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The delhi sultanate 2

This is a modified version of a PPT of slide share.

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The delhi sultanate 2

  1. 1. THE DELHI SULTANATE Group Presentation
  2. 2. Thanks to our team members  Aftaab hussain.T (leader)  A.Krithika (Co-leader)  Sanjay  Kishan  Arbaaz  Vaishnavi  Vamshi  Ashish.M  Shreenidhi
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION  The Delhi sultanate is a noble example for the glory of medieval India. Its culture, art and architecture that exists even today is praiseworthy. The Sultans of Delhi ruled for quite a long period of 320 years during which there were achievements in different fields.
  4. 4. THE SLAVE DYNASTY : 1206 AD o Qutbuddin Aibak (1206-10 AD) o Aram Shah Qutbuddin(1210-1211 AD) o Iltutmish (1211-1236 AD). o Rukhuddin Firoz Shah (1236 AD). o Razziya Sultan (1236-1240 AD) o Muizuddin Bahram ((1240-1242 AD) o Ghiyasuddin Balban. (1266-1286 AD) o Muizuddin Kaiquabad(1287-1290 AD)
  5. 5. Qutubuddinaibak
  6. 6. THE KHALJI DYNASTY  Jalaluddin Khalji established Khalji dynasty. The founder of Turkish dynasty, Jalaluddin Khalji was seventy when he ascended the throne. He defeated the decendants of Balban, being victorious came to power. He was kind hearted, mild and trusting in nature. The most important event during the reign of Jalaluddin was attack on the Yadava city of Devagiri.
  7. 7. Alauddin Khilji  The New Emperor of Delhi, Alauddin Khalji, murdered his uncle Jalaluddin Firoze to gain the throne. It was his ambition to establish a vast empire. He introduced more controversial policies. All religious lands were confiscated and marriages between noble families were sanctioned by the King. The Emperor also introduced market and price control for foodgrains, cloth and other essentials. The land revenue was raised and made more efficient. Thus the Emperor enforced a highly centralised system of government
  8. 8. THE TUGLAQ DYNASTY  Ghazi Malik ascended the throne as Sultan Ghiyasuddin Tughluq Shah and founded the third dynasty of the Sultanate. The Tughluqs belonged to the "Qarauna Turk" tribe.
  9. 9. Mohammad Tuglaq  Among the Tughluq dynasty, Muhammad Tughluq and Firuz Tughluq stand out. Muhammad Tughluq has been grossly misunderstood and is assessed on account of his five ambitious projects.
  10. 10. Confusions of Mohammad-bin Thughlaq  (a) transfer of capital from Delhi to Devagiri (1327),  (b) introduction of token currency,  (c) expedition for the conquest of Khurasan and Iraq,  (d) conquest of Qarachil scheme,  (e) increase in land revenue in the Doab
  11. 11. SAYYID DYNASTY  Khizr Khan, the founder of the Saiyid dynasty had collaborated with Timur and as a reward he was given the governorship of Lahore, Multan and Dipalpur. In 1414, he invaded Delhi and became it’s master. Alauddin Alam Shah was the last ruler of the Saiyid dynasty and hardly did more than sustain the Sultanate in Delhi until 1451.
  12. 12. LODHI DYNASTY  After thirty-seven years of chaotic rule, Bahlol Lodhi recognized as primus interpares by his compatriots, acquired control of Delhi and laid the foundation of the Lodhi dynasty. The Lodhis ruled for seventy-five years, were Afghans by race. The last Lodhi Sultan, Ibrahim Lodhi (1517-26) was defeated and killed by Babur in the first battle of Panipat in 1526. With the fall of the Lodhis, the Sultanate of Delhi also ended
  13. 13. Quiz Round  Rules  Two hints will be given.  If you answer in the first hint you get 15 points.  If you answer in the second hint you get 10 points.  No negative markings.  No body should mass answer.  Questions will be asked to each row.
  14. 14. It was directed into Northern India by Qutb-ud-din Aybak, a Turkish general from Central Asia. It was the first of five unrelated dynasties to rule India's Delhi Sultanate from 1206 to 1290.[] Aybak's tenure as a Ghurid dynasty administrator ranged between 1192 to 1206, a period during which he led invasions into the Gangetic heartland of India and established control over some of the new areas. This phenomenon started in the 9th century and gradually the Mamluks became a powerful military caste in various Muslim societies. Mamluks held political and military power most notably in Egypt, but also in the Levant, Iraq, and India. Which dynasty is this?
  15. 15. He was the general of Alauddin khilji. He led in raids into the deccan. Who is he?
  16. 16. I built the city made of rose coloured granite in Delhi. I killed the last khilji ruler khusro khan. Who am I?
  17. 17. I faced opposition from the group of forty. I am the only Lady monarch in the delhi sultanate Who am I ?
  18. 18. My real name is Firoz shah. I am the founder of the khilji dynasty. Who am I?
  19. 19. He gave a detailed and authentic narrative about the reign of Tuglaq dynasty. He was an Indian historian Who spent 17 years in the court of Mohammad bin tuglaq Who is he?
  20. 20. I assumed the title of Shamsuddin (‘Sun of the religion’) I was the son in law of Qutbuddin aibak. Who am I?
  21. 21. What is the tittle given to Qutbuddin Aibak. The meaning of it is giver of lakhs What is it?

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This is a modified version of a PPT of slide share.


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