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Changing the Face of Industrial HMI

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Control Engineering Webcast Series Presents "Changing the Face of Industrial HMI", sponsored by Advantech. Take a look at how HMI has evolved in the industrial world and get your questions answered.

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Changing the Face of Industrial HMI

  1. 1. Changing the Face ofIndustrial HMISponsored by:
  2. 2. About the viewer panelSlides:• Go to the “Links” tab at the top and click on the link to download the PDF of theslides• In the on-demand version, use the “Meeting Links” button on the bottom leftQ&A• Ask a panelist a question by entering your question in the “Question & Answer”box and click submitArchive:• Within 7 days, the on-demand recording of the Webcast with Q&A will be posted• We will send an email to registered attendees with hyperlink• Can also access from www.controleng.com/webcastTechnical problems?• Click on the HELP tab at the top• Send a question from the Question window
  3. 3. • Jonney Chang, Directorof Advantech, IndustrialAutomation Group• Peter Welander,Content Manager,Control Engineering,CFE MediaSpeakers:
  4. 4. Purpose and learning objectives• From smart phones to multi-touch HMI• Benefits and possible issues of multi-touch panels• How multi-touch panels will impact HMI platform(SW/HW) providers, system integrators and end users• Consideration factors for designing the right HMIsolution– new application scenario– operator experience– new graphical user interface– innovative panel platforms• What HMI solutions will be available in the future?
  5. 5. Changing the Face ofIndustrial HMI
  6. 6. Question: Why Do You Say theFace of Industrial HMI IsChanging?
  7. 7. HMI: The Point of Interaction
  8. 8. Undergoing Significant ChangesSingle Touch Multi-Touch4:316:9Touch ScreenAspectRatio
  9. 9. A New Generation of User Friendly HMI
  10. 10. Question: WhyMulti-Touch HMI?
  11. 11. Why Have Multi-Touch Interaction inIndustry? Two handed operation for safety reasons during machinecalibration or service and maintenance Production costs reduced by improved machine usability Better machine serviceabilityand maintenance support Integration of qualitymanagement and statisticalprocess control require multipleuser senarios Flexibility in screen size
  12. 12. What are the Applications forMulti-Touch HMI? CNC and tooling machines Textile, weaving and knitting machines Imaging and signal analysis systems Quality management system SCADA clients in factory automation
  13. 13. Question: What Are the Benefitsand Possible Issues ofWidescreen Multi-Touch HMI?
  14. 14. Boost Productivity with Widescreen HMI26%ProductivityGain52% ProductivityGain0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%SpreadsheetTextProductivity gains: 24-inch widescreen compared to 18-inch standardSource: The University of Utah, Monitor Size and Aspect Ratio Productivity Study, March 2008
  15. 15. Multi-Touch Integration Zooming in or out to view machine details Panning to bring important elements into view Two-handed operation for better control Screen navigation with a swipeimage source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/archive/2012/03/28/touch-hardware-and-windows-8.aspx
  16. 16. Multi-Touch Makes Control Easier
  17. 17. Hardware and Software PlanningHardware Heavier Work forDisplaying MorePixels Higher ComputingPower Higher Reliability More…Software Redesign of the entireUser Interface May Use 3D Design Easy SoftwareConfiguration More…
  18. 18. Question: How Will WidescreenMulti-Touch Panels Impact HMIPlatform Providers, SystemIntegrators and End Users?
  19. 19. HMI Provider ImpactsOpportunityChallenge
  20. 20. Applications Drive Control Design
  21. 21. Users will Interact via Touch
  22. 22. Question: What Are theConsideration Factors forDesigning HMI Solutions?
  23. 23. Truly User-Friendly DesignInnovativePanelPlatformsApplicationHMI Solution ConsiderationOperatorExperienceNew GraphicalInterface
  24. 24. Question: What HMI SolutionsWill Be Available in the Future?
  25. 25. Criteria for New HMIs Multi-Touch Will Be Essential More Powerful HMI Bigger Screen Networking And More
  26. 26. Question: We Know AdvantechHas the Widescreen Multi-touchHMI on the Way. Could You Take15 Minutes to Give Us anIntroduction?
  27. 27. Magnesium-alloy, Reducesby 35% weight compared toAluminum-alloyIP65 True Flat Touch Screen (PCT)Multi-Colors LED Indicator(BLUE / ORANGE)Customized Touch-LikeIntelligent Keys (i-Key, H-Key)Work SleepAdvantech’s FirstiF Product Design Award Winner
  28. 28. Wide-Screen & Multi-Touch Products ONE Identity for THREE Products (TPC, SPC, FPM) Supports THREE LCD Sizes (15.6”, 18.5” and 21.5”) Powerful Computing Performance with Dual-Core Processors 16:9 wide screen with PCT (Projected Capacitive Touch) multi-touch Built-in Software Utility for Intuitive Intelligent Keys (I & H) Multi-Media Functions support (HDMI/Audio)
  29. 29. Multiple I/O – 4xCOMs, 2xLANs, 2xUSBs, HDMI, AudioMachinery - Panel MountingTPC (Touch Panel Computers)
  30. 30. HMI(A) – Back ViewConcept DesignAll-around Die-cast IP65 with M12 connectorsStationary – VESA/ARM/Stand-Alone MountingSPC (Stationary Panel Computers)
  31. 31. VESA Mounting Industrial MonitorsMachinery –Panel/VESA/ARM MountingFPM (Flat Panel Monitors)
  32. 32. Easy Installation WithSpecial Snaps
  33. 33. Intelligent Keys for Intuitive Operation Intelligent Utility : GL Utility (Graphical Line) Setting (Brightness, Password, Home-key) System Management System Information Self-Diagnosis Quick start (Max. 8) Customized Intelligent Keys i Key : Ctrl-Alt-shift-I Hkey : Ctrl-Alt-shift-H
  34. 34.  Remote Monitoring Remote On/Off, KVM System Recovery System ProtectionBuilt-in Intelligent ECChip Technology
  35. 35. Food & BeverageLong press H Key to enable/disablethe touch function
  36. 36. Long Press H-Key : Touch Enable / Disable For ClearanceTouch Screen LockedLong Press H-Key to Unlock
  37. 37. Automotive – Engine ProcessSwitch SCADA & Remote ManagementSoftware by Intelligent i Key
  38. 38. CCustomized Touch-Like Intelligent i-Key
  39. 39. Intelligent BuildingsDashboard Monitoring by Multi-Fingers withSlide-Out Screen
  40. 40. Windows 8 Metro Style UI DesignBuildings Info Buildings appraisalBuildings energyconsumptionHistorical energyconsumptionOptimal energyconsumptionEnergyConsumption Trends Demand ControlCarbon reductionperformanceSlide-Out Screen Functions
  41. 41. Finger Touch Dashboard DesignDashboard Design AreaWidget Components List AreaWidgetproperties AreaProject/Structure TreeArea
  42. 42. Question: How Do TheseSystems Fit into the Big Picture?
  43. 43. SW & HW Seamless Integration inAutomation World with Visualization MgmtFieldLevelAPAXAMAX ADAMiGatewayControlLevelManagementLevelTPC-xx71H WebOP 2000T/3000TAPAX FPM & UNOsWireless API/O Card Signal ConditioningMES/ERP/ SQC/SPC/3rd APP• Animated graphic• Alarm System• Historical Data Analysis• Recipe Management• Scheduled Reports• Remote monitor & Diagnostic• Video IntegrationAPAX iGatewayWireless APDB/ModbusOPC/BACnet
  44. 44. Access tothe CloudDownload APPsIndustry #1 : Building APPsIT Infrastructure Integration to IncreaseProductivity by Production APPs Cloud Computing = Private Cloud + Grouping Community From Product to Services Smart Manufacturing = Industry Cloud Services + SUSIAccess +Production APPs
  45. 45. Intelligent Panels with 3C Integration inDistributed World for Smart ManufacturingMachine / Field LevelOperator PanelsWOP SeriesSlave PLCRemote IOHMI PanelsIndustrial PCsMotorsField busSerial/IndustrialEthernetEthernetDiscreetDriveControlSmartCameraValvesTemperaturePressureSensorsValvesTemperaturePressureSensorsLow end PLCPortable HMIIntegratedHMI + PLCValvesTemperaturePressureSensorsIntegratedHMI + PLCWOP SeriesPLCsRemote IOThin-Client PanelsTPC/SPC SeriesControl PanelsTPC Series3C Integration• Computing• Control• CommunicationPlant / Management LevelDaisy-Chain DisplayRFID Card Reader (SFCS)GPRS/3G/LTEBarcode Scanner
  46. 46. Thank you to today’s webcast sponsor
  47. 47. Submitting Questions, Exit Survey and ArchiveQuestion?Type your question in the “Questions & Answers” box on theWebcast console and click “Send.” We will get to as manyquestions as we have time for.Exit Survey:Please take a moment to answer a few questions on our exitsurvey that should pop up on your screen. We use the answersto help make improvements to our webcast program.Archive:• Within 7 days, an archive with Q&A will be posted• We will send an email to registered attendees with hyperlink• Can also access from www.controleng.com home page
  48. 48. • Jonney Chang, Directorof Advantech, IndustrialAutomation Group• Peter Welander,Content Manager,Control Engineering,CFE MediaSpeakers:
  49. 49. Changing the Face ofIndustrial HMISponsored by: