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  1. Presentation on Aarong Prepared by: Mainul Hasan , ID: 2018210000015 Prepared to: Adiba Murtaza lecturer English department southeast university
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  3. Contents  Overview of the company  Vision and mission  Organogram  Products  SWOT analysis  Company’s CSR  Recommendation
  4. Overview of the company Aarong is one of the retail chain in Bangladesh operating under BRAC. The organization was established in 1978. Aarong operates production unit in rural and semi-urban areas as a part of its social enterprise.
  5. Mission and Vision Mission: Their mission is to make Aarong the best in the world in providing unique Bangladeshi lifestyle experience. Vision: Aarong has a vision to establish themselves as world’s one of the famous fare trade fashion house.
  6. Organogram of Aarong • Feature 1 • Feature 2 • Feature 3 Product B
  7. Products • Clothing's • Jewellery • Fabric • Leather goods • Footwear • House wear
  8. SWOT analysis Strengths: • Variety of products • Customer loyalty • High production quality • Strong management • Maximum level of sales
  9. Weaknesses: • Price is higher • Limited outlets • Vulnerable to producer • Limited financial support • Sales person need more training
  10.  Opportunities: • Cost advantage • Variety of product in future • New distribution channels  Threats: • Rise of competition • Price wars with competition • Economic condition
  11. Company’s CSR strategies Aarong is involved in some social works like GO GREEN SAVE ENVIRONMENT SAY NO TO CHILD LABOUR DON’T DUMP IT RECYCLE IT
  12. Recommendations  One possibilities is to focus on the best suppliers it has  Reduce the amount of handwork in a given item  Expanding into new markets  Create standalone stores for specific product line to make it’s most popular lines more accessible
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