape the future of mobile 2
  3. Presenters Tran Thi Lan Thanh CEO Goldsun Focus Media Nguyen Dang Ngoc Managing Director Admicro Moderator Phan Bich Tam Country Manager Mobile Marketing Association 3
  4. Todays Agenda 1. Key Success Factors of Mobile Campaign 2. Mobile Technology, Mobile Solution & Mobile Measurement 3. A case study with a major brand showing how mobile integrated in the marketing mix 4
  5. Put Your Questions Share your thoughts 5
  6. From the Explosion of Mobile The 7th mass media TV OOH Print Cinema Radio Internet Mobile 6
  7. From the Explosion of Mobile Increasingly connected mobile world 7
  8. From the Explosion of Mobile “By 2017, Mobiles and Tablets will higher than PC Wordwide by 5:1” 8
  9. From the Explosion of Mobile Asia will be > half of the world’s mobile activity 9
  10. From the Explosion of Mobile Huge impact on Consumer Behavior & Access To Opportunities 10
  11. Key Finding • All roads lead to Mobile Devices • Mobile is as a Connector 11
  12. 1 Key Success Factors of Mobile Campaign • • Integration with other channels Build strong internal mobile capability 12
  13. Integration with other channels Define the role of mobile in paid, owned, earned media 13
  14. Integration with other channels A connector through the consumer journey joining up the various touch points as we plan 14
  15. Integration with other channels Across various stages of consumer journey 15
  16. Build up a strong internal mobile capability  Develop Internal Mobile Capability  Build Audience for Brand  Leverage Mobile Technology 16
  17. Develop Internal Mobile Capability Build up Brand Mobile Assets • Mobile asset audit • Mandate minimum mobile assets on all campaigns •WAP site, Youtube, Facebook Development framework with key partners • Identify your key partners • Search & Social strategy • Mobile Training sessions Research to Evidence Mobile effectiveness • Mobile research • Mobile brand studies • Full Mobile Advertising and Tracking 17
  18. Build Audience for Brand Develop Smartphone and Feature Phone Strategy • Build consumer journey around phone type • Focus on Rich Media and Apps for Smartphones • Ensure minimum WAP assets for Feature phones Drive Mobile for Rural • Develop SMS strategy • Build Mobile CRM database • Voice activated technology Mobilize ATL • Exploit connected OOH using QR and AR • URL on all TVCs and search activity phased with spot plan • Connect TV audiences through SMS 18
  19. Leverage mobile technology Shopper Marketing • In store on shelf activations • Location based adveritsing • Mobile executions at POS Ecommerce • Vouchering • Mobile sales • Mobile Shopping Apps Campaign planning • Day Part Targeting • Behavioral Targeting • AR • Rich media • NFC activation 19
  20. 2 Mobile Technology Mobile Solution Mobile Measurement 20
  21. Mobile Technology • Subscriber targeting (365 approach) • Dynamic design (context) • Geo-location targeting (location base) • Real-time report (time bound) • Rich media ads 21 21
  22. Mobile Solution 22
  23. Mobile Solution 23
  24. Mobile Solution Landing Page Product presentation Special offer Register, Log in Review & Reccomendation Facebook sharing Outlet list TVC Other advices
  25. Mobile Solution Dialogue Script 1 Interact with end users 2 Gratification with gift 3 Collect Database
  26. Mobile Solution CRM with Sales Automation
  27. Mobile Solution Online to Offline Data Leads or contacts collected from Events, landing page stored in CRM E Voucher sent out E voucher sent out via SMS and/or Email with unique code and offer content expire with in 30 days Redemption End user comes to Retail outlets to redemp the prize either Discount % or smalll gift Checking & report Sales/ PG to key in voucher code on mobile site to validate and mark code-used CRM & E-voucher
  28. Mobile Measurement • Impressions and views (Display, Video & Search) • Actions and conversions – clicks, swipes, calls, etc. (Performance Base: CTR, Conversion rate) • Brand lift (Brand connect, Brand trial, Brand loyalty) • ROI (compare to TV with CPM, CTR and conversion rate) 28 28
  29. Mobile Measurement •Target consumers •Profiles your messages Target Engage •Drive different conversation •Develop interactive brand relationships •Build loyalty •Improve retention active purchase… Generate •Increase ROI •Drive cross-sell •Collect customer knowledge Convert Click to Landing Page User is taken to a mobile website Click to dld. coupon Device downloads discount coupon Click to Video Play Video plays on device Click to Call Mobile device calls specified number Click to Search User is taken to a search results page Click to Share User shares link on social media Click to Calendar Mobile device stores an event date Click to Store Locate User is taken to a store locator map Click to SMS Mobile device sends SMS shortcode Click to Buy User is taken to mCommerce store 29
  30. 3 A case study with a major brand showing how mobile integrated in the marketing mix. 30
  31. Advantages of Mobile Advertising Over Television Advertising • Must have. – Mobile devices are connection to everything. – 75% people choose mobile phone when asked to choose between mobile phone and wallet. • Always on. – Become the primary way to consume data and media. – Access the target audience anytime and anywhere. • Deep Engagement. – Interactive. – Accurate targeting: by location, age, gender... • Proof in Results. – Measurement. – Improved KPI.
  32. With less and less people turning in to traditional TV, Coca-Cola Hong Kong set out to transform the traditional TV experience in the new digital age with its highly successful summer promotion campaign “Chok! Chok! Chok!”. “Chok!”, meaning rapid motion, is the latest slang word used by Hong Kong teens. Riding on the popularity of this new slang word, we created a smartphone app to let teens catch tumbling bottle caps straight from the TV screen to win instant prizes, successfully turning a traditional TVC into Hong Kong and Asia’s first ever interactive gaming promotion.  Clip:
  33. Download the app See the commercial video on TV Chok your phone for the magical - 1200 angle
  34. Result: - After one day launched: No.1 local App Store. - Downloaded over 390,000 times within one month. - Never before had a branded promotional app gained such a high ranking.
  35. While many car companies have made compelling mobile and tablet ads, one of the best campaigns was actually a fake car ad. Bradesco, a car insurance provider, put ads in iOS magazine apps (on both mobile and tablet) that looked like a traditional spread for a luxury car brand. The catch came when people swiped their finger across the screen to turn the page, causing the car to crash. The tagline for the Cannes Lion-winning spot: “Unexpected events happen without warning. Make a Bradesco car insurance plan.” Clip:
  36. Moving Forwards Omnipresence Interactive Content & Ease of Action Detailed Analytics & Reduced targeting errors Mobile technology Professional Creative Agency Effective mobile advertising campaigns
  37. Key Takeaways • Marketing strategy must include mobile strategy • Build up mobile capability to your corporate • Must take mobile experience 39
  38. Upcoming MMA Webinar 26 Feb, 2014 Mobilize Your Customers Through the Purchasing Funnel 40
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